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i need help...im scared.?
hi. okay so this might sound weird. but anyways.
i really wanna tell my teacher or something about how ive been cutting, but im scared, how do i not be scared anymore?

Tell them so they can help you get some help. Can you tell your parents? Go see a nurse practitioner. Go to planned parenthood they have free care. You need some help. Tell them soon.

Patricia T
Ok. You are on the right track you are reaching out for help, and that is a positive thing you are doing. Many things in this life is scary. admitting that maybe we need hep sometimes is scary, but you have already done that haven't you? Go the next step and tell someone you can trust in your loifes circle. You are braver than you give yourself credit for. Good luck to you,

av is crazee
i wish i had an answer for that :-( super sorry

ok stay calm your teacher is a girl right? If its a boy tell somone else. Or talk to a counsler..

Kylie's Mommy
You should tell your teacher cause you need help- After you tell her she will most likely HAVE to tell the guidance counselor who will talk to you and your parents. I do not believe the school can keep this from your parents being it is dangerous for you to do this and you need to go talk to someone like a psychiatrist. You should tell because you do not want to keep doing this. You will be embarrassed about your scars someday and think how could i ever have done that to myself.. Ive never cut but i knew someone who did. They say it helps ease your pain through self inflicted injury upon themselves... But it is also a cry for attention...

say yes to life! :)
you have to get this off your chest in any way. whether you tell a guardian or a teacher, help will come.
this is the best way to deal with your situatuon and im sure anyone you talk to will be more than willing to help you through it
dont be scared to ask for help if you need it, because nothing will change

It is something you need to be ready to do. Most people are just not ready to hear about such a thing either. The habit was learned, over time. Maybe somebody modelled it for you, or you heard about it...

The majority of people, parents included, really do not think the way you are thinking. Be very careful about who you choose to "tell" or disclose to. Try to find someone who you feel will not be freaked out, and maybe someone who has had some success helping others get help for the same thing. It may be the teacher you are drawn to...or it may be a counselor of some type. My guess, wild guess, is that this is not your only issue, and it is probably not a new thing with you...

Hope I am wrong. Bless you, and get the help. You will be so greatful to be free some day !

Say the reason you have been cutting and that you'll never do it again. Do they even know your cutting? Tell them the truth, you might feel better.

I would tell your parents if I were you. I think your parents can do more than your teacher.

Just go up to her and ask her if you can talk to her for a minute, she should take you aside and then you can tell her. It is the best thing that you can do, you need to tell someone so that you can get the help you need. You'll be able to find other ways of dealing with your stress or whatever is causing you to cut. Never be afraid to tell a trusted adult and ask for help.

aPpLeS & oRaNgEs
well you're gonna be scared. i would be too, but it'd be better if you just told your teacher. your teacher will probably try to help you and then you won't feel as scared. its gonna be okay just ask to talk in private and dont worry it might be scary when you are asking to talk to the teacher but when you tell them the weight will be lifted off your shoulders. confidence, good luck.

try drinking. don't she'll tell your parents and before you know it your out to kill a bunch of people then the stop you and lock you up. their coming to take me again!

oh no ur cutting? Well ok the first step is admitting that you have a problem which it seems like you have already done. No matter what any of us tell you....you will prob still be scared, but its ok. You do need to tell someone so they can help you get well and the sooner the better. You must trust this teacher if you are willing to talk to them about this and thats awesome. So basically all you need to do is go up to them when you are all alone and spill your guts. It will be hard at first, but I have a feeling you will eventually feel much better about things once the teacher knows. I am so glad that you are wanting to talk, you def need to. I kno you can do this.

Mayah G
umm are you talking about body cutting or class cutting?because if your talking about body cutting you should go to a counselor or a phychyatrist .

Jaki D
you don't have to be afraid to tell, a teacher is someone you can trust and they'll get you the help you need. no worries! good luck!

its hard to not to be scared in a situation like that. but it needs to be stopped before you do something to serious. try working up the courage to talk to the school counciler. they are descreat about things like this and can figure out a way to help you if thats what you want.
stay safe and i hope everything works out for you.

Personally I would go up to said teacher, and tell him. Because you need to express your feelings. Especially if said teacher works at JAMD. Y'know?

bruno ravioli
You need to be more specific with your question.

Once you get out the words, you'll feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders. It's always hard to confess things like this, but very healthy once you get it out. The teacher will feel honored that you came to them and make it very easy for you to open up.

Just open up. The best way to curb the fear is to just let it all out.

God bless!

mark m
you shouldn't be scared. except of what could happen if you don't seek help and advice.

just ask the teacher the same way you asked yahoo

Ok....it's really good that your admitting to yourself that you have to tell someone....ask your teacher if you can talk privately. Start of by saying, " I've been cutting myself, and I really need advice on how to stop! "...........I'm sure they'll give you some advice. DON'T BE SCARED!!! a lot of people do this kind of thing!
Good Luck...and I hope you stop and get help, because you are doing yourself a lot of harm, physically, emotionally and mentally!

nonknowin lizzy
good for you for telling wanting to tell someone! as for the fear, you just have to do it. go to someone you trust, close your eyes, gather all the strength in your body, and just blurt it out. they might be surprised or ashamed at first, but they will help you get the help you need. i wish you the best of luck!

Just tell its better to tell some one and its just your teacher.

I used to cut, get help please

If you trust this teacher I think the best thing to do is just do it. Once you have confided a deep, troubling secret to someone, often the sense of support that that gives you will give you the additional strength to make more steps to improvement.

just tell

Don't go to the teacher. Go to your parents or counseler............................ Dont cut! Get urself out of a rut!

You just need to tell them, or slyly show them.

Teacher? I'd say you start with someone closer, then go with that person to the teacher and having that friend there should make it less scary

cutting cutting what yourself?? ooh cutting paper??? im confused but still good luck and god bless

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