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explain déjà vu please....?
like i know what déjà vu is but why does it happen? i'm just curious because it happens to me a lot

its like when you see somethnig that you know you've seen before the exact same way

"seen before" would be the English translation. They are French words.

yo son its crazy

Im really not sure. especially in scientific way.
but what im thinking is that human-being sense things. human-beings are not as sensitive as animals but in my country. my grandma told me that when people die, they sense that they are about to die. and people dream. sometimes its really realistic. and a lot of people dream about something that will happen in the future. some dreams really happens in real life and some don't. so what im guessing is that you sense what will happen in your life? and you just experience more times than most of people...

Stay in School
when you had the experience before

This is how it was explained to me: Think of a memory as a picture being put into a box labeled [current]. Then when the picture (memory) becomes a week old or so it is put into another box labeled [past]. Déjà vu is when some thing is instead put in to the box labeled [past] instead of [current]. So your seeing something you think happened to you before but really didn't. Basically it could be thought of as a brain misfiling.
If you have xbox live, my gamertag is Eliminator 576.

no one knows for sure why it happens
its just when you feel like you have had this experience before...

Jos3 E
deja vu is a show girls in ma citi..

Maybe youre having memory issues or maybe past actions/events or places cause a feeling of familiarity with current actions/events or places even if its not identical

when you are somewhere or doing something and you could of sworn you did that or or was at that place before at the exact time something happened.
but usually when i have that i tell who is ever with me and i say whats gonna happen and it never does lol

Dr. Young
It comes from the french term of already happened or did! it could be anything no one really knows! my mom thinks it from ur life b4 this one and the same things are happening! i think the same! it cool! ENJOY THEM! or you could of dreament about it!?

some thing just happen. thats the way the world puts things in motion. and don't worry even the best of us have that happen...A LOT :)) so if u freak out, chill its just deja vu:))

Patrick S
it's neurological. probably something with endorphins and or adrenaline

This happens too me alot too. My parents say its because my brain is growing, and as it makes new pathways, it sometimes... does something, and you think you have seen something before. Don't worry, you arent psychic. I actually thought I was for awhile because of this, LOL. Hope this helps.

i actually know why it happens. its not that the experience happened twice. its that somehow your brain stops for a split second and starts back up. therefore, doing whatever your doing when this happens. it split your memory of that thing into 2 parts making you think youve done it before. but really its the same exact thing

déjà vu is an outer body experiance where you feel like you've done/said somthing or been somewhere before. some people say it's a form of ESP (Extrasensory perception) when you can almost see the into the future and tell what is going to happen.

TTC w/ Hypothyroid
How I've heard it explained is that, at the moment you see something, your brain stores it into your memory and, at that instant, you see what you remember because it was incorrectly stored in your long term memory rather than what you were seeing at that point...

i know that makes no sense at all haha

I am I said
Have you ever been on the computer and suddenly it is slow to respond?

Our brains behave in the same way. Occasionally, we see something but the message going to the brain is short circuited. We perceive it as having happened before, but in fact our brain has processed the information in a delayed manner. It's very frustrating.

little wonder
i read somewhere (this is a theory) that the information coming from either eye gets slightly out of sync. so your brain has already processed what you're seeing but then it comes in again. interesting to think about.

willie j
1 a: the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time
b: a feeling that one has seen or heard something before

2: something overly or unpleasantly familiar

if feel smart lol...

wiki has some good info

It's a brain short circuit. When your brain "files" memories sometimes it gets confused and puts things in the wrong "folder". Then it sees the "folder" is occupied (feeling of deja vu) and realizes it's mistake, at which time you say "woah, I just got the strangest feeling". Hope this helps.

its when you have a memory that's almost forgotten, somewhere way in the back of your head that you're just about to forget. and then, something happens and you're like "woah! didn't this happen!?" and you think it's deja vu but really it's just a stimulus triggering the memory that was almost forgotten.
so basically, something happens, time passes, and you kind of forget about it. and then something similar happens and your brain somewhat remembers the last time but only the concept, not the actual memory.

I know one theory (but its kinda far fetched)...
it says that we inherit memories from our ancestors. then when our brains are constantly firing neurons (they do this everytime we have a thought) our brain tries to make sense of all of these thoughts.

So basically if we are in a situation similiar to a memory our ancestors had then our brain just fills in the gaps.

Its kinda hard to explain, but basically the theory says that it is because we inherit memories.

Ebon Sage
It's s'posed to be when the signal sent through your nerves does a double fire and sends the same information twice in a row. Then you feel like you have already experienced it once before. So when your brain receives it a second time it had already "experienced" it when it was sent the first time.

I think it's happened to everyone. People honestly don't know and science has yet to come up with a sure explanation so there are lots of possibilities.

But if we're looking at what science CAN tell us about the brain, I've read an article about it somewhere. I don't remember exactly what I read and I might not explain it properly but, here goes anyway.

Deja vu most likely happens when the synapses in your brain (the space b/w your neurons) fire in weird timing. ("weird timing" such scientific terminology i know -_-). In other words, when you see an image or event your brain processes it but it happens before you realize what you've seen so once you register what's happening, you feel like you've seeen it some time before...

It's a glitch in the Matrix

i dont know why it happens. for me its mostly i have dreams and then the dreams turn into realities kinda like deja vu but not really

♥«•´¨*•.¸¸.*♥ ♥«•´¨*•.¸¸.*♥
Our brains are designed in such a way that it stores most of the day-to-day information in generalized groups. Our brains also like to run scenarios (mostly the lymbic system's fault) for the purpose of composing plans (I like to think of them as "in case sh*t" plans).

So how does this apply to deja vu? Because our brains are designed the way they are, they tend to subconciously run un-important scenarios with random bits of information. We don't conciously think of it (or its such a normal routine), so most of the time we don't realize that our brain already thought about what is going on in regular situations.

Every once in a while though, our brain runs a strange scenario that might happen in our life, but probably won't happen as exactly as it ran in the brain. Because it was such a strange coincidence, our brain recalls the pieces (because we now are consciously pulling it out of our brains "random cr*p" bin). This is Deja Vu.

This is similar to what happens when we dream. Random stuff being randomly accessed as the brain is doing its regular thing. This is why some people feel they dreamt a situation.
3 weeks ago
4th year Psychology major Chemical Dependency minor aspiring Psychiatric Physician's Assistant

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