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how do you stop self harming?
i am 14 and i need to stop selfharming its effecting me and people around me but i feel its the only thing that can help me!!! anyone got any advice on what to do instead?
Additional Details
i am seeing someone perfessional but it aint helped me much

Ask Annie
There are healthier ways to stop. Talking to someone, for instance is a good way. And I don't mean your friends.


P.S.: Go to the website in my sources, it'll help you out.

julie n
go see your doctor who can get you counciling...also do some hard excercise to vent your frustrations eg kickboxing martial arts...sends endorphins to the brain that calm you down..good luck be strong

Greg Macquarie
There isn't much you can do. It's a category of mental illness. You are who you are and nobody can change that. Loads of love sweetheart and good luck.

can you explain more?

Captain Zamey♥
Jess... Just don't do it!!

Brittani W
you could write in a diary or seek help

jazzy baby
you should talk to someone. Maybe your parents are the school Counselor. If you feel like you can't talk to these people alone you should ask a friend to come with you for support.

talk to somebody with positive infomation

Kaoru Hashimoto
self harming is a waste of time and gets you no where at all. ive been through some **** and ive never self harmed i just close my eyes and get on with it. use insense. it works as aromatherapy, just get in a bath with candles and insense, it always helps me when ever i feel down or stressed. never go as far as self harming, it does nothing.

You are punishing yourself for something that goes back into your childhood. possible abuse ,rejection, also its and attention thing too, seek help to a person you can pour out your heart too, maybe a social worker they can get the help that you need, you have made a step toward healing good luck

You should talk to your parents and maybe see a therapist.. it might not be what you wanna do but it will help in the end.

any type of creative expression like art or dance can help you let out some emotion. also not trying to hold in your feelings or thoughts can help you feel much better. sometimes you just have to let it out. and lastly talk to someone like a psych or just someone you trust who will give you honest information on ways to help

Lord Jeeves
Well have you tried focusing on different outlets to release your anger/depression? What is upsetting you? Try running an hour everyday. Listen to some music. Paint, draw, join a club, start a sport, if you are the created sort of fellow create a new sport. Meditate, teach yourself to laugh at the things that distress you (for example someone laughs at you look at them and make a joke like "I know, I just escaped from the psycho ward." I say that all the time.) Do remember the old saying, don't cry over spilled milk. You know it right? Well if not don't cry over the trivial things in life such as whose who which is generally the type of crap we waste our time thinking about 24/7. If you don't have the time for anything that I have listed above try to ignore it but do remember that if you can't necessarily do it by yourself anymore that you should seek consultation.


The Kingdom of Castile
hmmm well i can only say that i used to do the same thing when i was younger. I think my first experience is from when i was 10 to about 16. Most of my cut scars are on my left fore-arm. And my left arm( where the big muscles go lol) I also have a few cuts on my left chess. Damn i love using my right hand. The only thing i can say is maybe you should get involved in something artistic. Ive found that most people that cut themselves are of the artistic persuasion. What helped me was getting involved in Drama and Acting at my High school. You'll be able to put all your hurt and feelings into an express-able form and still get the attention that you seek. I only say attention because that's what i was looking for when i used to cut myself. I even used to judge people based on whether or not they were able to see "my hurt". If they noticed the scars, "they cared about me" if they didn't, "they didn't care about me." But Acting definitely helped me. Maybe something else might help you. Also now being 25 and with two children and a wife, those scars can become extremely embarrassing. I remember how mortified i was when I rolled up my sleeve at the Doctors office last year, exposing to all in the room the person i once was. Your Scars will never go away. Neither will the hurt you feel, but you can try to channel it in a productive way.

The best way is to find out whats causing it and see if you can stop that.
When you get urges talk to someone, crush ice, flick an elastic band, read a book, go for a run, write a poem / diary etc.
You need to find another way to let your anger / sadness / pain -whatever it is your feeling out. A proffesional can help with this, also there are support websites around. The best one I have found is www.recoveryourlife.com

Hope this helps X

Dresden Octopus
Put an elastic band around your wrist and every-time you want to, snap the elastic band as hard as you want. It'll leave a mark if you do it too hard but it's less bad for you. Also, you could buy a stress ball and squeeze it.

Put your emotions into drawings. Change the professional you see.

Hope I helped at all :)

Seperate yourself from the object you are using to hurt yourself
Sorround yourself with people who care
Find a talent that you have you can do instead

Jay J
seek a counselor and talk about your problems rather then self harming, because you should come to realize that self harming isnt helping at all it only is hurting everyone

I learned a trick in group therapy. Take an ice cube and hold it in your hand (or take 2 and hold 1 in each hand) and squeeze it so tightly until it melts. The ice on you skin stings and burns and satisfies the urge to hurt, but doesn't actually do any damage. I used this to cope and get myself through while dealing with the bigger issues that were underneath causing me to have these urges in the first place. So, long term, you definitly need therapy. But therapy takes time, and trust me, I know, sometimes, the urge is uncontrollable. Use ice. It helps you get through. And feel free to email me if you need more advice. I've come a long way from where I was, but I still remember what it was like.

stop feeling sorry for yourself. seriously. it could ALWAYS be worse. be thankful for your life.

You must seek professional help to get to the main cause of your self harming. Go to your doctor and talk to him and tell him you need help now before it is too late.

I suppose it depends on what type of self harming your doing. Is it mental or physical? Either way, its not good. You must have a serious problem if your seeking help for it. Stressed at such a young age... Do you realize that you can go to someone for this. It isnt as bad as you think if you can admit it now. By being ashamed of what your doing and silenceing yourself, will only make it wrose for you. No matter what is happening to you in your life that is making your feel as though you need to punish yourself, your sane enough to know its wrong and that you need help. Go to someone and get it.

Orla C
Figure out what it is that's upsetting you so much that you feel you have to hurt yourself, and deal with that.

find a tree and carve and stab it czrve all the bad things in yur life you can carve pictures or words this will give u sumthing to do othr than hurt yurself; if that dsnt works get pillows and try riping and pulling them apart with only yur hands, or my favorite buy dolls of any size and tear them to pecies with yur bare hands or a butter knife tha will get yur enegy of negaitve things out

dnt hurt yurself think that wen ever you hurt yurslef u r hurting the person that mean the most to you.

like a boyfrend best friend parents sister ect.

Begin a Diary and write down all of your feelings in it. :)

it helps me :)

goodluck and please stop hurting yourself x

lee la dart
put the knife away and leave it alone, find something entertaining to stop being depressed.

Talk to a close friend. I did this to myself once, and getting it out in the open with someone who cared about me really helped.

Bennett W
talk to counselor

ways to stop cutting: draw on yourself where you want to cut in red pen, put ice where you want to cut - this numbs the area and stings a little, ping an elastic band on your wrist - it stings and leaves a temporary mark but not a scar, run hot/cold water down your arm - gives the sensation of blood, call or text a trustworthy friend when you're down even if it's just to talk about cheery things it'll take your mind off harming yourself. some other good methods to stop SH are to write down all your feelings in a book/text/email and get rid of it, write all your feelings down in a diary, write why you cut,, how you feel before and how you feel after you cut then you can begin to figure out what things you can do to get that same after feeling without harming yourself. something i found helpful was putting all my sharp objects in a box in a safe place and i put a photo of someone who was very close to me on top (maybe a partner, friend, relative) and when you go to cut you see that person's face and think of how they love you and would not want you to be doing this to yourself. if you want to stop - you're already half way there.
good luck, much lubb,,
Lucy x

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