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i need this answered in like 15 minutes haha pleasee thank you!!<3?
ok well its 345ish now and i have to get up at 5. if i go to sleep now will it help me at all or is it just better to stay up?? kayy thanksss


naps are good for you. So, if you are an easy sleeper, I would say try to get some sleep. It's better than getting cranky as the day goes on.

Get into a quiet dark place and just listen to your own breathing. Get as much sleep as you can. Hope you have not been imbibing. Good luck.

Get some sleep, it is better than none. Set your alarm clock. Good night.

Sleep for 20 minutes, no longer. It's proven to be the best nap length for alertness and energy.

At this point, any sleep is better than no sleep You're going to be tired either way. Sorry! Hope tomorrow is good anyways!

Nope. Stay up. If you try to sleep now your body will go into shut down, relax mode and then waking up will be hard. You'll be way more tired.

the answer man
if you ave not slept yet i would just stay up because if you only sleep an hour than it will just make you feel really tired and like you need to sleep ,ore so just drink a red bull and just stay up


If it is less than 4 hours of sleep I always just stay up otherwise I feel worse when I do sleep. I know that's how it is for a l.ot of people as well

zac r
sleep now you will eb deprived of sleep when you wake up which will keep you awake when you need it but you will crash soon after

well at this point, you're not really going to sleep and it's more like a long nap. I remember reading somewhere that the ideal length for a nap is 45 minutes - anything more and you enter deep sleep and you'll prob be dead tired when you wake up. I'm a college student and little 30 minute naps help me out a ton, so hopefully this works for you?

I need a better nick name!
Take a 20-30 minute nap, its good for you.

sleep for half hour its alright

Get as much sleep as you can-even if it is just an hour. Don't mess with your sleep or it will mess with your head AND body. Pleasant dreams, no matter how brief they may be.

It's better to get less sleep then more sleep.

Take what you have.

Sleep in your first class as well

Something is better than nothing

If you sleep now getting up might be hard, i know i couldn't do it lol.

Jake L
Go to sleep, but don't sleep the entire time or you'll be exhausted for several hours after you wake up.

My recommendation would be anywhere from 20-45 minutes of sleep - anything more than that and you'll likely hit deep sleep which is difficult to wake up from.

After your nap, try to have breakfast and possibly a cup of coffee to be as alert as possible.

queen of answers ♫
Dont lie down.
Go sit on the sofa, rest your eyes, and just lie back and relax your mind.
aka logging off.

The BlueBeast
when you first go to sleep your sleeping hormones peak quickly so if you go to sleep now and wake up at 5 youll just feel tired due to the hormones. so just stay up and go to bed early later today

Jon Dough
In the short run, it'll be a lot easier to get going at 5 if you just stay up till then. But in the long run--that is, some time between the middle/end of today to tomorrow--your body will be a lot kinder to you if you give it some rest, however little of an amount it is. So it's up to you; is it essential that you get up and running and are alert as possible when you get moving this morning? Or would you rather have a groggy morning and be more alert later on in the day, or tomorrow?

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