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 Will the stigma attached to mental health ever boil down to being as common and as unfeared as...?
the common cold or the ful virus? Or will those who suffer by no fault of their own continue to suffer in silence for fear of backlash due to their condition?
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ika liana
help! cutting myself to feel human!?
i am an empty void. soulless no happiness but no misery either. cutting makes me feel human. you bleed just to know you're alive...

I often have intense feelings of unreality and I sometimes kick a wall or the floor/ground hard just to feel real again.
I also still have tantrums and I often come out of them covered in a **** load of blood because I bang my whole body against the wall and my hands and arms always pour with blood and I always try to top myself but nothing can stop a tamrum unfortunately.

iron chef bryan
you can just check your pulse. im pretty sure you can tell if you're alive from that.

When we have extremely difficult personal issues we dread bringing them out in the open and can not bear the thought of our shame, guilt, blame, fear, hate, helplessness etc becoming public knowledge. You will be amazed how many people feel this way at a point in their lives darling! Thousands upon thousands. You are not alone and nothing is ever too bad or impossible to change. Something has happened that has caused your selfperception to alter and you are dealing with it by affirming that you are worthless by harming yourself sweetheart. You need to stop and proove you are worth a lot ... if only to yourself. I already know you are worth a lot because you have put this questions on this forum and the answers given to you will help a lot of other people. Some share their experiences and others try and help but it is all because you are worth their time, energy and effort. You deserve a pat in the back darling and are worth much more. If you have not spoken to anybody yet, please go and see your doctor. Ask them to refer you for therapy and if you are not comfortable talking about personal issues don't be afraid to let your doc know - you don't always have to. There are different ways to help you out and therapists respect your wishes and will not force you into anything. We think you are worth our time love and so will the doc, therapist or couscellor. You are not empty or soulless otherwise you would not feel the hurt that has driven you to such terrible despair. Good luck love. All the best. I have a feeling you will turn your life around because you can and have already taken the first and most difficult step - you have told somebody about it. :-)x

i know how you feel.. numb to the world not believeing, I was so close to killing myself but after asking for help on here seeing how strangers can care i feel almost the same but better and now with hope thoough my life is still spiraling down I'm looking to knew solutions though many i cannot fix but hell I'm trying

Hang in there and stop cuttin yourself it's one step from death when there hopefully is a brighter side


Cutting or any form of self mutilation is usually due to past abuse. Please find some help. Your life is precious and should not be wasted believing lies about yourself. You are a blessing to those around you, just because some may choose to not believe that fact, does not make it untrue.

i love you nana, i know it's hard but doing that to yourself won't really help you in the long run. please try to find someone that you can talk to. i hope this will help you.

if u bleed to know that u are alive.. then bcoz of loss of blood ull soon realize u r no longer alive..
instead just go out n socialize... make friends party and enjoy life...
stand in front of the mirror and give urself a big smile... thats the best way to realize that u are alive
Enjoy life yaar .. not the signs of death

Honey, please stop doing this to yourself- i myself and many of my good friends have permanently disfigured ourselves due to this garbage. You dont really want monsterous scars all over the place, trust me. Its not about the cutting or the blood, although at the time its seems so and it seems to help. But thats only temporary and has consequenses. Please go see your doctor and get some help with the issues-most likely depression. Please, im telling you,its not worth it in the end- everytime i see that gross hill on my arm it makes me nauseous and i feel everything i was going thru at the time i did that one big "mistake" uh-oh. It will spiral out if you dont start tackling the issues making you feel this way. I truely hope you care care of yourself, you are better than that. I'll send you all my excess positive vibes. Please help yourself.xoxo

hey rileks

denise g
you have been hurt in the past quite a bit and you are despressed and do not like yourself and taking it out on yourself.
used to hurt myself i had an abusive very angry stepfather and i used to dislike myself and sometimes self esteem is hard but we have to work on it and get some counselling, you can,t do this alone you need to talk to sort it all out, do not be ashamed you deserve a better existence and God loves you you are precious and need to see yourself as the precious person he does and not believe crap about yourself.

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