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 I can't reach any of my friends, and I feel like dying. ?
I am suffering from PTSD, and I have wonderful friends and support, but at this hour I can;t reach anyone. I feel like dying. But my cell phone has no credit. Is there any online help, 24 hour chat ...

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just to let ...

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 Help me I want to kill myself!!?
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 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 My friend is turning into a huge sl*t and is doing drugs. I'm trying to make hers top but nothing is working!
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 Can you have Schizophrenia, but not hear voices?
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* Social withdrawal
* Hostility or suspiciousness
* Deterioration of personal hygiene
* Flat, ...

 i found out that my friend wanted to commit suicide on sunday night?
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 What do you worry about in life?

 If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
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 I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
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 I want to die I think about death a lot?
I am a 22 year old female, just turned 22 today as a matter of fact Its just another nail in my coffin, I am going down sooner rather than later. I have clinical depression and have been on lexapro 15...

 IS it bad that ive already planned out my death?
I mean everyones gonna die i just want to be the one that does it...the whole dying thing.

I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
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 This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
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Yes Or No!!...

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 Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
If all these people in my life are going to supposedly care or be hurt by my death, then why are these people not caring about my life? I have let ...

i honestly just feel like dying.?
im so stressed out, im loosing friends at school, i just lost my bestfriend, im so mad at my parents, im fifteen, my dad is a drunk.
here's all what happend:
today might have easily been one of the worst days of my life. I was ignored by my "friends" this month i've officially lost my bestfriend. Tonight my dad came home drunk, and my mom went out. im stuck at home with my drunk dad, and i just want to die.
i've slammed my doors and yelled at my dad tonight but nothing has helped at all. im sad and depressed, i have been for a couple weeks. here i am on my friday night, and im up in my room crying while my friends are at parties. im sad and lonely and i need help. i just simply hate my dad, and i hate my life.

hey sweetie take time for a minute, i understand about your dad mine was the same but it took me a life time to learn to love myself there are support groups for family and friends of the alcholic go to your family doctor and tell him or her what is happening it is a horrible feeling for you and i would suggest you take these steps it is going to be very hard but you will come through al-anon for alateens the doctor will give you the number you can not do this without support try and look at what you have is good today and not on what is not so good stay in touch and have a good day

look, life is really really **** sometimes, but things do turn around. 09 has been my worst year on record. I have lost friends and family but you cant let it beat you. what good would come from your death?, zero.

Life will work out eventually. you just have to stick it out. tough i know but it will be worth it in the end.

Basketballbest23 Tav
do u have yahoo messenger, msg me at basketballbest23 we need to talk

im same as you... learn to let go these issues ..thats what made me happy.. and about my friends all happy and parties i do get a lil sad but deep in my heart i also get happy for them... but i'm also happy for myself too.. that im wont b drunk at the parties doing all nasty things ...and im happy cos i dont care about anything

i feel like this to i mean i lost all my friends and it feels like a dark hole is in my heart and i just want to take a knife and rip myself apart but i remeber life is up and down and i cant give up whent hings dont go my way i jus listen to music and think when i close my eyes and wake up maybe tommeo will be a better day

Peter M
The thing to do is become emo, so then you can enjoy your pain.

hi we all feel like that at times, im the son of kazziebar im 16 and i was in the same situation as u my dad was a drunk and it wasn't nice because i was the only boy in the house, the best thing i did was getting a councillor at school and it helped alot and the friends issue if there ignoring u blank them there not worth the hassel were sit young and theres loads of thing we can still do just dont worry and if it get worse call child line or talk 2 ya doctor or teachers.

Bonjovi G
Hey don't get so down. There's a lot of people in much worse situations and most of them get through it :) myself included. But I've found that these scenarios have made me understand myself much more and I've done a lot of soul searching. My father was a drunk too. Everyday he'd abuse my mother or start arguments with me. I realized that I was losing all my friends and that I had to act fake to even try and fit in (which didn't work out too well). Things always get better, its honestly true. Just have a talk with whichever friends you feel you can confide yourself to. I'm sure it would be a great way of rekindling your friendship. It worked for me. As for your father, don't expect him to just get better. I kept telling myself that what people say isn't true, that he can get better if I just keep telling him to stop or how I feel. Yes, it is true that it is important, however you should tell your mother to tell your family physician to see your father and set up a rehab plan. Its very simple and it should take a load of both you and your mother. For about a week physicians have been coming home for about two hours to treat my father, after that he had began going to anger management classes. Don't ever lose hope and I'm sure telling a friend will not jsut rekindle your friendship but make you feel a lot better. Just have faith :)

PS. something I like to always tell myself (which through experience I've found to be very true) No rain, No rainbow

Finish school first of all. Choose a study abroad study and travel the world. Don't limit yourself to being stuck in a room with no friends. Theres sooo much more out there. There are many people in the same situation as well. There are many good people out there too.

Sweetheart the best thing I can say to you is: It wont last forever. I promise. I know it seems like it will but it won't. If you have to just leave and go outside somewhere. Find a walmart or something and just stay there a few hours and forget about everything thats going on. I know life can be hard but I dont think you can honestly say you know you will feel this way forever. Also you really need to talk to someone. Please find someone to help you. Even if its only the suicide hotline...I know it will make you feel better. Please dont do anything drastic. Take some time to make plans about what you want to do in life. That always helped me.

