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i hate my life. I worry to much. I feel to ugly all the time its not fair?
Okay so im a 14 year old girl. I go to high school. I hate it soo much. I feel awkward talking infrount of people so when i am picked for something i end up stuttering and people laugh. I feel ugly. Of a morning i look in the mirror at my head on the side an think Eww and the frount i hate the way i look im so disgusting. And it hurts to see those prettier girls getting everything. And i hate it when my best friend gets compliments and i dont :( i feel like 2nd best. i feel like noone wants to know me and im useless. Im too quiet. I hate when people dont look at me i feel like im soo ugly that they dnt even glance (but they do to my mate) im so depressed that i when i come home from school i spend hours lookin in the mirror crying an wonderin how i ever went in looking like this. I cant cope anymore.. i want a life! atm its all worries. im not good enuf for this worldd. I look at a pretty girl and think.. Why couldnt i have looked like her? :'(!! help me please.. im so self concious
Additional Details
People make comments an i hear them i just want to die. I always think about suicide but im terrified of death. im trapped i really am:'(

lady luck
i have felt the same way at 1 point in my life. People only do what u allow them to do to u. Hold ur head up look in the mirror and love who u r if u dont no on will. People are mean and cruel but dont let it affect ur life, Dont think just because u think someone is better looking then u then they r a batter person, its plenty of gurls who go home to there familes who dont pay them any attention thats y they need to pick on u or call u names to make themselves feel good. When i was 14 i wasnt the best looking girl but my confidence got me plenty of boyfirends and freinds (real friends) not the ones who talk about u when u turn ur back. Always remember in order to get respect u have to make peopl give it to u. Dont be pushover love urself go buy some new outfits get ur hair done and smile, because peopl love to see u down and out. Dont give them the satisfaction.

I sometimes feel that way, or should I say used to feel that way. But now, I'm sooo over it! Who cares what people think? And this is for real! My friends always say I'm getting fatter by the minute, I look ugly, I am stupid and stuff. You know what I do? I just eat more, never wear make-up and call them mean names! Now they're tired of mocking me! I never care about fashion, make-up or accessories, or which goes with what.
So what? This is me, this is who I am and who I always will be.

Mz. TopModel
oh sweety... my god.. i bet your way prettier than you give yourself credit for. i used to feel like that when i was your age. now im 21...i now see whats good about me. youll see to. its just that your body is in the process of changing.. and another thing.. those same gurls that i was in school with that got all the guys.. while i was all shy and quiet... they are HORRIBLE lookin right now.. and they look the same.. its just the younger we are the more we dont kno what we want... now i look at myself and see how beautiful i am INSIDE and out.... and since i went thru the samething.. i can 100% bet that you are beautiful to.

Aww, i really feel sorry for you, suicide is not the way out, talk to your parents, you should not think that you are ugly or even feel shy when picked to do something in class, if you do it with confidence then you will feel alot better about yourself, all the girls that say stuff about you behind your back are just jelous.If you stand up to them they will never say anything again, dont be scared be confident im sure that you are a very pretty girl, be proud of who you are thats the way you was made if you ever need anybody to talk to then drop me an email hunni
[email protected]
take care -x-

Charlotte F
sweetie its just a horrible horrible part of being a teenager. EVERY girl feels that. You just need to keep on trucking and find something your good at (cooking, art, music, sport...etc.) and just stick to that. Join a hobby group, soon you will chill out and life will get better when you get more comfortable around people from school or after school activities. Wear clothes that make you feel pretty, get a new hair cut. For me in highschool the best thing I did was make a dramatic change, change the people you hang out with (this doesnt mean be nasty to your old friends) change your clothes, become the most confident person you know even if you dont feel it (if you act happy, confident you will eventually feel it) accept advice from everyone you meet and cherish every moment of you life. Your 14 you still have soooo much life ahead of you!!

