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help i don't know what to do?
Recently i have started getting bullied at school because i am clever and the teacher have reconized that i have improved and my 'friends' are not happy because i am better then them. Also, i have just found out that a family member is termanally ill and wont get better. I am really upset and confussed and i hate school and my life. Please help and i dont want messages saying see a doctor because my mom wont take me and i dont have the corage to tell her what is going on .

Whenever someone is bullying you then you have to tell someone. If you don't feel comfortable talking with your parents then you should go and talk to the school counsellor. If that still makes you feel uncomfortable then it might be a good idea to talk to one of your older siblings or an older cousin. Or even an aunt or an uncle. Someone you can trust and who will help you through this time. Also, remember that people bully others because they are jealous or feeling insecure about themselves. People only step all over other people because they want those people to feel smaller than they themselves are feeling. These 'friends' of yours are not really your friends after all. Friends are people who should be proud of your success not try to stomp all over it. They are just feeling intimidated by your greatness. Please don't allow them to do this to you, it will only lead you to become bitter and lose your confidence. Hang in there, your school days don't last forever. Oh and it's time to go and hang out with a new crowd of friends. People who appreciate you and accept you for who you are. People who will encourage you to be your best.

If there is physical bullying either report it or fight back. Reporting might keep the bullies at bay. If you continue fighting back whenever they bully you, they will eventually get tired out from it. They will probably think twice before doing whatever it is they are doing again. Sorry about the illness in your family. It would probably be good to speak to a counselor about these problems, especially about the illness in your family so that your situation is understood. You will feel alot better talking to someone about it. Almost everyone has hated school at one time or another. Just remember that it's not forever, just a small time in your life so just make the best of it. College is ALOT different than what you are experiencing. I found college was alot easier than dealing with the school system I was dealing with for 10 years (i dropped out and got my G.E.D.).

There is always ONE thing you can do. I know you probably have heard this before. Get down on your knees and ask God to help you. YOU will be surprised.
Try it, you have nothing to lose except your problems.
HE Will provide a way to solve all your woes.

Go see a doctor.....I can't believe your mom won't take you?????? Is it you think she won't take you? Why not talk to her....that's what your folks are there for....believe it or not.

if you want to feel better pray to god and tell your mom.

you really need to tell her or talk to a teacher you trust, or may a councilor at your school, any responsible adult you feel convertible with or wright your mom a letter if it is too hard to talk to her but you need to talk to some one. sometimes it's really hard to talk but you'll find you feel better when you get it all out!

It sounds like you are having a really rough time and I know it's difficult for you, but you should really talk to you mom and tell her what's going on. If you can't do that, here are a couple of numbers you can call for help.

Youth Crisis Hotline ------ 800-448-4663
Teens411 ------ 510 464-4677

Jman J
In the long run school terms do not matter. What i did wat mess around all year then get good GCSE results..... thts all tht matters. Just do like you did before but do well in the exams. However do not become lazy, even if u have to study a tiny bit each week so that you stay clever its ok.

REMEMBER: GCSEs and A levels are the only things that matter in the long run just dont mess them up!

Christina A
OK OK this is what you do firist try ignoring the bully and if that don't work just tell the teacher or principle that this guy keeps messing with you he keeps stocking you and that you think he needs help are hes doing this to be notice in other words and as for your friends tell them hey man i am sorry that i working a little harder i am only getting better because my mom has been biteing my head off to get better grades and you guys should be a little happy for me not want to kill me and plus i cant help it if i am slick and about the member in the family that's sick pray there's power in prayer but only if u believe in God and Jesus i hope this helps and don't hang your self like the other guy said that's not right you would not want to die nobody really wants to

Have you talked things over with your teacher? If your friends are acting like that, then they aren't your friends. Try something new in your life that teaches life skills like, karate. you can find someone teaching in a public park or community center for next to nothing and you will totally see a difference in yourself and others. You will also make new friends and have a new dojo family that will be there to help you through the tough times in your life. This will also help you to center yourself through life's difficult moments and be an awesome support system for what you are going through. Cheers.

promise you,
your mum is the best person to talk to,

you don't feel uncomfortable talking to her about private stuff as you would with a professional,

and she wont judge you and she's there for you always!

Convince your mom to change schools.

Talk to Mom she has proably been thru stuff like this in her life. Coming her for advice is wrong. I tell my son STICKS AND STONES WILL BRAKE YOUR BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT.

Though you may be smarter than your peers, try not to act as though you feel superior to them.

It's great that you're smart but the reason your friends might be upset with you is because you are acting as though you are better than them.

Don't worry, things get better after high school.

