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how can i find if its true?.....?
my friends are trying to tell me i have an eating Disorder.......
i don't think i do. i know i need help for other things, like cutting.
sometimes i just get sooo down. almost every week i attempt......
i am on a very strict diet......i take in only Liquids.
i like to exercise, what can i say.
my mom calles me a hyprodondract(sound it out....i know i cant spell it)
what should i do......
is there some kind of online test?

Dr. Evil
Did your mean girlfriends drive you to this? I know they did! If you are a teenager I feel sorry for you because the mental health department will try to feed you every medication there is. It's all about money and control. You may need help but be careful or you'll end up a ginea pig!

amber ɹəqɯ?
Did a doctor put you on a liquid diet? If you made that decision and it is not for a short term fast or detox, than I would call it an eating disorder.

see your Dr. You may have depression and a simple pill will make you life a whole lot better

You should "DO" 20 laps ( jog around the block 20 times) and when you get home EAT A REAL , HEALTHY MEAL!!! When tou feel like cuttin' or temptin' HEADBUTT YOURSELF!!! That should keep you busy and free your mind of "jibber-jabber!" Kind of like yoga , Mr, T style!!!cheer-up smilly....at least you GOT friends!!!

You have to ask yourself "Is the way I'm eating harming my body?" "Does the way I eat control my actions?"

Are you eating the amount you should be eating?
Do you always think ur fat?
If yes, you might have a eating disorder.
Go ask your doctor

It really does seem like you have a lot of issues you need to get help with!!! only liquids seriously how can you live with just that!?

to help talk to there parents i use to watch this show and she cut her self so tell her to go to a teacher of a therapist

Check out Overeaters Anonymous meetings - they'll be listed in the yellow pages of your phone book under Self-Help.

You don't have to overeat to belong in OA. There are many who have bulimia and anorexia.

Best of luck.

OK HUNNY . i used to cut,and i used to be bulimic but then i found anime. its something that distracts me from life. its lead me to so many worlds. anime might not be for you but find something BIg to get into like, anime or another culture, or just something new. it helps

I don't know you at all but I REALLY want you to go see a counselor. I do. A real counselor that you can see weekly otherwise if your parents find out about your eating disorder they might write in to Dr.Phil or something or send you to a hospital. My sister had to go to a hospital for her eating disorder, it was good for her and would probably be good for you but I want you to take the first step towards your recovery. Tell a parent and go see a counselor.

....This, sweetie, IS your online test.

Don't deny what all these people have to say. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck sweetie :)

pat z
Skip the online test and head straight for your doctor!
Whether or not you have an eating disorder, you say you are cutting yourself. You need to get some professional HELP as soon as possible!
Are you hiding the cutting from your Mom because I can't imagine she'd call you a hypochondriac if she saw the scars on your body!
Please PLEASE get help! Your life depends on it.

no there is no magical on line test to find out what is wrong with you (if there is anything wrong) you need to go and see your doctor and ask him/her for a referral to see mental health. No i do not mean that you are crazy when i say mental health i mean if you are having bouts of depression and cutting yourself then you need to speak with someone about this and they can help figure out how to help you deal with this and other issues you may have.I have a daughter who has many mental health issues at her young age of 8 so i understand how difficult in can be for you and for your family.
Good Luck and Take Care

Sounds like you ahve a chemical imbalance, if you are cutting yourself, my daughter went through that, she lost alot of weight, she was pulling out her eyelashes and her eyebrows. I know it had to hurt and she looked terrible, Finally when she went to dr. he said it was chemical imbalance which also works on your whole body, she would be so depressed and complained about different body ackes. The doctor gave her some med. and it helped her tremendously. She is back like her self again. Please go to a doctor because she wasted basically a year of her life. She was so afraid she would gain weight which sounds like you and it messed up her chemicals, it only took about 2 weeks for med. to help her and she did gain maybe 5lbs. but she really needed it, her hair had even started coming out and you don't want that to happen. Hope you will take my advice, my daughter thought they would think she was crazy but the way the dr. explained was because she wasn't eating it just basically messed up her whole body. Get you some help, whick everybody needs sometime and don't be ashame, Good Luck

I think you should listen to your friends as they must care about you a lot to tell you that you have a problem. Liquid is not enough for a human body to live on. You should go straight to a doctor and tell him what it is you are eating and how you are feeling before you get sicker than you are. As eating disorders are a sickness.

