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i feel so depressed but dont want help?
im so depressed i am always angry at everything everyting annoys me i just cry cuz im sik of everything but i dont want counselling i have been threw this and i hate counselling any other way i can help myself from feeling down all the time. my mum wants me to go to the doctor cuz im always angry and always say neggative things abou everything but im scared.
any advice, thanks x
Additional Details
thanks most of them were great answers,
i wrote it wrong i do want help i dont want to live like this but i just dont want help from counsellors, im thinkin i might go to the doctor and then see what they say but yer there was some good advice that made me feel better, thanks to yous who gave me good answers

U Think U Know Me
i dont want to contribute because if i say the wrong thing, u might do something weird... God bless you!

Do your mom and yourself a favor. Get help and be determined that you're going to get better. That's half the battle!

How May I Help You? <3
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz try ths....everyday after skool go home and ride your bike...u hav no idea how much ths helps. its calm and relaxing...at least try one day and let me kno...then get ur favorite drink and mayb do ur hw outside listening 2 music and the birds chirping...fix ur depresssion do happy things...try looking 4 things tht make u happy...like a hobby...dance, sing, rolller blade, enjoy life, shopp, beach, ski, wherever u r, adjust 2 ur surrroundings. talk with friends, get off the dope if ur on it. plz get bak 2 me and tell me how ur doing. :] perhaps 10 points? ehh its ok...it dnt mattter

Bethy [so loverly]
Well find something to rise to! What do you want to reach? Get a goal! It will make things more interesting and most likely raise your spirits!
Much luck!

Well it depends on your age sometimes,hormones.
But Just find a sport that you like,make new friends that are positive not like those weed-smoking skaters or emos that like to be negative all the time,try to find positive friends that are funny and laugh allot :)

The very fact that you have asked this question is in itself an answer. Of course you want help, perhaps you just don't want to admit it to yourself or to your parents. To ask for help is to show a sign of weakness and that is the last thing any of us want to do. Please for your own sake get the help you know you need and want. Good Luck.

what you need to do now is try as hard as you can to be with people you love who will understand you and make you happy. do anything and everything fun at all times but try to think about what you say before you say it so you wont hurt the ones you love and make your self feel bad. if this dose not help you may want to try counselling, but this time make it differnt open up and say every thing you feel. i hope my answer helped and remember pepole who say things to you about it only say because they love you!!

You know what I feel that way, more times that i would like too. But I've just come to realize it usually phases way when I loose myself in something I love doing working out in the gym, painting eating. I also read the bible considering the fact that I am a believing Christian.
Am not sure what will work for you but you should just tune in to yourself and try and discover what calms you down.

There really isn't anything else you can do, You can try other things, to take your mind off of things bothering you. But I haven't had luck with any of it. I am the same way I don't want the help, but I know I need the help. But there really isn't anything you can do without the help. If you don't want a counselor, maybe someone else you can talk to about feelings and things that you trust?

Lou C
You cleared it up. You are anxious and scared. The right medication would make your life so much better. Start off with the right diet, no sugar and mostly veg. Add organic flax oil , is better than fish oil(omega 3 fatty acids) is good for depression. Good diet is key but you need anti-anxiety meds. You may be bipolor and that can be fixed.

i just try to get through one day at a time.i know this doesn't help and i'm sorry, but i have nothing helpful, as i suffer from depression to. just know, your not alone, and if you need to talk, feel free to email me. i hope it gets better for you

Depression is emotional feelings that are not being cleared. They keep building up on you and you mind shuts down to protect you.

You can cure yourself of this, without therapy. Try the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It is easy and involves tapping on certain release points of your body.

This link is by a person who cured themselves of depression (not me) and he shows how it is done.



Get yourself treated, seriously. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to deal with in the future. Therapy may not be the answer, drugs may not be the answer, but something is bound to help. At least go talk to your GP about the situation, chances are they will offer you meds, but you don't have to take them. Just take care of yourself, try writing in a journal, and get yourself the help you need.

