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 Is piercing a form of self injury?
I was just wondering your thoughts and feelings on this subject. If a person pierces themselves with a safety pin or thumbtack, do you think this is a form of self harm?...

 Is this bad?????????????
If like you've been crying for more than two weeks for every single day.
Is that bad?...

 I'm so afraid of dieing...?
So, (I'm 14, btw) I always feel completely paranoid about, even the simple thought of dieing. Its not because I'm afraid I'll be forgotten, or anything like that... Its more like, I...

 what can you do when your life seems bleak and hopeless?
I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. So i guess its normal to be feeling hopeless. But still I'm so anxious and frightened. I'll be out of university soon and it'...

 How can i conquer this fear and get some sleep?
Every time i watch something about a murder or something about ghosts or something i always end up not being able to sleep. This happened to me last night and i didn't get any sleep at all. Now I...

 Will the doctor think I'm stupid?
What do you call depression?

If you think about self harm or actually doing it? Of even worse if you think about killing your self? I feel I can't talk the the doctors because they ...

 feeling super down, need a pick me up. D:?
so i am 5'7" and weigh around 125, but im having my period and feel
sick and am craving the most unhealthy foods. i just feel so gross
and fat, cheer me up. please....

 What's suicide?
Hi,guys!Does anybody knows what's suicide?If you have any information or links for that topic please sand me.Thanks!!!...

 Why are parents like this?
My mother has never been a big part of my life. She has always demanded near perfection in my relationships and school work. Even when the stress was killing me, I kept pulling through because I ...

 What is WRONG with me, someone help me, i am going to kill myself.?
I have already been diagnosed with severe depression.
But other symptoms i have are -
Paranoia - i feel like people are talking about me all the time, pitying me, and im convinced i am ...

 I don't know what to do. I give up EVERYTHING! (13 and need help)?
I have been depressed. Everything seems so hard. My mom smuthers me, I have to read a 256 page book by Friday, and I have so much work at school. Not only from being stressed out, I am depressed. I ...

 Do people really think it's cool to self harm?
I know that it's actually a type of illness and people do it because of things going on in their life and stuff, but do some poeple do it because it looks cool?
Additional Details

 What's happenening to me?
I just went into the kitchen to get my lighter and came back into the living room holding a fork?????...

 My boyfriend is not sensitive to my needs and ignores me emotionally i'm not truly happy, any advice?
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years. My mother just died and when i look for comfort in him he basically tells me to get over it and rushes the conversation to an end. Lately i've been ...

 how to calm myself and not feel so stressed out?
i really need to calm myself down, i am so worked up over stuff that i am so stressd out and feeling panicky..what is the best way to do this without medicine??...

 How do I cope with being tall?
I am only 13 years old, and I am already almost 5'10". I used to like being tall, but ever since school started I am feeling less and less comfortable with my height. I'm taller than ...

 How do i tell my Mom i need a therapist?
i tried to tell her that i think i have an anxiety disorder, but she told me i did not. She believes that i am lying, and i can't go to therapy, because we are really low on money. Plus, my mom ...

 I cant take it anymore? help?
well for 2 years now i've been feeling like this.. ( im 16)
i think people don't like me as soon as they meet me? but im always nice to them, i always compliment people and everything ...

 Why do we feel crap in the mornings?

 should i just kill myself?
my whole life ive been depressed but lately its gotten really bad. i NEVER feel happy anymore. its not the gloomy type or angry type ive always dealt with either it just feels like...like death or ...

how do you feel at this moment??'?

Eilla E
I feel very weird because my friend is singing Party like a Rockstar!!! Weird ahh!! Shes so weird!!

Stepping stones
feel annoyed and angry and upset at the same time.
and i want to tell someone but i cant, i feel i am about to burst.

I feel good..thanks and yourself???

hoping even better.............

regards.........(and kisses)

B-Boy Touch
right now i feel kinda worried, sad, and excited and frutrated and all sorts lol

in pain (major surg last week)
and having suicidal thoughts, trying hard not to act on them..
& yourself?

tired. bout to take a quick nap

okay, but bored.

Bren Trotamundos
Im so happyyy couse in march... I'll be travel Mexico-NZ!!!

pretty good if i do say so myself

I feel sleepy, fat (im about to get my period..=/ ) but excited because im going out tonight and I only come back to work on Wednesday!!! Ohhh yeah!!!!!

Very tired. I've been up for 23 hours straight. And I have to work soon. Yippie...

Que lo what!
too good looking and broke...

Waiting 1 more hour to get out of work. WooHoo, it's FRIDAY.

CBS Network fan
slightly nauseous from a taco salad.

I feel really tired I need a nap


pretty screwed up

kinda chubby

Sue F
Happy that I have a day off because I have a cold, but I am determined to be all better tomorrow.

It's time for some hot tea.

Have a good day and a very Happy New Year.

Tired, cold and so hungry I'm ready eat my desk! Oh, and impatient for my food to arrive--Philly cheese steak hurry it up!

ME soooooooooooooo horny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry but Sleepy

Ready for my 4 day weekend...yippee!


I feel ugly.

How do you feel?


I am very content. I am spending my 1st Christmas season with my husband and 14 yr old daughter in our new home! I have a new 4 bdrm home with a nice piece of land. I look forward to popping fireworks on New Years eve out here!

i love yew tony<3
i feel good!!!

♥♥Hold the applause its CALLIE♥♥
Sick my throat hurts. =[[[[

hahahah troppo divertito da questa invasione!!

Zoe star

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