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 I've just been to a funeral. Can you help me with a question?
I've visited the funeral of my sisters' best friends' mother. She was only 52. Cancer. The family are devestated. How long does the whole "grieving process" take? Is there ...

 This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
My son was a good lad, he joined the army at 16, excelled, he went all over the world, doing all sorts, jumping out of planes, bull run in spain etc. I was so proud! He was posted to Iraq, excelled ...

 know one understands me my life is miserable i cant stop crying?
people say im emo i cut myself and cry alot but i cant stop i need help
Additional Details
my parents don't know about it but my friends do cuz they do it too im scared to tell my ...

 POLL : Do antidepressants really help?
1. Yes, ( i took/take them)
2. Yes, ( i never took them, but i know.)
3. No, ( i took/take them)
4. No, ( i never took them, but i know.)
5. They dont help as much ...

 i'm mental help!!!!?

 Song that makes you cry?
Please post a youtube link to the saddest song (or songs) you know.

The song that makes me cry wins!
Additional Details

 i cant sleep, pleaassseee help me!?
its not serious, im only 13 and normally, when i cant sleep i just go sleep with my sister or ask my mom to comelay with me. but i used tthe mommy escuse 2 nights in a row , and i dont wannna wake ...

 Im depressed and thinking about suicide becuz the best girlfriend ive ever had moved wut do i do?

 Does alcohol and sleeping pills make a good mix?
Does alcohol and sleeping pills knock you out if the sleeping pills don't work by themselves?
Additional Details
What about three or four glasses of vodka or bourbon that couldn...

 Why should I not kill myself right now?
I know this is probably a stupid reason, but if we are all going to die of old age, why should I not kill myself right now?

Everyday I look in the mirror and I see myself am growing older, ...

 What causes you to panic?

 I'm having a miserable day today. What can I do to cheer myself up?

 If I kill one person I'm a murderer - However, if I kill a million I'm a conqueror, right?

 Should I kill myself?
Hi, I'm Dakota. I'm a girl. I'm 14, I know I sound like the totally "Depressed" teen girl. I'm pretty sure I am but here's my story... I was born, to a 16 year old ...

 Do you think I'm dumb?
I make Ds' in History and English and F's in Geometry. I used to make A's and B's in English and History. My grades have dropped since I've been constantly bullied since high ...

 i cant stop cutting myself.?
I cant stop, every time i do i just break down. Has anyone else been addicted to it and been able to stop?...

 Cure for depression that doesn't involve pills, god, or a dumb hobby?

Additional Details
I said no god and no pills! So all you pill poppers and god lovers please pay attention....

 How does one get over someone who broke their heart?
Even after a lot of time has passed.....even after therapy, self-help, moving on with life in every other way.
Additional Details
WOW, I can't believe all the wonderful answers and ...

 How do to feel comfortable with myself again?
different parts of my identity have been killed
by me and others. and I guess the natural maturing from teenager to adult. I'm just turning 20 soon.

so many terrible things ...

 I've been acting really weird. Please help.?
Ok, well For a while ive been acting pretty strange and people are taking notice.

Here's whats up. (At least read the whole thing through before answering)

-I am severely ...

how is life 4 people out there?

Additional Details
for anyone and anywhere

Better than the alternative!! Thanks for asking :-) Actually its good at the mo as summer has arrived!

wonderful and how about you?

Thanks for asking!

The secret of a good life is being happy with your lot.

Happiness comes from within. How you feel about yourself and your treatment of others

Our upbringing plays a big part in this as our parents are usually our roll models

As adults we have to accept thet our parents are human too and can make mistakes so we must stop blaming them for everything
we do.

Possessions are nice but only make misery more comfortable.

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself and you will not go far wrong

We are only on this earth once and it is better to be happr than miserable

its going bad now.... it really is

Thanks God it's good.


Zelda Hunter
At home life is good. Financially speaking, things could be better. The political climate of this country is frightening because it is impossible to be a moderate sensible person these days. And how is life for you?

Chief of sinners
a very broad question, yet will attempt to answer. Its not that great, could be better if worked towards it.

My life is good. Every day is about the same for me.

Good !

My heart is beeping ♥
not bad....doging pillows (younger sibs).....trying not to get my hands shut in slamming doors...(also younger sibs)
other than that...pretty good....cute puppy....
lots of dots....:)

mediocre, thanks for asking

Craziest it has been in years.

My life is ok but It can be hard when I get sick. I suffer from a mental disorder that stops me from being able to be with people for long periods of time. I Have a form of depression that allows me to take meds.Just like everyone there is no problem with me that can't be fixed.

could be better, but I am not complaining

life is good right now.thank you

better at 4:30 when i can get out of work and go home and relax with a cold beer.

my life is great thanks.

Great I am alive to see another day.

good so far!

Lifes good.
Im bored though.

Mine is great...

Proud of my past, loving this moment and excited for what the future would bring.
What I declare is what will occur

L louise
Hey mate I'm from the land down under and me life is great hows yours. done the shopping yet?

awesome, and well worth it

Stephanie B
Life is okay. Everyday is a new day with new challenges. I stuggle to keep balance. But I will, one day at a time, I will make it!!!

wonderful!luvin this weather.

henry g
life will never change out here,you must be the one to change out there,its like this if you choose to live a wild an rampant life,don"t expect it to be good out there;now if you choose to live like most people do,you will get a job get some spiritual guidance,like church,and its just" hon-key dory out here"

life is good i guess.. i have my ups and downs.. sometimes i dont want to live anymore because all the ways that i get treated in life.. and some people just give you retarted answers like when people say can i be pregnate. they say i dont know did you use a condom.. well thats about retarted but anyways.. i guess i will just be single for a long time until i find the right guy i guess.. god bless you

just great.everyday something to learn.it's always bitter that i learn but at the end it's always a sweet leaason. well still learning...sometimes less and sometimes good grades thank god never failed...hey that's what's life. ups and down happiness sadness, stress- overjoyed. it never ends and never should. atleast not 4 me. how about u ?enjoying life??lol.......)

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