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hello i love you goodbye
do u think some1s in my house?
today i'm home alone again and i like some1 is always watching me, not just to day i feel like this all the time when i'm in my house, and i hear little scrapes agianest the wall every now and then andi hear footsteps in my dads office soo. i'm wondering do u think there is some1 in my house or do u think i'm go insane?
Additional Details
and its hard for me to go asleep at night because i'm scared some1 is watching me

k. Babesz
maybe its just noises because the house is old or something
i get scared in my house too..

it's probably rats in the walls...
i always used to hear noises in my house and thats what it turned out to be
it does occasionally sound like footsteps

i used to have that same problem, but think about it ... there are so many things that could happen. like you have mice, old house, creeky floors, wind, the furnace turns on, Ect. if you think of one of those thing when a noise happens then it shouldnt have a problem. its gonna happen in any house..

Miss Chicago
im not sure maybe you should have your parents call one of those ghost hunters and they can probably find out.


James G
no just stop think about that stuff it just makes u more scared read a book turn on music watch tv to forget about it or else ur just gonna go crazy

better get yourself a bf... or a dog... or just a friend.

I don't think you are going insane. You should have the electro magnetic fields measured throughout your home. Chances are they are high which would explain the bad feelings you get.

Mariana Makes Art
It sounds like you have mice.

There's only one way to find out..

nahh...my old house used to make noises like that all the time...it usually means its just setteling.. but.if you get scared turn on some loud music or something lol

I used to have these fears all the time and I talked to my dad about it. He said it was the house suddling. That mean like the house's floorboards are all creeky because it's hot in the house. I don't know how, but it does it. Also if you have pets that could explain the scratching (especially if you have a cat)
I don't think that somebody's is in your house.

that happens to me all the time. i understand you. well it could be your imagination but then again it couldnt be someone maybe something.

Maybe a ghost, but I don't believe in that. Most likely your imagination. Relax, do something to get your mind out of it, talk to parents

Ok well firs think it out.now this might sound dumb but do u have any animals.Cause sometimes it really is like ur dog or cat or something.That happens all the time at my house like u hear something but it's alawy's just r animals.So if u don't have any animals then do u have like a sibling who likes to play pranks?If it is none of these things then u might want to talk to ur parents.Let them know that u really think u r hearing thngs.Let them kow that u r really serious about it so they will take u seriously.Also sometimes to ur house just pops like it really does just make noises like it the heater turns on or somethng like that so it also could just be that.Now the only other thing I could say is sometimes we get our selves really worked up on stuff like this adn we make it a bigger deal then it is.When u get scared a couple times u get really parinoed about like everythng ,not just u but everyone.So yeah if I whrer u I would talk to my parents about the whole deal and then sometimes when ut at ohome and ur scared mabey call someone and let them know what's going on like a friend or realative or something.So I hope this helped and good luck with it.

the noises against the wall could be a mouse. and also, you could be so absorbed in the idea that someone is in your house that you are making yourself believe that you hear footsteps. so, hopefully its just in your head. you might want to get a roommate or live with someone so you arent as afraid because you will have company.

i think your just paranoid.

i would say its the grays. do you wake up with bruises, weird marks or scratches? do you get nosebleeds a lot?

Chelsea T
don't worry, I always think someones outside trying to get in.

You are suffering from anxiety attacks, probably. Google anxiety, read to see if that matches you, and ask your doctor about options for medications if you think that would be something you'd be interested in.

Effexor worked wonders for me, I'm gonna start taking it again in January, when I get insurance again.

One thing that always works for me is to be around another adult, than I rarely get sacred. Get a roommate or lover to stay with you.

Pets like cats or dogs seem to help some people, but I'm not really an "animal person" per say. Sometimes my daughter helps, but she is only 3 and goes to bed early, so she helps up till bed time.


Set up some cameras if you are really worried and tell your parents.

Get a dog. it helps!

lynn p
i have the same problem...just lock all the doors and turn on the radio...make sure all the windows are locked...at night do the same...put a phone by your bed and turn on a tv or a radio...you will be fine...it's just a bit of paranoia....

i think youre just going craazy.

Army Wife
I think that it sounds like you have some sort of Schizophrenia disorder, of course I cannot say that you do... either go see a psychologist.. or invite one of your close family members to sleep over and ask them if they hear anything that you're hearing!

Good Luck!!!

You need to talk to someone about your irrational fears. I think you knw that since you psoted in MentalHealth. Go , before it gets worse.

The question is, do you feel this way only in your house? Or is it outside too? Do you hear voices? If so then you need to contact a therapist and get help. Good luck to you and take care.

Im the same. Its paranoia.... But if you find yourself getting really scared put on the lights and put the tele on. if it gets worse go to the doctor.

Ah, when you are alone you're senses are up. I've read about it in some book I read, like when i'm alone i just turn on all the lights and if you have a pet take it with you and walk around the house checking just behind stuff. Or, you could stay in one room to make you feel better, that's what I do. But, when you hear noises and such, more than likely it could be your imagination or it could be real. But sometimes when you over-think something it starts to turn real and you really believe you're hearing/seeing something.

Hope I helped(:

Maybe a BEARRRR is in your house...do you think a BEARRR could be in your house... im ppretty sure theres a BEARRR in your house.

Max Kickass

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