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marine's girl
feeling depressed. physcial disorder, pic included?
i have t.a.r. sydrome, a gene disorder where i am missing my forearms. its not deadly or contagious, i just have limited reach. im 21 and have had it my entire life. but lately, its been bothering me a lot. i have great friends, family and the most amazing bf anyone can ask for. i can take care of myself, and i drive and do just about anything anyone else can do. but i cant help but want to change this. im so tired of having to make adaptions, and having people stare at me. im tired of it taking me 30 mins to do something that it would only take a 'normal' person 5 mins to do. and me and my bf are getting engaged soon. and it hurts that his dad hates me. he told my bf to leave me because he can do better to have a 'normal' wife. and because my condition it hereditary, our kids can have it. and his dad is all mad about that saying he deosnt want his grandkids like that. ive stopped talking to his dad, and hes not coming to our wedding, but it really hurt. i have reasons to feel upset. but lately it seems to be getting worse. not really sure what to do.

me and my bf :
Additional Details
thank you guys so much! i feel a lot better knowing there are really great people out there :) rought night, but thanks to all the sweet responses it got better :) thanks again

Little one... I am so glad that you included a picture of your boy-friend and yourself. You are a beautiful girl and your boy-friend is quite handsome. You have showed your strength by overcoming your particular disability and it is quite a shame that his father is bigoted enough to only look on the outside rather than you as a whole. (note that I used lower case for father because he is not worthy of capitalization.)
Stay strong and ignore the ignorant buffoon that your bf calls father.
You have endured the whispers, the stares, and the cruel comments and jokes, that ignorant people have laid on you since birth. Your boy-friend is a very lucky guy to get you. That's all you really need to deal with! Please forget about his idiot father and get on with a wonderful life. Who knows... Maybe someday his daddy will realize that you can make his son happy, and accept you as you are... a beautiful girl with a gorgeous smile, and a heart powerful enough to light up the death in his heart. I wish you a very happy life.

I hope that things get better for you & your bf's dad will accept you for the person that you are on the inside. Remember that you are marrying your bf, not his parents. It's good that your bf loves you enough to be with you regardless of what his dad tells him. I have seen unhappy parents/relatives that did not show up at the wedding for whatever reason, however after they found out that they had a grandchild, they finally came around because they didn't want to miss out on the whole experience of being grandparents. Hopefully his dad will come around sooner than that. Keep your head up... maybe it'll just take some time for his dad to get used to the idea.

His dad is just ignorant :(
You're a person, and there is nothing wrong with you, everyone is different, and that is what makes you different. There isn't a definition of "normal" for people. Just be who you are, and be smarter and stronger than the people who stare or say things. They are the bad ones. Be positive and know that other people in the world care about you :)
Good luck with your wedding, and I hope you have a wonderful marriage

that is soooooo mean of your bfs dad... your beautiful, even if you are different. i think that its just stupid that he thinks that his son needs a "normal" wife. i'm sure he loves you and i'll bet your better than any "Normal" wife he could get. just go up to his stupid dad and be like i don't care if you think i'm ugly and weird but i love your son and he loves me back. We're gonna get married no matter how short my arms are... wow. some people are so shallow.

Mother Hearted ♥♥MyHubby ♥♥MySon
I think your future father-in-law is pointing out your faults to take the focus off of his own. He expects everything to be "perfect" in his "perfect little world".

Your partner loves you and thinks you are beautiful just like we do. Everybody has something that they don't like about themselves. I think the only thing that would be hard for your partner is perhaps the chance of having children that could have the same treatment from others like his father has treated you. Don't stress it though. I hope that your children don't have the disorder, but in the chance that they do, just remember that they couldn't have any better parents than the 2 of you who will love them just as they are and help them face the world and people like your father-in-law. Just thank God he wasn't the one who raised you... and he most certainly won't have to raise your children!

I wish you the best of everything... with all the love and happiness that marriage can bring.