You dont need an online test. You need to seriously talk to someone, I have those same tendencies and thoughts and I see a thereapist weekly. Take care dear and if you need someone to talk to dont hesitate to email me. These small issues can turn into big problems.

I'm so sorry to hear that you're in so much pain and struggling so much. I hope that you have good friends, family and a good therapist to provide you with support.

It sounds like you are quite restrictive with food. You very well might have eating problems. Ask yourself this: do you eat when hungry and stop when full? Do you restrict your caloric intake to maintain a lower weight? How do you feel about your body? Here are some self-tests to get you thinking about your relationship with food and body:

I would encourage you to find help and support for yourself (for the eating issues, cutting, depression, and anything else that is happening), and am including links to help find ED treatment. Good luck! You shouldn't have to feel this way.


the combination of your cutting and your diet implies that you PROBABLY have an unhealthy relationship with food

do you spend alot of time thinking about what you can/cant eat? are you unable to enjoy when you do eat?

people telling you that you might have an eating disorder is also a pretty good sign that you might want to look at it... all these things tie in together, cutting, suicide, eating disorders, addiction... go get some help

Hi Hun! I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope to be able to cheer you up. First your friends are right. If you are only taking in liquids, you are not getting many good nutrients, that your body needs to function right. There is help for you, to begin taking care of yourself right. You need to go to your doctor and tell him how you are eating and admit you do have a eating disorder. He will get you the help you need to get better. Of course you must want to get better. You are the only one who can make yourself better, nobody can do it for you. I'm sorry to hear you are cutting yourself, try wearing a semi loose thick rubber band on your wrist. When you get the urge to cut yourself begin snapping yourself with the rubber band until the urge goes a way, a little swelling and red mark is better than a cut any where on your body. (If snapping your wrist don't work try snapping your stomach.) You could cut to deep and not make it to the hospital in time. If you think about the ones you love who have died, remember how much you wish they were still a live and how much you miss them. That is how everyone will feel if you die. Your family and friends will miss you terrible and it will cause pain in their hearts forever. There are people that are going to die because they have a Illness, they get no chose to decide if they live or die. I think you should write out a list on what you are going to do to get better. You need to make a list of all your good traits, like you are honest, hard working, loving, compassionate, reliable, a good cook, a great friend, etc. Look at this list daily, and start to think positive about your life. You are loved by so many people. Let them know you love yourself. Get with your doctor and have him help you plan out small portion meals, say like for breakfast I'm eating a small bowl of good cereal, for lunch I will eat a half of sandwhich and an apple or small portion of apple sauce, snack a small bowl of salad, supper a small portion of what ever foods you like. Small portions are the key, you won't gain weight if you excercise, and it sounds like you care about how you look. That is super hun! Excercise to your hearts content it won't hurt you or kill you, However not eating right will. (The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up.) Begin writing out your plan to get better. Make your great traits list and begin looking at it daily, as you say each word on your list make it personal to you. Good luck with your plan and your list. Change is good hun! Begin to want to change today. Think positive! You can do it! You are very important to a lot of people, realize this and try your best in everything you do. God Bless you with strength and the will to want to get better. Take care! Hugs! Von

yvonne s
hi there, go and see your doctor and get down to the bottom of why you are self harming, it also sounds like you are self conscious about your weight get that sorted out as well before it spirals out of control, there must be a reason for you doing this to yourself, whatever the reason, you need to confide in someone, serious or embarrassing as it may be your doctor will talk to you about it and it will be confidential... good luck
i hope this helps

Munya Says: DUH!
Ok so let's start with one thing and I think everything else will get better.
First of all, your mother is in DENIAL! you are not a hypochondriac (that means someone who says they're sick or injured when they're not, and they only want attention)---SHE needs to wake up. But sometimes mothers do that.
Let's get you better. Don't cut yourself, sweetie. Please go to school on Monday, that's tomorrow for me, and go see the Guidance Counselor or whatever they're calling themselves. You really really need to talk to someone about why you are slicing and dicing yourself.
And I think the Eating Disorder will go hand in hand with the hurting yourself.
You are too pretty, too smart, and too VALUED by people like us, people that you don't know, to continue harming yourself.
Now remember, you are going to TALK TO SOMEONE AT SCHOOL TOMORROW;....counselor! I insist!
TC, baby girl!

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