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 is this normal?
i rationalize things and feel guilty most of the time
is it due to chemical imbalance in the brain, so there's no way to overcome it by myself?
i keep posting tuns of questions on ...

 severely depressed people only?
Seeing that I'm severely depressed person and have not gone to the Doc in over a year... Do you think the help is out there or are we to live in pain for the rest of our days? If you are like me ...

 why am i hearing voices?
I have been hearing voices. like i would be home alone and hear my moms voice calling my name. Or like i would hear my brother having a conversation with someone. but i am hearing the voices a lot. ...

 i have a friend (14) who cuts himself, drinks, runs away, and has thoughts of suicide. how can i get him help?
he is telling me about his problems like cutting, drinking, sometimes running away, and has had worse thoughts. he isn't really my friend anymore though... and it's obvious that he needs ...

 I can't take this loneliness any longer and I don't know what to do anymore?
I figured that by 25 I would have met someone in life. However, I found that I haven't and everyone around me seems to be in love and it some how bugs me badly. I don't know why I feel so ...

 Committed a mistake. Need help?
Hi all,
I wanted to share this with someone so that i can feel little better. I kept tjjis to myself all these days and could not stand it any more. I come from a decent family. was good at ...

 I'm always afraid of what's other people think.?
I'm extremely shy around other people. Only at home, do I feel like myself, but it affects my relationships with friends and family, because I'm always so depressed. I've been told ...

 Is Tourettes Syndrome a Psychological disorder?

 What are the syntoms of bi polar depression?

 confused on atypical and major depression as well as medication?
I'm disgnoised with major depression but starting to believe it could be aytpical because there is times when I get happy, almost like a high and then when it's over and I'm alone, I ...

 Mental health uk?
To cut a long story short i have had depression & anxiety for 6 years i have been to the doctor he refered me to counseling and also mental health i was told i had clinical depression. Anways The ...

 On average, how many hours of sleep do you get on a normal weekend night?
This is for a math survey of mine....

 Do I honestly have depression? Im so confused with myself!?
I've seen my therapist twice and she made me do a depression test to see how depressed I am. Apparently I scored pretty darn high. Then I did Beck Depression Inventory today, and I scored above ...

 Did anyone else have selective mutism as a child? Has it had any effect on you as an adult?

 Will the stigma attached to mental health ever boil down to being as common and as unfeared as...?
the common cold or the ful virus? Or will those who suffer by no fault of their own continue to suffer in silence for fear of backlash due to their condition?
Additional Details

 What do you think of people who become obessed with you from Y!Answers?
To the point that they follow who you pick for best answer and also follow your questions later just to give their opinon of your last question? Shouldn't stalking be banned from Y! Answers?

Lindsay A
how do you build self confidence?

Sirius Alpha
Self-deception, trickery, etc.

Here are some other ideas for applying 30-day trials:
• Give up TV. Tape all your favorite shows and save them until the end of the trial. My whole family did this once, and it was very enlightening.
• Give up online forums, especially if you feel you’re becoming forum addicted. This will help break the addiction and give you a clearer sense of how participation actually benefits you (if at all). You can always catch up at the end of 30 days.
• Shower/bathe/shave every day. I know YOU don’t need this one, so please pass it along to someone who does.
• Meet someone new every day. Start up a conversation with a stranger.
• Go out every evening. Go somewhere different each time, and do something fun — this will be a memorable month.
• Spend 30 minutes cleaning up and organizing your home or office every day. That’s 15 hours total.
• Give up cigarettes, soda, junk food, coffee, or other unhealthy addictions.
• Become an early riser.
• Write in your journal every day.
• Call a different family member, friend, or business contact every day.
• Make 25 sales calls every day to solicit new business. Professional speaker Mike Ferry did this five days a week for two years, even on days when he was giving seminars. He credits this habit with helping build his business to over $10 million in annual sales. If you make 1300 sales calls a year, you’re going to get some decent business no matter how bad your sales skills are. You can generalize this habit to any kind of marketing work, like building new links to your web site.
• Read for an hour a day on a subject that interests you.
• Meditate every day.
• Learn a new vocabulary word every day.
• Go for a long walk every day.

Luv2no is in the house
God is love so love yourself. I really liked b_banth answer and saved it for myself!

Start by recognizing your worth as a person. Change what you think about yourself. Stop assuming you will fail. Stop assuming that others are smarter than you. Stop putting yourself down. Every time a negative thought come to your mind about you in any way turn it into a positive thought right away. Practice doing this consistanly and you will begain to see yourself in a difference light. You were born with purpose and there is something in you that you can do that only you can do a certain way. It is called a gift. Check your treasure chest out and you may be amazed to find many gifts gone unnoticed in there.

Be yourself and be content and confident in who you are!***

Grand pa
Read The Power of Positive Thinking Dr. Norman vincent peale Amazing book amazing man He says Change your Thinking Change Your life , I had that problem.. Read the book. Changed jobs became a driving instructor .Spent the next 25 years helping nervous students over come fear. Check his web site Subscribe to the magazines

its called self confidence so only you can help youre self

I agree, it is all a mindset, I would reccommend the book "Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. It is an excellent book, it helped me out in soo many areas. For me to boost my self confidence, I had to really convince myself, that it didn't matter what anyone else thought. Only what I thought about me. And since you can control your thoughts, I tried to always be positive.
Good luck
Toni Lynne :)

By surrounding yourself with postive influences.

Happy Square
By motivating yourself. Confidence building requires a high level of self-motivation. Make a commitment to change and overcome fears that have held you back, visualize success and develop a positive frame of mind you need to rise to the challenges ahead. All the best to you.

A lot of it has to do with what you tell yourself.
This may sound strange, but you know that little voice in your head? It's you. You have control over it. Make it into a positive force in your life.
For example, when you look into a mirror, think "I look great today" or "I matter to me"
Sounds cheesy and is cheesy, but it works.
You have more power than you know.

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