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Sharp's Advice
how do i get rid of my anger?
i get angry really easy and i dont like it . it is driving my girlfriend who i love so much away and it hurts please help me !!

Go to a sichologist

Happy meee
Take a chill pill ... =D

buy a cow

count backwords from 10 or 20 or even 30..if you are extremely angry,start from 30...

get councilling.

Untitled Imagination
Whenever you get angry think of the consequences. Better is you go to sleep or watch something funny. Eat chocolate, it makes everyone feel better.

Rubis cube :)
Try a couple of things.
-Seek help from a professional.
-Take up a sport which might relieve stress, i.e boxing, yoga.
-Take a break from it all and try to pin point whats making you angry.
Hope this helps :)

learn to recognize the consequences of your outbursts. I am one angry female and I hate it too. I have lost many friends and lovers like that. I wouldnt deal wit myself either...... its bad but i have learned to respect others peoples feelings when Im mad.

take an extasy pill

those are quite popular over here . ;)

Try counting numbers. It sounds so cliche but it actually has saved me quite a few times.

Canadian Gal
join a sport...take up boxing...starting jogging. Physical activity creates natural endorphines that make you feel good.

Kai W
Get into a martial art or contact sport, i do Tae kwan do and it really helps, if i get into a fit of rage i save it up and put it out during a match.

Amaro G
Ask yourself if what your getting mad about is going to affect you 2 years from now and realize the things your getting mad about just aren't worth getting mad about. If your still getting mad about things that aren't a big deal, ask your doctor about seeing a counselor or taking meds to calm you down

If its your girlfriend doing things to piss you off then you need to tell her calmly what she it doing is making you upset and if she doesn't change and you are still getting angry you should consider moving on

Annette R
I have anger issues as well and the main thing to do is to build self control. When ever you feel yourself getting angry calm yourself down. Words spoken in the heat of anger are never spoken from the heart. Its important to know that if you can not control your anger you are ruled by your emotions. If you feel angry isolate yourself and do something to take your mind off it. Draw, write, do a puzzle. Keeping your brain occupied is important to make level headed decisions. Tell your girl friend you love her and you are working on how to control yourself.

take a deep breath and hold it for three seconds and exhale. that is what i do and it works for me.

Chief MnMtoo
Sports or any kind of physical exercise.

Go to some anger management classes. There could be something that is causing your anger as well. See a Doctor and/or Psychologist.

There are ways to deal with it and if your girlfriend knows your trying to get help she will probably be supportive.

Good luck.

Peace, Love and Joy,


You need to find out why you carry so much anger in you. I've had this problem too and found counselling a great help. It's great that you realise your anger. Sometimes if you get angry, walk outside for ten minutes, breathe deeply, think of something nice and calm down.
Without being rude, you may need medication if you suffer from bipolar or other condition which gives severe mood swings such as anger. This is not an unusual condition. I wish you all the best. Ask your girlfriend to be patient while you work through your problems. Good luck :))

adarsh devan
u just have to listen to ur fav music!!!!this will surely help u

Life Is Good
go to counceling

Well, there is probably some medication you can take.
If your not into that (Which Im not) then there are many different reasons why you could be actingthis way.
Seeing a therapist or Counceller could be a good start.
Meditation often calms the mind also. :)

Good luck!

Have you tried full contact football works for me to just hammer someone

anger can be subtle or serious.

so for subtle anger i would say get exercise. go for a run, a swim anything. exercising releases endorphines and will naturally make you feel better.

you could also try journaling, regardless of it's masculinety it does help getting your thoughts on paper.

I used too have anger and this is what my therapist said too do.
when you feel yourself getting angry @ someone. say "stop" to yourself and then go away for a couple minutes go back to the person in about ten minutes and give them a time when you can rationally reason things out.

if all else helps. therapy, good idea for anger.


Anger Management they will help you with your anger

Try to take activities take yourself away from the people that get you angy because when you are with them you will probably get mad
So let yourself be calm for about a minute then take a deep breath and you will get more calm

Hopefully your anger will go away and you will be happy

Find an outlet... running maybe? Learn that there is a time and place to make your display. Maybe you are directing anger at her that she doesn't deserve.... find a new place to direct it.

don't listen to any of those bad(and gross) suggestions. what most people find is the best away is to take some slow breaths. some people also clench their teeth or fists really tight. i like to take slow breaths and think about what i am getting mad over. good luck!!!

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