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[email protected]
how can i stop my self from pulling out my eylahses?
and is there anything to make them grow back faster?

The Darkness Returns
Just don't pull your eyelashes out then (I know its easier said than done) but their your lashes and not mines. Ciao.

omg same here!
i used to play with my nose
and now im pulling my eyebrow and eyelashes!

Quit smoking crack, and start smoking pot...jk

Doesn't that hurt? That's like saying you have a habit of punching yourself in the balls =/

[email protected]
everytime you pull one out slap yourself in the face.
or better yet have a friend slap you, cuz they wont hold back like you would on hiting yourself

Pure will power...........

Are you purposly plucking them out when your upstet or are they coming out when you rub your eyes? IF you are plukking your lashes go to a shrink if they are falling out go to an m.d. You nned your lashes to keep Sh*t out of your eyes

Steve Barb
wear gloves

this sounds like a disorder called trichotillomania. its a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). theres not much information on TTM out there, but a common treatment is medication.

wear mascara it will hurt more

wear fake eyelashes..

My sister has that habit. There's not really anything you can do to make them grow back faster, except protect them with a coat of mascara. Resolve just plain not to do it. Whenever you find yourself doing it, make yourself put a quarter in a jar or something. When you go three days without pulling them, buy yourself ice cream :)

Xo {Katie Babe} Xo
When you feel the erge... slap youself in the bum!!

...this may look wierd in public... but it works!!

well not pulling them out is a start, and there is nothin to make them grow faster once they reach a certain length they stop growing, there is false eyelashed though for now. There is a disease in which ppl pull out hair, whether it is head hair, eyelashes etc. ask a doctor if their is any meds for this compulsion or look it up on the web, but out your mind off it, like when you get the urge do something different that will make you forget, or something like dip your hands in ice cold water of put elastic around wrist and flick against skin when urge comes. hope this helps. also note they are there for a reason to block bits and particles out and protect your eyes, they arent really suppost to be pulled out. and you can damage your eyes over time as a result hun

Ana Maria
You might have trichotillomania and should probably see a psychologist or psychiatrist to stop. I hope you get well

Bevi J
rogaine for men will help them grow backand leather restraints will keep u from pulling them out.

tell me how do I stop myself from biting my nails? Stupid habits huh? Wear fakes, maybe that will help. Find something else to do with your hands, sketch, twirl hair, file nails, etc

≤ Flattery Operated ©
Tape your fingers or wear mittens.

Wut?I missed it
when you go to pull them out, instead of that just pull on ur ear lobe!!

The link below may help.Good luck.

I have the same problem. In fact, I was pulling them out as I read this.

It's a form of OCD, and there's no real answer in how to stop, it just depends on you. When you feel the need to pluck, occupy yourself by doing something else. Wear sunglasses, if all else fails! =] You have to find something that works for you. And when you do, after a few weeks, your lashes will be back and in shape.

Spongebob Squarepants
Um, no.

First see your general practitioner in case you have
some sort of mite living in your eyelashes. I have
heard of head lice being found along the eyelashes.

Secondly, this MIGHT be a disorder called trichotillomania.
Classification is somewhat in dispute but it generally falls within the spectrum of anxiety disorders.

You need to see someone who has the authority to assess, diagnose and treat or refer for appropriate treatment.
Ideally - a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist and perhaps later a social worker or generalist counsellor (any discipline with a good background in mental health.)

It can be stopped but many people need someone to coach them through as well as explore underlying issues that manifest as anxiety and/or as compulsive behaviours.

Very best of luck with it.

Self control's the only way.
Sometimes you wont even realize you're doing it so make sure you tell everyone around you to let you know you are.

As for them growing back faster.. My doctor told me to put a hot was cloth over my eyes for a few minutes in the shower every day. It cleans out the tiny pores and can even reduce the itching, if thats why you pull them.
Dont worry they WILL frow back. they might tell you you can only grow a certain amount in your lifetime, but i picked mine every day for 12 years and they keep growing back.

Good luck, i know your pain...

Carol (Yeah I said it!) G.
Put a rubber-band around your wrist..every time you even think about pulling eyelashes pull it really hard and let it snap u a good one! It works...behaviour modification. They will grow on their own..there are a couple of brands of mascara that contain vitamins. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Well, it really depends on why you are pulling them out. Some people pull them out because their eyes get itchy from allergies. Allergy eye drops can help with this.

For others, it is actually a mental condition called Trichotillomania, which needs medication. This is described as a condition caused by anxiety. With this disease, people do not stop with just eyelashes, it is any hair - head, eyes, arms, etc. Some people choose to use homeopathic treatments instead of medications.

Either way, you should see a doctor for a real diagnosis.

I don't think I have the actual condition, just a nasty habit of playing with my lashes. So, to prevent them from disappearing completely, I just run my fingernails over them in a pulling motion. I don't actually pull them out this way, but I do appease my habit by going through the motions. You could try this yourself. But be careful, eventually they will not grow back.

there is actually a mental disorder, I forget what it is called, but it is when people have a complusion to pull out there hair, whether it be from their head, eyebrows or eyelashes. If it is something that you can't stop yourself from doing, you might want to see a doctor. This disorder is more common then most people might think.

Kenton C
i'm sorry, i had to change my answer. i thought you typed eyebrows. EYELASHES???? ouch. i don't know how you can stop. is it an urge to do it? or a habit?

You have an illness called Trichotillomania, which is psychological disorder that causes the compulsive need to pull out your own hair. This is not just a habit that you can easily stop. It is an obsessive compulsion that will require professional help. It can be treated with medication or therapy or a combination of both.

I listed a link below that may answer more of your questions. I wish you the best of luck with getting help.

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