★☆★Ima Steal Your Cookies★☆★
Ignore his dad. There is nothing wrong with you. Not everyone is very normal. At least every single person has a illness or disorder in the world that is if they could control it. You guys look good together really good and your boyfriends looks like he can be a model or something. You look really pretty your lucky because I am fat I wish I was you though. :S

First of all, your fiances dad must not really see what people are all about. It shouldnt matter if your orange, have 6 feet, have 5 ears, or are 18 feet tall. A persons real meaning and beauty if one the inside

You are a very pretty young lady and I dont understand what the big deal is. Just because your arms are shorter than most everyone elses doesnt make you a bad person. My parents would love me no matter who or what I was going to marry. Maybe your fiance needs to have a chat with his dad and say look, I am going to marry here weather you like it or not. I am in love with her. You should respect and commend any realationship I have because I am your son and you are supposed to support me in whatever I do in life.

I am sure it is very stressful being 'different.' It can probably get overwhelming as you stated above. At least you have a good set of friends and family. I am sure you do feel hurt about the whole situation about his dad. But you have to do what is best for you. If he is planning on attending the wedding than thats his loss. All because of a syndrome you were born.

Keep your head up and do whats best for you! be glad you are here and happy and getting ready to be married! i wish you the best of luck in the future!

Nichole <3
Don't listen to his dad. He's just really mean! You know what? No one is "normal". I don't think there even is a normal. Everyone is different.

By the way, I think you are very pretty! I am not just saying that to make you feel better either.

Oh and thanks for answering my question!

Good Luck! I hope you feel better. Don't let other people bother you. He might just be jealous of you because you're nice and sweet but he's just plain mean.

My bf's mom hates me for reasons I'd rather not say but I know you won't let his father stop you.
BTW you're beautiful. You two make such a cute couple. You both look so happy too.
Stay with him if things are going great between the two of you.
I understand you want to have a good relationship with his family but sometimes you just have to worry about you too.
You can always adopt. It's an option though I know you just want your own but it's also nice to help another life.
Just keep your head up you're a strong person.
But his father was very very wrong to say and karma is harsh so it'll be worse on him later.

Meet uncle Herbert
You two are so cute. Isn't it sad that some people are so stupid to suggest things like your future in-laws suggested? If you think about it every person on this earth has some thing that makes them imperfect.So just remember that when people are putting you down for something that you cant control. You are a Beautiful person and you will have Beautiful children,what matters is that your future husband loves you. You are not marrying his father. In your husbands eyes you are perfect, dont let them change that.

Jonny Dangerously
Even if you were born with every limb and bone in your body don't you think some people would find a reason to not like you?

I bet your father-in-law to be believes in Evolution and that's why he sees you as lesser than a person born with forearms.
I say be thankful that you have a guy in your life who sees more than his own father.

You can't get everyones approval no matter how much you want it, and honestly you don't need it.
My own father wants nothing to do with me and I am his own flesh and blood, this is just your husbands father.
It's all a matter of how you look at it.

Sophia ☮
Aww, you are BEAUTIFUL! You and your boyfriend are SO cute together ~ =)

Actually, I have a friend with the same disorder as you. I danced with him. He's a VERY accomplished dancer, amazingly intelligent and cute too ;)

You're a great person and you have greats friends and a great boyfriend. Life just dealt you a bad card but you can't let it bother you. Ignore your boyfriends parents and the stupid people who stare. They are idiots!

his dad is an *** and just ignore him if yall are in love thats is all that matters people are always trying to bring down people they are jelous of it just life

We are all on this earth for a purpose and you to have special qualities. remember your not marring his father and its his issue that needs to be questioned not yours.

You are a pretty young lady, and this hurdle is one that you must bear in life. stay strong and keep your head up!
Good Luck to you!

You are gorgeous and you two are a cute couple. Don't give his dad two seconds more of your energy by thinking about the asinine things he says. After all, you are marrying your man, not his dad. Your man loves you for who you are.
Be strong, have faith in who you are, and cut out anyone in your life who does not contribute to it in a positive way. I can't do much for you, but I hope you can find it in you to stay strong and find comfort by surrounding yourself with people who love and adore you!

Take Care

his dad is a complete idiot. he needs to be accepting of you, and he needs to respect his son. he's doing neither. you can't force someone to stop being ignorant, so just make sure you have good communication with your bf and focus on that. good luck!

Hun do not feel down on your self. re-read what you just wrote you have loving and caring friends, family and a boyfriend.

