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i hate my life and i just want to kill myself?
in my family i am the "black sheep". i wanted to play basket ball and on my first game i looked in the crowed and dident see my family. i did cheerleading and my hole family laughed. My brother always is droped off at what ever he needs to go and when i ask my dad if he can drop me off at my friends house (5 minnutes away) he says no.i cant stand it. when i was 7 i was raped by a gang.i dont want to go into any details. all i want to say is that i was left with a broken leg and in a ally left to die. i started to cut when i was 12 and i went to rehab for teens stoped then relapsed. i just think it would be better if i killed myself. i went through so much why cant i just die? God hates me

Brett M
Jesus ******* Christ lady! You need to chill. I know the whole rape thing was bad. But girl you got to be rebellious! If your parents won't drive you...WALK! You gotta pull it together girl! Do the absolute minimum ur parents say. for example, if ur dad said do the dishes, and the table is a mess than leave the table. Just do what ur asked. Then you cant get in trouble for not doing something. You can just say "u only asked me to do this" if u got problems at home then stay away from home as much as possible.

np ^^

First of all God does NOT hate you. You are a good person and just need a little guidance. God put you on this earth for a reason, you just need to find that reason. Don't give up. It would be a good ideal if you were to speak with a counselor. They are there for you and to help. You've been through a lot and need to focus on the positve things in your life. For example, you have a roof over your head and a computer. That's more than some people. You have parents that love you rather you want to belive it or not. Stop feeling like the black sheep. Be independent and overcome life's obstacles that have been thrown at you. You are a survivor and strong! Volunteer your time and a pet port or be a "big brother/sister". Set an example for others to follow, because you are being watched by the younger ones you run into. You are a role model even though you don't see it. There are many others that are worse off than you. You are healthy and have you whole life ahead of you. Do you have a hobby to focus on? If not, get one. Draw your emotions or write about it. That will help. Oprah suggests on her TV show to keep a journal and write in it daily three things that was positive in your life. It could be as easy as smiling at someone or exercising for your health, helping another person with something. Be specific and write about the good in your life. You will be surprised how much good you don't really see matters. Hang in there and be positive. Turn the negatives into positives. You are loved and will be better.

The fact that you are alive is testimony that God loves you. He never wanted these horrible things to happen to you.
I cant say that I understand what you have been through, but I recognize the feelings you are expressing. I felt the same way. It takes time when the devil is working overtime to destroy you for God to bring good people into your life to support you, nurture you and protect you. But He will do it.
I would suggest to try reaching out to people around you that you judge to have kind hearts. Maybe a teacher, a counselor, a pastor (try attending some churches in your area), a neighbor, it could be anybody. Nobody can understand what you arent willing to express. Im not saying to trust everybody because of their title-but look around for someone who seems kind and gentle. Then take the initiative to reach out to them. Dont overwhelm them at first but let them get to know you. It's ok to tell them you need help but God may send several people into your path and you have to be mindful that they can only give what they have within them to give.
It may seem like you are alone-but realize that we all feel that way at different times in our life because we are human. We need each other. Just because your family is oblivious doesn't mean nobody in the world will ever care for you. You have the same opportunity for happiness that everyone else has on this earth-but you must be willing to make yourself happy, and find your own friends.
Good luck

God hates me..........WRONG
By the sound of your situation.......God may be the only one does love you....
the next person is who needs to love you is yourself.......

pull yourself up and set goals....finish high school..get to college..if you can't afford it...go in the service...coast guard is your best choice....you don't need to see Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan...

it's up to you to make a life for yourself.....with or without your parents help....too bad you have to grow up without their basic support.....

you are going to live the rest of your life in the future....you can control the what happens to you in the future.....good luck

Delia M
BE STONG, its not fair for u to take a shortcut and die when its not your time. That is not your decision to make because life was given to you by God and you should respect God and and love your life as it is. Love the air you breathe and the bread that you eat. One day will come when a special person will come in your life and you two will conquer the world together and you will say "how stupid I was for having such thoughts!!!"
Please don't take your life, you will suffer more in the next life than you are now.
Love you family unconditionally and have patience....your time will come :)

You have to talk to your parents. Ask one of your friends if you can go home with them after school (work something out with their parents) Tell them what you are going through, they will help ! Get to there house, and tell one of their parents about everything, they won't care if you start to cry or whatever, you can stay at their house for a few nights until something gets worked out .
Or go to a relitave .. Grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousin .

