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i found out that my friend wanted to commit suicide on sunday night?
One of my friends called me and said I really need to talk to you about this girl...She called me up and started venting about how she was tired of getting teased and made fun of and that she always wishes that she would just die. She is a cheerleader, shes outgoing but many people call her stupid and other names. I believe what my friend said because we have been friends for a long time. I am also friends with the girl who wants to commit suicide. Should I talk to her about this? If so, how should I being it up. She is 14 and I am 15. I want to help her.
Additional Details
thank you to all of the SERIOUS answers. it is terrible to actually believe that people are actually JOKING about this topic.

Well darling, your very brave and a good friend for wanting to help out on such a big topic! I didn't quite understand the question, did your friend call you and tell you about this girl who was meant to commit suicide?

I wil try to answer the question as best as I can. If you want to help the girl firstly I wouldn't pressure her into talking as she could feel like the whole world is looking at her. Has she got an email or something? You could start off a conversation, just saying like "Hey are you okok?". The usual small talk, then after a bit of conversation I'd say something along the lines of, "I hope you don't mind but is it true you tried to commit suicide?". Then explain how you were upset by this as you need her to know that whenever she wants to talk your here for her, you will be her shoulder to cry on etc. Just don't pressure her into saying things she doesn't want to say, and don't go and tell all your other friends what has been said. Keep it confidently and make sure she knows that. If she doesn't open up to your straight away, build on your friendship, let her know that you are there for her.

Good luck.

You need to contact a student adviser, teacher and your parents. Someone who can really help. If someone is seriously considering suicide they need to get the right kind of help!

Talk to her in person and try to calm her down. If she still is then tell her parents or the cops.

Jessssssi loves you(:
i know how you feel sweetie. im fifteen as well. and whats weird is i just did a report on suicide today, no lie. my sister and aunt commited suicide and three other cousins have attempted. its terrible. make sure she knows if she kills herself that all of her family and close friends will have to suffer. if she was a real friend and cared about you she wouldnt do it. she can call 1800suicide. see a councler something like that. people think that shes kidding or whatever but no, this is a real problem and people DO have the guts to do this. and MAKE SURE you listen to her and make sure she knows you care, 80% of suicides can be prevented by doing this. hope i helped(: good luck ill pray for you.

Dreamer ツ
Sit down with her and talk to her calmly. Tell her whats been stressing her out and tell her that its going to be okay. Shes still young and has her whole life ahead, right now at your age problems seem like they cant get any worse, but sorry to say that it will. But people get through it and your friend will too, just talk to her, be a FRIEND.

Hannah Montana is Queen of P&S
You need to go talk to an adult(school counselor, parent,etc.) you trust, they'll be able to help her with suicidal issues.
Glad to see you care:)

free your mind
YES! definitly absolutley make sure that you talk to them both about it. everyones life is valuble and if you think you can do something to help then you shoudl absolutley do it. there isnt really a great way of entering the convo so just come on out and talk to her. you know her. you know who she is and what she likes so maybe work your way up by building up to it in a not so obvious way. the best thing for you to do is to tell her first and foremost you care about her. and then go from there. but yes definitly talk!!.

You should talk to her and talk with an adult counselor at your school. All these fools telling high school kids that you are in the best time of your life can be really scary.

Trust me, this isn't the best time of you life. It gets way better and with something as serious as considering ending your life it is time to get others involved to help. Contact a counselor in your school and your friend with thank you forever.

</3 Always
wow ok umm...as much as you would love to help this poor girl out, and i am sure you can help a life of a young girl cant be leftin your hands, you need to tell an adult, whether a guidence, counselor it donesnt matter, you may try to help her all you want just make sure its not in your hands, if she gets mad at you just tell her its for the sake of her, and treat her normally otherwise she may become even more depressed

so her the brughter side of things
& how its not worth it
bc she has a chance at life
& by killing herself she is being selfish in a way

let her know you are always there for her to talk...people have different problems in life but we have decide to choose to be happy, the hell with nasty people....choose to love yourself to spite them is what I tell people...don't put off talking to her. Sometimes just knowing one person cares can change a life.

I know exactly how she feels. She feels scared and alone. I was picked on constantly in 5th grade, and I'm still scarred from that experience. I had suicide thoughts too... But the truth was, I had absolutely no friends at that time, and she is lucky to have you. Just tell her that you love her and care about her. Be by her side in her time of need, and explain to her how wrong suicide is. Let her know that she's not alone.

Koal *pray4revival*
this is going to be hard, and feel like a betrayal. however, you need to tell a counselor in your school. if you want to talk to her just start by saying, is something bothering you, you seem a bit down? see if you can help her vent, but dont just blow this off....she needs to seek help. offer it to her and then speak to a school counselor and/or trusted adult. even if someone is joking about suicide it is never something to take lightly, even if it seems that they just want attention.

Kyle H
u r in a pickle. Tell her parents, and get her help. Don't worry about her not liking u b/c u told. If she committed suicide and u knew it might happen how would u feel for the rest of your life? Sometimes, it helps to get a bitter personality instead of a passive one.

You need to inform your friends parents. Some people answer your question look like a funny thing for them. I think this is a serious problem so don't listen to this people. You need to take some action.

you should tell her it will eventually go away shes only in high school for 4 years when its done she won't have to deal with any of that. tell her its stupid to kill yourself when your life will get better and she should know not to let that stuff bother her. if she doesn't listen tell your parents and get her help.being a good friend is the best you can do right now

James M
You should stop messing around and have your mom call her's.

Try ur best to talk her out of it
dont come on to strong
just come out as giving a friend some advice
Good luck to u and ur friend
hope this helped

Kaarin P
you need to talk to them, both. this is not a joke. it's not something you can take lightly at all. as far as your cheerleader friend, you should let her know that she's not alone. i'm fifteen too, and i'm in jazz band, marching band, concert band, concert choir, and select choir. you can't imagine how much my friends and I in band and chorus get made fun of. high school is a *****. kids are ignorant, closed minded, and downright mean. you have to let your friend know that everyone goes through the same thing. it hurts, and it's relentless, but we all have to deal with it.

Maybe there is a valid reason she wants to kill herself, she might be overweight, or gay. Try not to tease about it, it will only make her eat more chicken. I don't know if you are a good friend, because who the **** writes **** like this on ******* yahoo answers you stupid ******* *****, go play in traffic.
Your friend,
Barack Obama

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

Blue Haired Old Lady
Just be kind to her - show her that someone cares. Tell her you think she is a cool person and really like her. You should talk with her. If that doesn't work - tell a school counselor because you would feel really bad if she went ahead and killed herself and you had done nothing to stop it.

Tell your parents, this is a serious issue. I was a volunteer firefighter for 3 years and saw the results of it NOT being told to someone (an adult) who could have helped.


well she needs help. maybe a friend reaching out to her could be just what she needs. a lot of people commit suicide becuase they feel that they cant turn to anything else. let her know that you are there and care about her and that you want to help her. then see her reaction.

Tell an adult.
That is the best way to help her.

lydia m
tell her not to. tell her about all the things she has to live for.

Tom B
help her do it

Can I just Keep MY change
Just ask her if she wants to go do something fun together...don't bring it up unless she does, just show her you enjoy her company...you are a good girl

Suicide hotline

Pro Janitor
Tell her that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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