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 What is WRONG with me, someone help me, i am going to kill myself.?
I have already been diagnosed with severe depression.
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 Do people really think it's cool to self harm?
I know that it's actually a type of illness and people do it because of things going on in their life and stuff, but do some poeple do it because it looks cool?
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 should i just kill myself?
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 Should I just cut myself?
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 How do I beat this depression?
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i feel really depressed should i see someone?
i have been feeling really depressed lately and have been self harming what should i do

Nattie Nightmare
If its relaly serious, go to a doctor. If its on your mind all the time, talk to a parent. If you're not comfortable with that, talk to a friend. talking with a friend will help, it has helped me

You should Absolutely see someone you know and trust.If you don't,it could lead to suicide.Be very careful what you do.

See someone...Call your 1800 crisis line..talk to someone tell them your problem and ask them to help you find someone who can help you.

§tone in Love =)
yea go ahead and do that. write it in a journal. then go ahead and get some nice exercise

If you feel like you may want to harm yourself--then immediately seek counseling.
Please--time is of the essence.

see a psychiatrist as soon as you can, self desrtuction is never the answer

yes you should see someone... you should have no reason to harm yourself, everything will be ok as long as you do something to make it ok... go talk to someone.

Devious Wifey
It is best to see ur Dr for this. tell him how u feel maybe he could referred u for therapy or just give u anti depression medication.

Irena C
I have been feeling like that too lately. And i did see someone thinking it would make me feel better, but it didn't. What i like to do when i am depressed is drive. Get in the car, put on your favorite radio station or your collection of songs and just drive in the high way to ... i don't know, where ever you always wanted to go. Stop caring about anything. Let things happen on their own course. Depending on the reason that got you so depressed you should do the opposite of that. For example, if someone else got you depressed, co-worker/bf/gf/parents/friends/work/per… life/disease/ anything...get away from it and stop thinking about it. Go to the movies, alone and seat all the way up against the wall.

Don't does:
-Don't go drinking
-Don't go dating (seeing anybody)
-Don't commit suicide

smoke pot.
...it made me feel better....

don't take my advice. ^.^

marco p
Go talk to someone and make sure you go talk to your doctor. Don't hurt yourself!!!!!! It can be something as small as a hormone or thyroid problem that can be resolved easily... regardless get help from your family and a professional! Good luck and God bless.

Jana W
it isnt necessary to see a therapist
just talk to a close friend

your not crazy its normal to go through stages where you feel depressed

dont harm yourself such as cutting or burning yourself
whatever the problem is, its cant be so bad that you would need to take your own life. it will get better

you can make it through anything if you just try.

i hope this helped

See Some one :)

Be happy! Live Life

Try to find out what exactly is making you depressed and try to fix it. If everything is in place and you still have no idea why you're depressed definitely get help.

Ok, first off, certainly stop with the self-harming. A mistake my best friend made as a teenager and has had to deal with the ugly scars ever since. Moreover, it's really not as cathartic as you hope it to be.
Try your best to sort your head out yourself. Get into a routine as much as possible, including a good amount of sleep. Not too much, not too little. Aim for around 8hrs a night.
Speak to a friend or family member and be honest and open. It sounds harsh, however but you'll need to sort your own head out. Don't be depressed by this, be empowered by it.
Personally speaking i've tried a few different anti-depressants with various affect and side-affects. Look into St John's Wort, personally the best pick-me-up i've found and it's natural so without any unwanted side-effects.

Keep your chin up, eh?

go see a therapist,

well if it has lasted more than two weeks then you should probably talk to someone
i would see the school guidance counselor...(if ur in schoo)

people usually get depressed all the time, but if it lasts more than 2 weeks you should see someone

be happy

I ♥ Jacob Black

2.Take vitamins B and any other ones to help (I would suggest stronger vitamins, injected ones)
If you happen to go to mexico they sell some really good ones that have helped me thae are called BEDOYECTA TRI
3.Cold baths help you focus on urself and stop stressing on everthing
4. Find a nice buddy or someone you trust and just tell them all your problems really helps to open up :)

Stay up buddy and I really hope you start feeling better :)

Just try and be in your state of mind.
Do not fleeth from your suffering.
Just, give yourself time to cry a little.
And then try and be good to yourself, by maybe buying something nice to yourself. Or making yourself something good to eat.

It`s ok to feel sorry for yourself at times.
A bit know and then:-) at least.

maybe talk to a friend first, and if a friend makes you feel better about what ever you're depressed about, then you won't need to go to a therapist. But if nothing changes after talking to someone, then I'd suggest seeing a therapist.

go to a doctor

Taylor M
ABSOLUTELY see someone! Your depression will only get worse if you feel isolated as well, and depression can be treated with meds and therapy.

Jack B
Jump into the shower and chill....have some tea and take a nap!

Save the money. Talk to a trusted friend.

[email protected]#
don't worry be happy

maybe see a therapoist

just be happy

See a therapist.

If you don't like seeing therapists Talk to your parents or a good friend that will listen to you.

<*Lucy Little*>
call a suicide hot line...call someone you can trust... get some kind of help!!!! Please its never worth it to take your own life


Hey,Jumper. Sorry to hear that you are depressed. Is there anything I can do? You can talk with me if you'd like. Or what about your friends? They are just the best around. You need to lean on some of your friends. I'd suggest your parents,But sometimes parents can't understand what you go through. Forget doctors or psychiatrists,They charge too much to help you. You can talk with your friends or even me for that matter. It won't cost you nothing. Just as long as we can help will be more than rewarding enough. What kind of problems get to you? Did something happened to you in the past that had caused you to be this way? I'd like to help if I can. btw,My name is David and it's a pleasure to write you tonight. If ever you need someone to talk to,I'd be more than happy to lend an ear. I've gotta roll along. You have a goodnight tonight,Alright? Take it easy and God bless. Bye for now.

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