Smile at every person you see, make a bit of a ritual of doing things that make you feel good and just jump in head first. Seriously doing all this changed my life!!

Hope it works.
Good Luck!

[email protected] B

Andy B
Kidswag - reported you sick paedophile.

Honey listen to the advice here. Call Childline (you said you were in the UK) on this number 0800 1111 (it's free)

take care honey.

well hannah these actually sound like the kind of feelings a lot of teenage girls have

feelings of low self worth
comparing yourself to others
feeling ugly
being self conscious
fear of public oration

i defy anyone to find me a 14 year old girl who has not felt like this.

However, considering you are talking about suicide i'd have to suggest therapy...

talk to a family memer or teacher that you trust...

Good luck, life does get better

b r i anna
hey don't feel bad. im sure we have all had our moments like this. even pretty girls do. which im sure your not a bad looking girl. it seems as if you are being to hard on yourself. you say that you are shy. dont be! the world is a ugly yet beautiful place. dont miss out on all the joys you could be bathing in by being quiet and reserved. also as we go through life someone is always going to be prettier, smarter, more likable, talented, and etc. than you. but you should take pride that you know that you may have an advantage over those people! you know sometimes i find myself in your situation. you know wishing that i was as pretty as the next chick. but you have to accept that this is how you were made and this is how you were meant to be. you should learn your talents because i'm sure there is something special about you.=]] plus dont feel bad when the pretty chick gets it all. beauty wont be there forever. i just really suggest stepping out of your shell and your boundaries. doing stuff that you normally wouldn't do. be spontaneous and outgoing! people will love you and be drawn to you. and if they don't who needs em anyway. you came into this world by yourself.being lonely isn't soo bad. that's what you have family for =]]! dont be soo cynical. trust me the world is nott good enough for you! love your life and dont let another person hold your future in there hands =]].

Andrew W
i have a friend that is right now depressed because her parents are thinking her love in mcr is taking away from her grades...but you have to think of all of the positives...you have a family that loves you, you have friends, and your are obviously alive...just slow down and take a couple deep breathes one day and sit down with some hot chocolate on a cold night....relieve your stress in the bathtub. try not to think of the negatives....i hope this helpz.

Tim Gibbens
Talk to your parents and tell them how you feel. Do not try to deal with these negative feelings by yourself, its important to share good and bad things, after all your mum and dad will always love you and try to help you. You are beautiful!

Awe, I'm so sorry you feel this way hon. Hug.
I felt very very ugly most of my life and then I suddenly bloomed when I got pregnant with my first baby. I felt truly beautiful for the first time ever and it was wonderful. I think it was because I was doing something really meaningful. Also I think my body just felt beaudtiful. I'm sure you know that you are at a really difficult age right now. If you haven't begun your period yet, you will be soon, and those crazy hormones are a bugger to get used to as they throw your moods into chaos. It is really important to learn to love something about yourself. Make it a project you dedicate yourself to. Look at yourself in smaller detail. Look at your fingers and their shape. Look at your toes. Your nails, your lips, the skin on your shoulder. I am sure there is lots of beauty to be seen in yourself if you try hard enough.

Those looks you see in the other girls are just common. Like cookie cutter looks. Sure, maybe we see them in movies, magazines or videos but that is not the true essence of beauty. Those people who talk against you and all that ugliness coming at you is NOT YOU. It is them. Some people with the most pleasing faces have the most ugly hearts and it is the heart of a person that reflects true lasting beauty. As long as you are sad toward yourself and hating yourself you are smothering your beauty.

If you want to be beautiful, to feel beautiful, you have to work on being kind to yourself and being beautiful to the person you are. Sometimes we humans can be so mean to ourselves, we treat ourselves in ways we would never treat another human being. Think about that. Then think about this. Act beautifully and with grace then soon enough your growing and developing body will express beauty, be graceful.