God doesn't hate you .

GOD dosent hate you..he's calling you...he wants you to reach out to him...god will go to whatever extreme to open your eyes...and your only making the devil happy if go through with killing your self..the devils a liar!! i speak life and light into your life and jesus is the light so walk in it...GOD sent this question in my path to show you he cares and DOESN'T hate you he loves you and always will no matter what you do...give your life to christ and you will never regret it he WILL turn all of that around as long as YOU want it...(I hope you do) in the mean time ill be praying for you..take care and GOD BLESS YOU!!

I doubt that for then you would not have written your question or statement. Somewhere inside you still want help and looking for it. I just don't think on yahoo answers is the place to find that kind of help. I am sorry for what you have gone through but I nor anyone can change the past. Move forward and ask the right people for help. If not your parents someone at school or just a person who looks like they care and would listen. Sometimes it is easier to tell a stranger your problems than someone you know. Go forward in life and take care of yourself. You are the only one that can make you happy.

God does not hate you he does not hate anyone everyone goes through pain though i'm sure yours is much more than most. I'm sorry that this all happend and is happening to you. I think you should get help from someone because killing yourself is not going to do any good and no matter what you believe you do have a major effect on your family and friends. You do have a place in this world and there is something specifically ment for you that God has planned. Just think maybe you were supposed to be a docter and you needed to save a life but you wouldn't be around to do that just as an example. So don't kill yourself you are a very valuble person and deserve to live your life.

Nicholas J
All this bad sh^t might break you. I dunno.

But if it doesn't - if you start thinking about coming around and creating the life you want, all this pain will make you one tough cookie and someone who can sincerely sympathize with others who are trying to find their way out of the depression.

I hope that you make it through - and that if you do, you will turn the experiences into strength.

Best of luck.

please don't kill yourself, there's always someone who will care, and you'll make them really sad. I don't know you, but i feel really bad for you, so if u want i can help u. My mom was raped too, she tried to kill herself and she has a scar. But she survived and now shes really really happy. It might not seem like life's worth it, and i honestly don't care about it, but your life is probably more important than mine, or you wouldnt be alive right now. sorry if it sounds a little cheesy

thats really unfortuante. but you cant let your parents get you down. i was in a really low spot 2 years ago and i jusst kept going. even though my whole family hated me. i thought about suicide but i never did because i knew there was so much more waiting for me in the world. dont kill it wont fix anything. just find the will to keep going

Wow it seems like you have a really rough life. But no, God doesn't hate you. I am sorry that that happened to you at 7, let alone any age, but that was the past and now is the present. You have a whole life ahead of you i'm sure and be lucky that you have friends. Some people don't. You're lucky that you have friends to be hungout with. And cutting is never the answer because all your going to get is scars and more depression. You went through so much because you are strong, whether you know that or not. God has a whole life planned out for you, and everybody gets hurt along the way, but its how you survive that matters. Be thankful that the gang didn't kill you. They could have, but you stayed alive. And I'm sorry about the little brother thing, but that happens to me, too, with my little sister. Parents spend more time with the little ones because they need more attention. Maybe talk this over with your dad. But I hope I could help. :D God bless you.

Hi I'm Philipino!
i think we have the same problem.....don't kill yourself.....

try a suicide hot line? MAybe that sound stupid, but that's what they're for... if your that bad off, please tell someone... Any friends? I'll listen if you need someone to vent too. Please don't hurt yourself.

