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i am gonna kill myself...?
in exactly 3 weeks time. ok? goodbye!
Additional Details
im being serious though. i want to die. i felt this way for a very long time. suffered from depression for years. im doing it in 3 weeks time cos i'll have 1 week at college then im on holiday for 2 weeks. so basically, after my holiday im gonna die. im not kidding. please dont think im joking cos im not.

baby isabella due april 7th
bye bye

Chill out.

what are you telling everyone for, bye, bye have a nice holiday, PS dont forget my present.

andy m
do.. it do.. it!!

İf you put a question mark there, then you won't.

there is no death ...only the force.. may the force be with you...
if you carnt get through this life, how the hell do you think you will get through the next one.... this is a dry run brother, enjoy it while it lasts..

if u WERE gonna kill yourself why would u come on here and tell ppl? is it just a cry for help? if your serious you should see a doctor

cool d
hei come on, dont b that cos life is 2expensive 4 everyone n what happen on u? y u told us like that?ha n y? can u tell us as well?please!let us solve the problem with u!

i can't believe that you would send a question like that. either you are a seriously messed up little freak who needs attention or some caged animal ready to pounce on the person who tries to help you. Get a life or destroy the one you have - don't try and make people feel sorry for you.

Why in 3 weeks time?

I think everybody who is encouriging u to kill urself are on crack. my friend told me she is gonna kill herself a week ago but i convinced her not to (with the help of other friends). i think everybody has a purpose in the world, even the people who sit at the cash register. dont kill urself, i bet u other people hav bigger problems than you. go for counselling or just tell a close friend or family member so u can get it off ur back.

Okay so you have your options, you can choose to live or choose to die. Who gives you the right to decide if you live or die? Dying solves nothing, you think things are tough here on earth? This isn't nothing compared to what lies ahead of you should you choose to take your own life. Things are never as rotten as they seem, seek help, ask someone you trust to go with you to a doctor or your nearest emergency center or clinic, you are worth so much. Think of all the people (including those on here) who will miss you, think of all the wonderful things you'll miss. From the sounds of it your almost out of college, congrats! And if this is only your first semester, just keep going.

Hang in there, I'm praying for you.

robert d
Hay young lady whats up with you. Do you have no one to talk to I'll talk to you when ever Hell I don't sleep much anyway. I've got to warn you thought I'm a lot older then you so don't go doing something like fall in love or some other crazy thing. I get along very well with younger they say I understand them. And it lets them have the chance to get an older man opinion on things because there embarrass to talk to their dads. O The love thing is a joke but you already new that right. Get back to me if you want

sarah y
Don`t be daft what do you want to do a silly thing like that for,what will it achieve,nothing is the answer.Just think of the people you will leave behind,ask yourself this are these people you leave behind strong enough to deal with losing you?The answer is probably not.Try to see a councillor so you can get whatever it is that is upsetting you off your chest.Please don`t kill yourself there is help out there for you.........Good luck.

please listen to the preacher ring him ... talk to some one but please dont go and do something stupid.... it can be worked out .... jesus does love you we all do .... ring preacher its for ur own good ..... may the lord be with you amen

some people say such heartless things dont they

As a clinical psychiatrist I have a moral obligation to put any person who tells, me that they are going to kill themselves in a mental hospital for 72 hours observation. Either they enter on their own free will or by force. (I never second guess a patients when they tell me they are going to kill themselves). I take them at face value.

God created you and put you on this earth. You don't have the right to take your own life. It is a real sin and you will only have to come back to this earth to evolve all over again.

There is no problem that you have that can not be solved with a loving and caring professional psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Believe me, as you are so down that you don't feel life is worth living. You are very wrong, especially when there is professional help out there to get to the root cause of your problem.

Myself I am against drugs for your normal depression. (Drugs only mask the root cause of your problem. Best TX. is one-on-one to find the root cause of your depression and then work together to resolve this cause.

If you have "serious mental illness then for sure you will be on drugs to get you stablized to live a quality life. And you will probably be on drugs for life to continue living a quality life.

When you kill yourself it is final. One more thing, I know alot of people who tried to kill themselves and failed. (It is not all that easy as one may thing). And they are quite happy and they thank God every day for their life that they failed and was able to get the help they needed to go on living.

Please I know you are calling out for help. I don't reside in United States, but if you do, you can email me at: [email protected] (Most people who tell you in advance they are going to kill themselves, they are really calling out for help). There can be help for you if you want.

Again taking your life, there is no help as it is final.


please dont....we all have some problems but we have to face it no matter how hard it is...
we all love each other so dont do it......♥

Whatever for??

Dragon Empress
Why? You have a right to be here just as much as anybody else.

that is not a question, it is a statement!
Why 3 weeks?

there,s more to life than doing yourself in.

we all have problems today, but your's sound seriouse, please from my experiences in the past i've learned alot, please find a good therapist, or if you want to talk you can e-mail me [email protected] i wrote a book on my own very horrifying experiences and worked very hard to where i am today.
Please don't do anything to hurt yourself, there is alot of help out there, i want to tell you please e-mail me before you might do something to yourself.

Reconsider! Everyone has a purpose in life. Also, if it helps, suicide is a guaranteed ticket to hell. I don't think anyone would want to spend eternity there. Most importantly, Jesus loves you!!!

Not really a question is it?

I presume you're just attention seeking; those who do commit suicide tend not to announce their intentions weeks in advance. But whether you are suicidal or just need someone to talk to, speak to the Samaritans, a friend, your GP, a teacher. Nothing is ever as bad as we think it is and suicide solves nothing.

fairy godmother
Go to doctor and tell them. They can help you. I personally feel you have boderline personality disorder and that you are just saying you are going to kill yourself for attention or to get your way.

That is nothing to joke about!!!!! Do you know how many people leave this world everyday kicking and screaming...wishing they had more time?

You need help!

please do not kill yourself., Jesus love you
so much.. i care for you.. call me if you want to talk to some one.. 0794 900 5581
od love you,, Jesus want to save your life.. amen...

90210 aka Hummer Lover
yeah right, what ever........

people who say they are going to kill themselves dont,
people who do kill themselves dont tell anyone...


The Notoriuos Doctor Zoom Zoom
Here are some numbers for you.


Suicide & Crisis Hotline 1-800-999-9999 Help for Troubled Teens

National Hope Line Network 1-800-784-2433 Suicide Prevention


Talk Zone 1-800-475-TALK Peer Counselors

Teen Help Line 1-800-400-0900 Help Line For Troubled Teens

Teen Hot Line 1-800-747-8336 Hot Line For Troubled Teens

VOICES In Action, Inc. 1-773-327-1500

Youth Development International 1-800-HIT-HOME (448-4663) Youth Crisis Hotline

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