Just Me
I know someone very dear to me who is like that. Hes that same way but you got to go to counseling you might be scared but think of what it means to everyone who luvs you. Tell your councilor your a little nervous and you might need help getting over it. Don't stop going though you might need it more than you think.

The Jenz
if you dont want help, then are you gonna take anything we say and put it to use?

and there is nothing wrong with being negative and angry, as long as you dont hurt yourself or anyone else. i've been kicked out of anger management while serving in the Army. they even thought i had PTSD because i was so irritable....and i never even deployed! so, sometimes, its just how ppl are. you aren't any diff than a lot of other ppl in the world. just take a deep breathe and relax. you'll be ok. =)

Earl s
I was depressed, was angry all the time, got into arguments

Then I saw a psychiatrist, got on meds & feel much better. There is nothing to be afraid of. People who are against meds have never had severe depression or anxiety and don't understand.

ohh baby that's sad try try try again to get help even if you hate it
im sure it will help,if not change yourself think positive

or some prescription
it helps alot trust me! :) GOOD LUCK

& a little maryjane never hurts ;) herbal remedies are key.

Keep in mind that I'm not a doctor of any kind but this is what I've learned about depression.

If you're truly clinically depressed then you find no pleasure in anything that used to make you feel good, have no hopes for the future, or have thought of suicide. Also, you may sleep more than average or have a loss of appetite. I would suggest websites like webMD (webmd.com) to see if you might really be clinically depressed. If this is the case, you really need to get help; depression is very serious and not a disease that should be ignored. If you don't get help you may hurt yourself. Talk to a counseler, parent, or trusted adult. Don't be scared, because these people are there to help you, and they truly are looking out for your best interests.

If this is not the case and you are not really clinically depressed, then it sounds like you just need to have a better attitude and a more positive outlook on life.

Dillon C
first you must find the positive things in this life that motivate you and make you happy. surround yourself with people who care about you and make you happy. dont be so angry around your mom, when im mad i scream in a pillow or walk outside and flip out so nothing dumb or i will regret happens. eat healthy and tell yourself that your beautiful, because you are and a positive attitude leads to a positive lifestyle. good luck

il più felice bumble l'ape
i feel like that SOMETIMES. I'm not sure either.. Its best always to get help and ask your mom.

you do want help...or you wouldn't be asking a question. you need to just go and let it out. you will learn to deal with and release you anger in a way that allows you to still function and not hold it in side. therapy can really help. i know it helped me.

1) Accept how you feel honestly. Don't try to tell yourself that you "should" feel some other way. Your feelings are your feelings, and that's that.

2) Talk with friends (not about this neceesarily, but SOCIALIZE). Work out. Listen to music. These are the best 3 anti-depressants.

3) Be honest with yourself about what you're really scared of, and take action to address that thing.

Good luck!

How old are you? Teenager? First, being a teenager is tough, and their are chemical components to the irregularity of your mood at this age.

Some personal advice, understand that you are given the same tools as everyone else on the planet. The only thing that makes you different is what's in your head.

Do yourself a favor, cut your Mom some slack and talk to her. You'll be a Mom one day and I promise you you'd sell your sell to have your teenage child just sit down and talk to you.

Go to a doctor and see if it helps.

my advice to you is get help or just talk to a trusted adult.
i have gone through this so many times and each time it has gotten worse. i ended up with an eating disorder before i finally got help. its very hard cause i didn't want help either, at all, but in the end it's worth it so you don't end up hurting yourself.

You aren't going to get a serious answer from anyone on here apparently. You need the help, you may not think you do, but if you don't like being depressed you need to do something about it. No one else can make you happy, you have to make yourself happy.

You're Depressed, and you dont want help. Yet you used Yahoo answer..

Then no one can help you.

Susan C
I think if you could fix this by yourself, you would have already. Sometimes you have to ask for help from someone else, ie a therapist...

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