No! Don't! God loves you very much. Don't kill yourself. Talk to your family. Explain to them what's wrong. God doesn't hate you. He loves you very much and he's just waiting for you to open up your heart to him. One day I felt so bad that I tried to kill myself. I was holding a knife about to kill myself when the phone rang. I picked it up and it was a call from my friend saying that there was a talent show to be held and winners get lessons and a chance to become famous. I won and am currently taking lessons getting ready for a showcase in Orlando. My point is, God has a special plan for you and he loves you so very much. He wants to help you, but if you kill yourself, you're taking away God's greatest gift to you, your life. Think of all the people you'd hurt, all of your friends, your family. They love you and they may not be perfect but I'm sure they're trying. Life is a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs. Things will get better. If you need someone to talk to talk to God. Tell him how you feel. If you're mad at him, tell him that. Tell him why. He wants to hear you and he certainly doesnt want you to take away your life.
try this book: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Blue-Color-Lonely-TrueColors/dp/1576835294/ref=sr_1_3/179-7963832-4697532?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1262103796&sr=1-3 its a great book. its a whole series called "true Colors" by Melody Carlson. I love them!

The sorry part of this whole story is YOUR past--its understandable to not be able to forget these horrible things. BUT the big lesson in life for you is ----YOU WON"T LIVE HOME FOREVER--YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AS SOON AS YOU ARE AN ADULT. So make a plan--- have some things worked out in your mind---like getting educated and getting a job--find a place of your own and pay your bills---EVERYTHING THAT GOES ON IN YOUR LIFE--is YOUR responsibility---YOU cannot blame anyone or any experiences for being a failure in your adult years. BAD experiences are no excuse for NOT having a job and and good normal ADULT life. People who blame stuff on others are NOT showing any maturity or integrity. You have got to stop and say to yourself--TODAY I CHANGE MY LIFE--what will you do from today forward?? If you are thinking about being bad or anti-social--you are DOING IT TO YOURSELF---its not easy to DO THE RIGHT THING--but if you want a good life--then YOU have to do the "right thing". People are free to choose to do what they want to do--so YOU can choose to do the right things!! Getting an education and working are what EVERYONE does. We all need to learn and we all need to work. That;'s a simple fact!! SO WHEN YOU CAN--MOVE OUT AND START ALL OVER. Keep your expectations nice and easy---everyday is ONE DAY AT A TIME. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Ask yourself if these things and decisions are the right ones. You are smart enough to know right from wrong and yes from NO. You don't have to relapse--you don't have to blame everyone else. YOU are responsible when you are an adult--YOU CAN DO IT!!! There is no need for self pity or thinking that you have it so bad---Think of your future and get ready to move out on your own.!! I really wish you a lot of luck!!

Barbara 420
No Baby God doesn't hate you...

Oh E
God loves everyone. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe God is testing you. But ALWAYS REMEMBER, someone is going through something worse than you are. Just stay focus on yourself, eat healthy, hang out with good people,get a good education, just hang on until you can move out of your parents house and the rest will be better. You'll have a great job, a cute apartment and a cute girlfriend/boyfriend. Trust me.. just hang on

Everyone is equal in the way that some people have it better for one thing but bad at another, you can only see the negative aspects of your life. Try doing good things and nice things will happen like carma and remember it could always be worse, at least you have a family, friends, all your body parts and senses which some people don't

Bee Nice

There are crowd, right, they came to see you and your teammates play. Laughed? well at least they showed up. Maybe he is afraid you will get raped again.

Many people went through life like that.... most of them don't end their life. They succeed in life.

omg i went throught he same thing but i was raped by my dad at the age of 4 and at the age of 6 and now i am leaving with my mom on the run because he calls and says i am going to rape you it is crazy.... ok enough of that... i pulled my life together once my dad was killed by the police and i am now 23 and doing great i have graduated high school and almost college!! God does not hate you. and i advise you to look at the positive you dad probably won't let you go because he is scared you might get raped again my mom was like that.. and do whatever you want just look at the positive thing once you hit 18 leave that place and forgive and forget it helped me through life... hoped this helped!!!

Larkin L
Sorry you've gone through so much. God is only Love and doesn't hate anyone.

National Suicide Hotline 1-800-Suicide (1-800-784-2433)

Also consider looking up Telos Center .com

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