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 know one understands me my life is miserable i cant stop crying?
people say im emo i cut myself and cry alot but i cant stop i need help
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my parents don't know about it but my friends do cuz they do it too im scared to tell my ...

how would you describe this girl?
there's this girl i know, and i think she has a problem..seriously! on her myspace, she creates fake myspace profiles and pretends that those people are her friends! like she made a fake profile and pretended that that person was her bestfriend and made other profiles by stealing other people's pictures and pretending that she has boyfriends/guys that are obsessed with her! is she having some kind of a mental problem????

Silver Moon
She has too much time on her hands or she is very bored.

Pixie :)
maybe shes lonely lol that is kind of weird

she has a cyber mental/identity problem..is she normal in person?

~Miss Kayla - Stranger In Iowa~
She's obviously craving attention and she can't get any so she makes some up of her own..

It sounds like she's just trying to get attention. If she really tries to convince you that those people are real she might be a pathelogical liar. I had the same situation with a girl at my school, she turned out to be depressed.

stay far away from her or take away her myspace somehow

Maybe she just wants attention. OR, just wants someone to like her. You never know. Have you tried talking to her about it?

She might be having problems at home as well.

I wouldn't say that...she's just got too much time on her hands...

i know some people like that. leave them be. they just want personal attention. that they're popular, or they really wish that their fantasy friends-boyfriends are there. they'll most likely grow out of it.

YOU sound really nosy and snub

Yes I know someone like this and hes is in serious need of help best keep away or if a good friend suggest she sees a doctor

I think she's kinda cyber stalking for photos and trying to boast herself, I dunno. Don't know if there's an actual term.

Missy <3
how do you know this??? maybe you have a problem for talking about her or perhaps stalking her because who would honestly know the difference... stay off her myspace and just let her be.

She's just unsure of herself and wants to be more accepted by others. She needs real friends.

Jim Allen
yes she definitely has problems. If you know her, try to be her friend or try to get your group of friends to be friends with this girl as well.

I would suggest this girl go see a psychologist. She just doesnt know how to interact with people and is incredibly loney. Probably she hasnt had much love from her family and doesn't know how to get along in life.

momma of 2
she needs you to talk to her so she knows she has friends and she doesnt havev to make them up ..... she is screaming for attention give it to her but make sure you know what you are going to say so you wont hurt her feelings

shes looking for attention, she might be a bit lonely, i would talk to her and explain to her that what she is doing is unhealthy.

Hii (:
umm. that''s reallly weird.
i think she's a litttle
antisocial maybe ?

poor thing.

maybe she doesnt have a lot of friends.
or she mightt want attention.

just ask Rob
She is not mental. Sounds like she is a teenager that is an outcast in the circle she thinks she wants to be in. She is probably very smart but not as pretty or popular as you. But she sounds very interesting to go to the lengths she is to create drama she is needing attention at home. she probably has a single mom and older sister that she doesn't think she measures up to. but in the long run she will be more successful in life than anyone is going to give her credit for. I could go on with this profile there is nothing wrong with her but you on the otherhand you seem obsessed with her every move

I laughed at Phil's comment.. (actually.. i laughed at Phil..)
And.. i would call her.. social, or atleast trying to be..
And, no, she hasn't have a mental disorder, she's just thinking the wrong way. And sometimes, being lonely is a good thing, atleast to me.. i wouldn't say i'm lonely, even though i don't have a sea of friends, or even a room full of friends, i like being alone. Why the **** am i writing this..

Fulk Yu
No this is very normal. It is actually odd if you have a regular myspace. I think you might need some help

Jay Sean
No, she just wants people to think that she has a lot of friends, she's probably lonely or insecure. I used to do that... lol, but then I started hanging out with more people, and didn't feel the need to fake friends...

i ♥ hershey ♥♥♥♥♥
I would describe her as a normal child around 12-13 years old ♦

I've done it to be noisy and I'm not mental.

She's probably just insecure, and feeling very alone and afraid of what people think of her, so she tries to create a better image for herself.

Anniko Lyon Deedrick
maybe she's just lonely. You should be her friend.

no, just desperate and immature

Ive Been Playin to Much Gui-tar

She seems like the type thats very lonely and sad inside

Oh Dear,

That is a girl who needs TLC.

Tenderness, Love and Care.

When she finds that she behave better automatically. - I promise.

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