Do Not let one someone says hurt you. your boyfriend is still by your side, he is not leaving regardless of what some A$$hole says about you.

No one has the right to say anything about you or you condition. No matter what you will have Beautiful children that YOU and your soon to be HUBBY will love along with your family and friends.

i know it can be annoying when ppl get all godly on ya~!!
but all i can say is god made you this way because he has a special plan for you!!
and i think it is great that you have a bf that is so supportive and doesnt mind the difference as for his dad !!! hmm i would say just feel bad for him he is going to miss out on an awesome wedding and feel bad that he has to live with himself for being so shallow!! and he will never know how good of a wife you are going to be!!!
keep ya head up girly!!! i think you guys make a cute couple!!

Tiny Werewolf
You poor thing :( I'm sorry his dad is acting that way. Sadly there really isn't a cure for your condition. The best you can do is live with it the way you have been (you're doing brilliantly as far as I can see). Just remember, it doesn't matter how you look, what matters is what you're given in life and how you work with it. You weren't made like everyone else however, you're probably a better person because of it. Just keep with it and ignore what his father says. You're a bigger person and you know it. <3

Oh sweetie, God makes no mistakes. You are perfect the way you are. Some people are ignorant and miserable and only know how to focus on judging others. No matter what you are a blessing and your children will also be. Just ask God to give you the grace and peace to accept how he made you and give you a joy. I have gone through some unhappy and depressing times in my life some not my fault and some, my fault. The only way I started to feel better was to accept my history (my life). God let it unfold the way it did for the simple reason of he Loves me and wanted to show me he is the only one can heal me. He wants us to be happy. I can even see that the babies he has taken to heaven before I have seen them are meant to be our Angels gone strait to heaven and are a blessing as well as my other children on earth. Take care and God Bless.

Farley Drexel Houndstooth:)
Wow. Your Beautiful And I Can See Why Your BF Wants To Marry You :) [ No HOMO] Lol! But Yeahh Just Ignore His Dad. Hes Obviously A Douche Bagg.. And Your Kids? WHO CARES? They're Your Kids. You'll Love Em Regardless.And Im Pretty Sure No One Can Do Everything SUPER Fast. :)

I'm so sorry...

Your dad is down right evil. Seriously, what kind of dad would hate you?

And if your bf is still with you, he obviously loves you.

Don't isolate yourself.

The first step in overcoming depression is to bring those close to you EVEN CLOSER!!!

Feel better friend!

The RED girl
hey hun,
None of us can understand what u r going thru. U r such a beautiful young lady and ur bf is very cute also. U need to tell urself that u r lucky that u have a gr8 fam, frnds, etc. U can try talking to ur bf more abt what u feel about his dad. I am reely sorry that I cant be of any more help. I reely admire ur courage and ur determination in life. Here is a site I recommned:
This site has more examples of gifted people like u that have had the determination and the drive to lead their life to teh fullest even tho. they have disabilities. Check it out. I always look at it when I need an inspiration.
Good luck

Dont feel upset. Just think about how wonderful life is instead of how bad. Yall make such a cute couple, and you're really pretty. I hope you feel better

Awww pray about it sweetheart. God made you beautiful the exact way you are. Don't try to change for other people, be happy with what you have and make the best of it :)

♥ღHope i Helpedღ♥

Don't worry you are great.:) Don't let it bother you! You are awesome no matter what! I mean seriously we all have our flaws. Some are just more visible but that doesn't mean they are a bigger deal or are worse.

And you are are much better than the people who judge you like your boyfriend's dad.

Hey, I really don't know how to help you because I'm 16 and I don't really know much about what you could do to fix the disorder, but, I think you should just ignore those people who stare and ignore your boyfriends dad. He is a complete, ignorant person who obviously doesn't see the good in others. I honestly think you're pretty and you seem like you're very nice and great person. I know it is really hard with that but please keep trying. You kinda inspire me because I used to complain about how I looked but I think it's amazing you can do things normal people can. I don't think I helped you but that's just what I want to say.

P.S. That's really great about your boyfriend and your upcoming marriage. That's really sweet! One bad thing I found out about my boyfriend is that he doesn't know if he's gay. So, I'm in a rut too!

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