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Cameron M
i cut myself alot and think about suicide daily what do i do i'm scared to tell my parents?
i live in a christian home so these things are kind of unheard of

2 Happily Married Americans
What you are doing is dangerous, and your parents will want to help you. God will want to help you. He has given us a lot of knowledge on how to treat mental disorders.

As far as your suicidal thoughts, the thoughts themselves aren't against Christianity...acting on it is considered a sin against God. But by reaching out to us, strangers, you are doing the best thing. Reaching out is the first step to healing.

There are many reasons people feel suicidal...some are chemical imbalances in our brain, like depression. These can be treated with medications. Some other reasons that suicidal thoughts come into our minds are that we feel like we don't belong, or feel like no one cares, or like its all just too much to deal with. The thing is, there are many of us in the world who have these thoughts. And with help from friends, therapists, parents and religious leaders, we learn and find answers.

Your parents would be devestated if you committed suicide. They will be shocked if you tell them you are having these thoughts, but by telling them, you can then ask for help. If they say "just don't think about it, it will go away", you may need to talk to a school counselor or call a local suicide hotline and ask for help. Sometimes parents don't know how to deal with these feelings either, and you can ask a counselor to help you talk to your parents.

The key thing is to get help. I hope and pray that you find inner peace and happiness.

Talk to a counsellor. If your Parents are christian then you should be able to talk to them as they are your parents. Be calm because you have alot of potential ahead of you.

jessica g
I believe no matter what religion your parents are, if they love you they'll find a way to help you. thats what your parents are for. however you do need to talk to a professional. a therapist, dr., school nurse, someone you can trust. Just get help now before it gets out of control.

It's necessary that you talk to someone about your self-harming and suicidal feelings. Perhaps you can talk with your school counselor or school nurse as someone else mentioned. They may be able to talk with your parents if you are too skittish to. Perhaps you can write your parents a note of how you are feeling if you feel too awkward verbally telling them. Either way, you need immediate help. Please do talk with an adult about it. Hoping that you feel better real soon.

Please stop cutting yourself..... Maybe you should only tell if they ask, but tell them you are hurting inside, tell somebody you are hurting. If you dont have anyone you can talk to me...
Good Luck and Take Care. :)

TAlk to a teacher, the guidence councilor or the school nurse. Hon, you need to get some help. You will get beyond this so please don't give up before the miracle happens for you.
Talk to a friend, call a suicide hot-line. Do anything but sit on this and wait for it to go away. You are loved. I promise you that you are loved.
Also - it isn't against Christain faith to help yourself. If your parents scold you, tell them you value your life and the life That God gave you enough to trust them to help you. Put it that way and they should "get it".

down the road not across the street kids, lol jk.

talk to your guidance councelor. tell your parents, talk to somebody who cares about you. tell then you need help and stop doing it, you are only harming yourself, and you should be scared because its dangerous

Speak to someone you trust, your doctor - all confidential between you and your doctor. But I would also advise you that you should explain to your parents. They will get you the help you really need.

just stp doing it. then u wont have the burden of telling yur parents.

E Click
Most parents would want to know and would be glad that you told them so they can get you help from someone trained in mental health. Cutting and daily thoughts of suicide are serious. However, you can probably be helped so that you can enjoy life once again.

If, as you say, this may be a problem that your parents may not know at first how to handle, tell them you know you need professional help. Your parents may not have all the answers but, more than likely, they will want to do whatever is best for you. To help you get over being scared--forget about trying to figure everything out (how will they respond? what will they say? etc.). Just take a breath and blurt it out. You'll be glad you did.

If you can't tell your parents then tell an adult you trust--a teacher, maybe the nurse at school, someone at your church, etc.

agsf a
i thought my parents would freak out and blame themselves. surprisingly, they understood i just needed help, like a person with a broken leg. they were totally supportive and really helped in the whole process.

Lola Cherry Cola!
just tell em'....make em' take u to a counselor. I'd do that.
dont make the "christian parents" thing get to u.

If you're cutting yourself, that's consciously or unconsciously a plea for help. If you're having suicidal thoughts, it would help a lot if you could talk with someone. If you don't think you can talk with your parents, then can you talk with your minister or with the nurse at your school? But if you can talk with your parents, it would be best. They probably have no idea how unhappy you are, and if they're good parents, they are very much concerned about your health and well-being. Why would you or anyone else just continue to put up with feeling so miserable as I imagine you must feel? I believe you are having a lot of pain and internal conflict. If you broke your leg, your parents wouldn't hesitate to get you to an orthopedist, would they? If you're feeling emotionally broken, it may not show outside, but it can hurt just as much, and I hope your parents would takke you to see a specialist -- a psychiatrist -- who helps patients deal with broken emotional situations. Please don't keep all of this inside yourself -- it will just continue to make you feel miserable.

Michele B
Yeah, well I wonder why is this happening to you in a christian home.....if you are unhappy try to think of things to do that can make your life better for you....it could be your depressed...it happens to people go to a doctor and tell him if you dont want to discusss this with your mom and dad. They should know something, I mean if your depressed it must show.. god helps those who help themself......I was sort of depressed once living home, sister fights, no job, no friends in a rotten neighborhood..but my life changed, we moved, i met a boyfriend...it got better

Sacha R
See self harm, and suicidal thoughts, in sections 16, and 5, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris Visit your school counselor, and show your doctor the scars, soon. BTW, self flagellation, and "excoriation of the flesh" was commonplace, in medieval times, for christians.

you have to get help. cutting is way dangerous, and suicidal thoughts are usually the result of depression. it's treatable. you just have to step up and tell someone. stop cutting. that's step one. don't let yourself cut. tell your parents what's going on in your mind that has you so upset. get help. tell your doctor or call a suicide hotline. your school might have a counselor, or your church might. you could talk to them.

Talk to a teacher or mentor. Get help, it IS possible to enjoy life.

Talk to a teacher or counselor. You won't look stupid. They'll help you, and when the time comes to tell your parents, you'll know deep inside. Parents and family will always love you and care for your welfare, and they'll understand, even if you think they won't.

If you are scared to tell your parents, tell the school nurse, or a teacher you like.

Hun. I can totally relate to what you're going through. I'm 18 and been suffering through self injury since I was 10. It's a hard thing to live with, and the only way you are going to get over it is to tell someone of authority. Parents of any faith don't truely understand the concept of self injury. Most of the time it's because they can't fully comprehend that their child is hurting emotionally. I've compiled a website of useful information called Simply Scarred. http://www.freewebs.com/simply-scarred . Please take a look at it, there's a page on the navigation bar, I believe it's titled telling someone you love you self injure, or something like that. Read through the sight I'm sure if can give you some useful information. My parents didn't understand, and I don't think they still understand, but what matters most is that they got me help. At first I was unwilling to accept it, but realized I'd be living a horrible life if I continued on with the path I am. Realize that once you "stop" it really is ok to relapse. The only way it can get better is if it gets worse. Please consider my site. There really is a bunch of useful information.

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