Sick Manson
Man seems like you've got a rough life and i have the same problem

I have been in your shoes before, not for a number of years since I am almost 25, but I have been there. Even though things might seem really terrible now, there will always be a time when they will get better. I like to think of things in this way when I feel like giving up, this week has been hard, but will tomorrow be? I don't know... or will it be in 5 years? Who knows! The only way to find out is to live through it. And you might be really surprised to find that tomorrow might be completely better. Or maybe it will only be like 2 percent better, but it will be better. Try to take your mind away from things that upset you and try to make yourself laugh. Look up funny things on youtube or watch your favorite movie or TV show. Try to find the things you like that will up lift you and motive you to be a better person. Leave all those things that push you down out of your mind! I hope this helps!

i know how you feel when your alone it just feels like the pain is multiplied times 3 if you have no one to express it too..but the good thing is its a part of life im not even reading the other answers because i felt like this earlier in the week..read a bible...go to church or confide in your grandparents they rule...friends come and go you make some loose some some stay some go some use..youre not the only one..keep your head up

Angie C
never give up!!! 4 ur friends try talking to them, and find out why they're avoiding u. As for ur dad talk to him when hes not dunk and tell him how u feel he's ur dad so he's gonna stop just 4 u! talking it out with a person always helps. dont give up things will lighten upp soon!

its ok. most likely ur friend will forgive you. everything will end up coming together in the long run just take time to think it out. your life will get so much better as it goes on. just hold on tight.

Oh man, you are just going thru a rough period that will change if you wait it out......
while you wait seriously, go to a free site at www.emofree.com and learn and apply the technique... it works...
I hope you feel better soon, find people you trust to talk to, or talk to a trustworthy therapist, school counselor, or someone at church....
You are loved,

Cheesy M
okay, you sound like you might be suffering from depression . so dont do anything drastic. trust me, go to a counceler they will help you, what some funny movies and try to invite your friends over or something

it will be fine.

xx.hope it helps cheerup:)

YOU are worth it.
everything will work itself out
focus on yourself. not on these other people.. maybe just focus on school or a sport?
tune everyone else out
life has ups and down and this is just one of those downs. but then just look forward for the next better :)

my dads a drug addict. ive been through a lot too.
just be strong :)

As bad as life might be you can't kill yourself. You can make new friends and you're probably just in a fight with your best friend not done being friends. I have to tell you that I have heard stories that are worse from people at my church and they said that when they started going to church life became bearable and made dozens of friends. Your dad is probably just stressed out by what is happening with the economy and just is getting drunk as an escape. Start going to church and maybe your dad will follow and stop getting drunk. I think you're just going through some high school drama. You should feel better tomorrow.

Isabella M
I know what you mean, everyone has a bad day but don't get yourself down theirs always hope for a better day, I promise things will get better.
Iam 18 my best friend detrayed me she hock up with the guy I like and as to make it worse she made him and my other supposed friends go against me for no reason. My parents dont support me in anything they are always fighting and talking of separating. And the worst part is that I have a tumor in my chest, I'll need operation to get it out. And even though sometimes I feel sad and wish to make it all stop and dissapear I've discover that there's others who have it worse and if you cant make things better you can still try to change it. You and I can always find new frinds others who understand us, and our parents are just scare of facing the world we are the strongest because we face our fears and try to overcome them. Never lose hope, because I haven't. And if you need a friend you can always talk to me, I promise to be there for you.

aww. honey, you need to surround yourself with better people. Find people who wont judge you and will understand your situation. I honestly feel for ya,,,ive been there. AND IT SUX! try to ignore your dad. Dont think your friends are really livin it up cause the parties theyre probably at are gay.

Know your loved. <3

l'espoir fait vivre
IM me.
i'll do the best i can to help you




I feel pretty crap tonight as well.

Im sorry your stuck with your dad.

But listen, in a couple of years, you'll be able to get out. Away from the people you don't want around you.

You'll meet someone amazing. That your actually supposed to be with. If a relashionship does not last, its not true TRUE love. Every single second, there will be someone out there for you, that will be perfect. Sounds impossible, but really , its just a fact.

Just give it time.

Give as much as you can now, and trust me, a couple of years will have flown by, and you can get out.

М?ЛЛу <3s BELLA on tuesdays
awww cheer up there buddy I know how you feel trust me I'm going thru bad things myself but we just gotta be strong and we can't give up
..god gave us all
Purpose in life and we have to commit to
It and be strong tour future is going to
Be a bright one but only if your
Positive so cheer. And don't let no one bring you down ...


---see ya around :D

Ok if you email me at [email protected] I can help you my sister went through a similar stage. If you tell me how you and your best friend and all of your friends fell out i might be able to help you fix it. Tell me my about your parents, because depending on how nice they are, you may be able to talk to them but I know I wouldn't, I really want to help you.
If you a New Zealander call 0800whatsup free call and they well help you, they are professionals.

For now only be nice to your friends maybe bring something (like food) and share it around. Ask your mum if you can have them over for the night or just over in the weekend, and tell her that its really important. Make sure they enjoy themselves and VERY IMPORTANT, you must love yourself before you can love other. TO keep your friends they have to enjoy being around you, make them feel good. eg talk about a show or a sport you both like and if you don't like what there talking about don't say its lame or anything like that because that will make them fell bad, and if that keeps happening that wont wan to talk to you just like whenever I talked to my mum I felt bad and so I wouldn't talk to her much.

Your parents probably want the best for you, so try be nice to them.
Say to your dad you might be worried about his drinking (when hes sober)

And I'm sure your a lovely person and that you just need to get out there and make people enjoy being around you. and like the old saying goes treat people how you want to be treated.

So email me at [email protected]

I'm sorry to hear that...email me at [email protected]
lets talk

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just pray to GOD!! he will listen and answer your prayers!! keep your head up !!

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