I hope this makes some sense to you. Please take care. If you have continued sensations of feeling like killing yourself please seek help from someone (or email me) and do not try to cope with it alone. I hope you find some comfort in knowing that what you are going through is comepletly normal and natural.

Girl, I felt the same way and i am NOT just saying that...becuase I really honestly did. School was personal hell for me and even though i loved my best friend...i secretly despised her and wished she would fall off a cliff. I am painfully shy and ugly. Truly, I couldn't stand to take pictures with my friends becuase of the difference in beauty. I havn't taken a picture of myself in more than a year (im 17!)
I have such huge anxiety, and i also find myself wondering....why was a i stuck looking like this? THOSE girls are going to have amazing lives.
But please, being sad about it MUST stop at some point. Do not go to extremes becuase I'll tell you, it will get better in college. I would say for 80 percent of people, college is much better than high school. Dont give up! Im rooting for you!

don't listen to all that...be more than just a pretty face...be you...concentrate on your mind...and your strengths...

...study...do well in school...get a job and have your own life...

...and not everyone only cares about looks...it always does matter who you are...and looks many times don't last....

..you...your mind and what you do lasts....focus on what you can do and what you enjoy in life and make a good life for yourself...

just look @ the bright side of everything~! you can wear makeup and do you hair different and get some new cute clothes and just amke yourself a little different. you are good enough...stop complaintng there are alot of ppl in worse situations than you. if people are just looking @ ur appearence and not your personality there morons!

you look the way that you look....there is nothing you can do except surgery, so I would just accept it. If people can't accept you for who you are, then they're not worth being friends with.

I was the same way, I also am 14.I have dealt with it poorly in the past.I was taking pain killers, smoking, doing heavy drugs.At first to fit in, then to ease the pain.I have tried to commit suicide 7 times.I woke up one morning, took a hit and then wondered why?Why should I hate my life?It is not my fault I was born this way and it isnt the world's idea of beauty!I finally decided I dont need to change for the world.The hardest part was admitting I was depressed.I went to a counsiler and stopped heavy drugs.When I cleaned up I changed my views and now I do think I am pretty.I am getting over my insecurities.
You are not useless.
No matter how many looks or how much attention you dont get your still beautiful, wheather you see it or not.I say you find an outlet, painting, instruments.It can help you value life more.When you get into your element, you set yourself free.When you look in the mirror dont pick on the bad things about you, look for the good.
Poetry is an awesome way to get over depression.Surround yourself with positive things. hope I helped

Crazy KB
ok first off you need to stop puttin so much pressure on urself i was same way in high school i didnt come out of my shell til i was bout 19/20 i always thought everyone else was sooo much prettier than me (and i went to skool with rich barbie dolls so i def know how ya feel)
these years are tough on girls boys have such high standards people dont care about whats inside just what they see on the outside... its gonna be tough to get thru im not even gonna begin to deny that but instead of stressin it use this time to find who u really are and what makes u special that other girls dont have and learn to use that.... trust me high school means nothin later in life
there comes a day when boys dont just want a processed perfect barbie on their arm but someone with passion, character, and charm all of which i'm sure you have!
dont give up on urself ever and dont let other peoples opinions rule ur life u need to get to kno urself and learn to love it once u build confidence in urself it will show to other people and people are attracted to confidence!!!
i'm tellin you i was in your shoes when i was ur age alll the way thru high school and even a coule yrs after now im 22 and engaged to the love of my life who thinks im beautiful and makes me feel like no one in the world could compare to me....
theres someone like that for u too just gotta be patient and take cae of you in the mean time

keep ur head up it will get better before its over ;)

ps- look up some celebs high school pics most of them werent tooo easy on the eyes (hair frizzed, big glasses, horrible make up etc etc) or popular bakk then either and look at them now!

