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infringed upon you as a person?
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 trouble sleeping because of huge worry help me please!?
after a car accident in july 2008, i wasn't hurt but it made me worry greatly and caused me to only get about 2-5 hours of sleep each night for 6 months. i go to bed at about 9pm but can't ...

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 why do I feel anxiety for being gay?
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 I'm so bored and depressed. Any suggestion to entertain myself?

 Have you/are you self harming? How does it make you feel?
Only answer if you understand plz!

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 I'm always physically/mentally fatigued. Tried nearly every antidepressant with no luck. Any suggestions?
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 I need some serious help now!?
I seriously, have no reason to live, why?
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Long ...

 I have no friends no life and no one to talk to about anything?
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Additional Details
You say go make friends , as if its the easiest thing to do in the world.......

 Can my boss keep ringing me while I'm off sick?
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 I am going to be all alone New Year's Eve what can I do?
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i'm so ugly!!!?
i have dark circles under my eyes that are hereditary and make me so ugly!!! i am 14 and already want plastic surgery! my bags under my eyes make me fell out of place compared to the pretty girls at my school. why did i have to be this way? its not fair. i apply massive loads of make-up to try to cover them, put its still noticable.

get more sleep.

aaggghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put a paper bag over your head aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Let's talk, im me, how are you? I bet you are beautiful lcome on baby lets talk. you are beautiful

You think that's bad! When I was born I was so ugly the
doctor slapped my mother. he he.

Get more sleep and see how that works.

thinking that you are ugly only reinforces that thought in your mind and makes it truer. Plus, what you notice probably no-body else notices, because it is your face so you concentrate on that one thing that is wrong and it makes it seem worse. Perhaps it is because you don't get enough sleep or are too stressed. I suggest getting at least 8-9 hours of sleep and not stressing about it, because if you don't worry about it, neither will anybody else.

LiL Chick
Tell people around u r urself, ur pretty in ur own way. And actually get more sleep would help.

♥•Real Madrid•♥
ohh...don't be upset honey!
Sleep well, go to the professional doctor and don't use lots of creamy makeup .....It's no good..

i have that exact same problem. i have bags under my eyes and i hate it!!! it makes me SO insecure. and i am 13!!! but just remember. just be happy with yourself. that kinda helps me. and remember that all girls are beautiful !! every girl feels that way. so just keep your head up and good luck!

well since they are hereditary, then just sleeping wont help, since you are only 14, then all I can say is a concealer AND a facial powder, so that you can cover them completely, hope it helped...

read the secret by rhonda byrne

prettypretty88 p
There are many causes of dark circles, from age, heredity, allergies, cold or sinus infection, bone structure and glasses which are not so commonly known.

If you would like to apply home remedies to reduce dark circles, here are some of my suggestions:
Buy a box of regular, old fashioned unflavored gelatin (e.g. Knox) from grocery store. Take a small cup or bowl and put in 1 teaspoon of the gelatin mix. Add one tablespoon of boiling water & stir for a minute. Test it on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Then, using a cotton ball, pat it under your eyes as you would an eye cream or gel. Go lie down and listen to some music, or take a bath & let it stay on for at least 30 minutes. Then just rinse it off.Gelatin is very high in Vitamin K & Biotin. It will not remove your dark circles on the first application (but you will notice a difference), but if you do it daily for a week, and then 2-3 times a week for maintenance, you should notice a drastic reduction in dark circles.

To hide dark circles, you can use YSL concealer or salmon concealer..
http://www.mydarkcirclesblog.com tips on how to reduce dark circles, the causes of dark circles, home remedies, eye creams reviews, make up tips, and natural healer.

http://www.cleansecolonblog.com Cleanse Colon Blog writes about colon cleanse home remedies and review colon cleanse products.

apart form make-up, theres nothing that you can do really im afraid (that I know of anyway)
just buy a really good (probably expensive too) concealer and spend a while carefully smudging it instead of just whacking it on, not saying you do this, just incase you do :)
there are also some cover-ups that are specific for covering dark circles around the eyes. do a bit of research and see what you can find.
lifes not fair, we all have to deal with stuff we'd rather not
at least you dont have some life threatening illness or an amputated leg (im assuming you dont, apologise if you do!)
im not being mean, just try to think of it that way though and it might make you feel better
be proud of everything on your body, even the bad stuff
its what makes you, you.
if you really really want to get rid of them then you will have to resort to doing it surgically.
good luck

Kate M.
Put a potato slice under your eyes,over your dark circles every night when you got to sleep. You'll se the difference really soon!!!.

We all have our flaws and things that we do not like about ourselves. You are not unique in this, though I know that you feel that you are. The best thing to do is to play up your good points. And we all have these too. What do you like most about yourself? Great smile? Great body? Great personality? Be honest with yourself, and you'll see that there's something there that you really like...and this is what you should concentrate on....not your flaws. I agree that you should use concealer to help minimize the darkness under your eyes, if it makes you feel better. But, DON'T be applying the massive loads of makeup that you have been doing. By doing so, you are only bringing attention to this area and making yourself feel even more self-conscience. You are beautiful in your own special way. Remember that!

Sweetie I'm sure you aren't ugly. Dark circles can be hereditary and they show more if you are tired, my husband has them from his mom and she is far from ugly and so is he! Try to make sure you get good rest, and don't put loads of make-up on on that just to me would draw attention. I work at a High School and all girls no matter what find something wrong with their self that usually isn't even there. Don't feel out of place be confident in yourself hold your head up high. And some of those girls that you think are the pretty girls sometimes are the the mean & rude girls I deal with them everyday, Honey it is what inside that counts not looks, sure we all like to look nice and that is fine but don't compare yourself to other girls be yourself, I hope I helped a little bit.

Ya, i've got them too, get darker when i'm hungry or tired. It is genetics, but does not bother other people as much as you think, quit trying to pick out imperfections and focus on what you have. It does not always have to be appearance either.

Maybe you could ask a doctor if there is anything that would help. But... I bet you are very pretty and are more concerned with the dark circles than anybody else is. I have very fair skin, so I look like I have dark circles under my eyes, too. Its ok.

Take the focus away from your eyes by slipping on some cute gloss. Draw attention to your style, not face. Dress in cute, simple, bright clothes. Pull you hair back into a pony tail and put on some lighter earth tone eyeliner and brighter eye shadow. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even if it's the inside.

buy good product to reduce dark circles. surgery is not essential. since u just 14, don't panic about your woe, start maintain your beautiful inside and outside right now, you 'll be gorgeous by 24.

nobody is beautiful without confidence...u have to remember that if u take care of ur bady it will take care of u...nobody should have bags under their eyes...this is what u can do...try and rest more than u feel like, drink lots and lots of water to get ur skin looking fresh,try taking used tea bags and cooling them then putting them on ur eyes...and the best of all-meditate...ive tried it...after i meditate i feel way better, i feel fresh and i think better of myself....try these....they really work if u have the confidence...

You're your own worst critic.
Other people probably don't even notice the dark circles...

I feel you! My eyes are just the same. I hate it so much. They're puffy too. Yellow cream-based makeup is the best. The yellow pigment is the best color to camouflage it. There's nothing to completely cover it up, and chances are it's not as bad as you think it looks. Give yourself some credit. Try to think about what you like about yourself and concentrate on that. I know that sounds so stupid. Like it's impossible. I completely understand. Give it a shot! Good luck.

Accept it...draw attention away from the dark circles under your eyes with your hair or lips

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