Tell your parents, or someone at school. Possibly your teacher that is teaching you now, ask her/him to help you. If that doesn't work, please, call childline. They care, and they will listen to what you are saying and help you.

0800 1111

They will help you out of this situation.

Hope it works for you honey. And, don't hate your life. Who knows, in some years time, you could be on the t.v, or writing a biography.

Just sit tight, things will work out, you just wait a little bit.

Well, for your problems, try approaching your guidance counselor. They give you good advice most of the time. If things don't work out, try giving the situation a little time to see if there is an improvement.

Sharon L
everyone hates their life at some point i don't know what i can tell you to make your life better....hanging there!!!! be strong!!!!!! the best support you will have is from your family don't feel ashamed or shy or anything else you might feel, when it comes to your family they are family....blood is thicker then water (that's the quote i follow by) best wishes to you and hope things gets better for you!!!!!

okay, first of all, please don't listen to the first answer.
all right, think of all the things you'd miss if you did kill yourself. now ask your self, is it worth it? and the answer is NO. it isn't. so don't do that. You could talk to a Guidance Counselor at school. that way your mom never has to know!
good luck =)

Well you could talk to a counceler . That will it least help you vent of a really good friend that you trust???
I am always here to you can email me anytime

friends arent your friends if they hate you for being better, the bullies, tell the teacher or principal (if physical not if its just words if its just vocal just ignore em). visit the family member thats ill because thatll make him / her feel better. everyone hates school and life at times so thats normal. time heals all wounds.

School is almost over so you have time to sort things out over the summer. Talk to your school counselor in the meantime.
If these people make fun of you, they are not your friends. Meet new friends. Get involved in school activities, sports, music, student gov., etc.
See if you can work it out for yourself. If not, there is no reason why you can't tell your mother. I'm sure she wants the best for you and will help you in any way she can.

Ooh poor little thing!!! I had this issues except that someone was ill..But i should prefer to talk with a psychologist..It makes feel you better after talking..There are special centers for that. Or you can just change school..thats what i did..And it it better so. Coz how worser it gets then you get this thoughts.. about suicide and stuff.. and that is really stupid

Ignore the idiot who said hang urself!!!!!! If you dont feel comfortable by talking 2 ur mum then please talk to someone u can trust and older person! It wont do u good bottling it all up..please just talk to someone anyone u trust and think will listen 2 u. xxxxxxx

Aww don't let people pick on you! They are just jealous of how smart you are ;] And I'm sorry to hear about your family member. I know what it's like to have somebody close that's dying (my brother has HIV). Everything will work out though. If the people don't leave you alone, just ignore them and tell them that they pick on you to make themselves feel better, which is low! Cheer up :] And the freinds that are being rude to you, aren't really good friends :/ Try hanging around people that make you happy and understand you :]

shame, i can safely say this must be pretty hard for you. bullying is a tough subject for kids. what you should try do is balance out your reputation by playing a sport or being social in afterschool activities. you dont need help, its just a problem you need to face. personally i would consider religion, but if you arent that type of person, i would find someone you trust and just get it out of your system.

***Mom of 2 boys***
Talk to someone. Maybe a relitive or school counsler or close friend. Dont let bad feeling build up they will mess you up. Wish u luck.

No need to see a doctor, just get the courage and tell your mum what is going on. Why not? She is your mum!

I alway .. (well not allways , just many times ) tell mymum my problesm, and I am many years already out of school (and out of graduate school too). She has sometimes good advice, sometimes not so good, but she cares ...

Kayla :D
as for the bulling- tell a trusted adult .
they will help- and dnt worry about being called a snich
in a week or two they will be picking on someone else and you will be old news

Well here's the best I've got. As far as school goes if you want to be ordinary and mainstream you have to sacrifice a lot of talent, personality, and intelligence, people are afraid and lash out at what is different. However I was different in high school than the typical popular kid.....but I was smart and the more you know the more power you have. I became funny and wise and I tried to be kind to everybody so eventually I was a character all my own and people loved me for it. Now as a person in the world the same is true. People are going to like you or not and all you can do is be happy that you are fortunate enough to have been given the gift of knowledge. As for your family member I can only tell you what helped me. Spend as much time as you can learning what they have lived. Then take all the things you love about that person and all the kind and beautiful qualities and beliefs they have and when they pass on make these YOUR great qualities and beliefs and use them when you are interacting with others. Hopefully they too will adopt some of these qualities as well then you have honored this person forever by making them a part of so many lives. It is the only way I can feel ok about my grandpa's death and that was almost a decade ago. He was my favorite person so it is still hard. But the only thing I could think of that helped was that. He was such a wonderful person I just try to be like him and hope this pleases him.

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