Steph W
You need to stop worrying about what others think. All that matters is who you are and how you feel about yourself. You need to look at what is beautiful about you and focus on those things. Each day you need to look in the mirror and pick one thing you do like about yourself whether its something in your appearance, something to do with the type of person you are etc... You don't want to look like every other girl, if we all looked the same the world would be a boring place. Everyone goes through an awkward phase but it isn't worth ending your life. High school is such a small part of life, once you graduate and start your own life you will see that, don't end something before you even get to the good stuff. You need to carry yourself with confidence which will draw people to you, you need to say I am great and I don't care about your whispers. Often people who talk badly about others or whisper about others are insecure themselves and it makes them feel better to put others down. Everyone is insecure about themselves in one way or another, and once you start to focus on the good, you'll slowly start to see yourself as more and more beautiful. stop worrying so much about everyone else and be you...

I felt that way too.. i really did feel like I looked awkward and that people were always talking about me... In college, one of my friends (from middle school, she was not my friend until college) told me that she was always jealous of me and thought i was really pretty. And because I kept to myself, people thought i was conceited... I only had a few friends b/c I was soo shy (b/c i thought everyone was talking about me).

My advice to you is:

Walk tall, your chin high... and believe that you are pretty. I'm sure you are.. the funny thing is that a lot of people have a low self esteem... You're still only 14.. You'll grow into your true self soon enough.. But stop with these silly thoughts already... :-)

this seriously looks like my diary entry at your age. trust me, it gets better. this is just the worst time of life, it really is. it gets better as you get older. especially once out of school. these are temporary problems and they go away. many times the ugly ducklings turn into beautiful swans. All the beautiful girls i went to school with are now not so pretty and i probably look better then all of them. Things will get better, this time of your life is just the worst. take it one day at a time and hold on.

You shouldnt live your life based off compliments. live your life the way you want to your very young and you still have alot of growing up to do. enjoy school for what it is. maybe you should open up a bit start talking to people in your class the more you seperate yourself from others the deeper you go into a self "Jail cell"

I bet that you are reallly beautiful! Your negative thinking is what is making you feel the way that you do, "ugly", "disgusting" , "not good enough". Can you talk to your school guidance counselor? You need to speak with someone to help you with your self esteem. It will get better.

Aaron - nice going...try again. Get a clue - she is from the UK...no one in America would call their friend a "mate" or say atm (at the moment)...

Girly - don't worry about it. You are 14 and going through an awkward time. Believe me - things will get better. Just try and concentrate on school and not what others think about you....the more you think about it - the more people will stare at you and notice your self-consciousness.

Chloe K

dream fairy
stand in front of the mirror (naked if you'd like) and list all of the good things that your body has, every thing as little as it may be that you like about your body and face, write this down so it sinks into your head that you have a fully functional body and what you may not like I bet could be fixed with a little make-over and what-not.

saw this on a show not too long ago.

hope my msg helped in some way.

Desperate Housewife
hon you wait till you're in your 30's and you'll look back and think - Damn! I wish I looked like that again!

You've got everything on your side but it's hard to appreciate what we've got when we feel so low.

You really should speak to someone close to you and they'll give you much better advice than any of us ever could.

I thought I was so ugly when I was your age and now I look back and wish I could look like that now! I'd really be thrilled if I could look like a teenager again! You CAN because you ARE! All you need is to realise how beautiful you really are.

As for those other teenage girls - if you compare yourself to others you'll always be wrong, because if you think THEY are better you'll feel bad and depressed and if you think YOU are better you'll become arrogant and unlikeable - Don't Compare yourself to others for that reason.

You want a life? Go out there and get one! Just think - at your age you could become an absolute expert on just about anything! You could spend 10 years studying something and you'd only be 24 but you'd be a genius at it - Time is on your side sweetie and you can BE or DO anything that you want!

Really, speak to someone who cares about you face to face and I'm sure you'll start to realise how valuable you are and how loved.

Lucky girl! Wish I was so young and full of potential to do or be anything like you are right now! (((hugs))))

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