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my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
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cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed ...

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 Why is it that I get so depressed when I see my mom?
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 Mom's computer addiction?
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 is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
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 I don't really know what these attacks are.?
I get these all the time and they last for about 30 minutes.
hear voices
shake uncontrolably
i see faces trying to get me
i lose control of my body

Cheyannigans =D
do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
im always paranoid, anxious and over anylize every little ache or pain or everything else to life. i cant sleep and nite and i sure as hell cant relax! just curious wud this drug help me at all?

It won't hurt you :)
You only live once try it.

♥ Vegetarian ♥
yeah, try it.


please consult a doctor first

Absolutely not! This will only compound your problems as you then become even more paranoid and anxious about getting caught, consequences, etc. Just take an over-the-counter sleep aid to help sleep.

uh no.

i use to do pot it made me relax but i quit wen i met my gf and i feel better without it so just find a speical some1

Marijuana can reprogram the pleasure pathways of your brain, so that things once pleasureable are not longer so. It can also cause derealization, depersonalization, and/or panic attacks, especially in anxiety prone people like you*. View the posts about anxiety, insomnia, at http://your-mental-health.8m.com/blank_25.html and page i, then view page Z about health anxiety.

Actually it can. I have the same issues and pot helps a lot. If you get the stronger stuff like from the dispensaries sleep is no problem. I usually laying in bed over analyzing everything. And when I smoke before I go to bed it like helps me focus on going to sleep and not thinking about every little thing. It's a great relaxer.

The Coroner of China
no you are ill... and you don't know it.

Sickness is when you are not feeling right and you know it... illness is when you are not feeling well and don't know it... you sound ill... as luck would have it I am not ill at this moment so I think I can answer your question and be fair as well as honest...

this is not legal medical advice and should be considered by your family Doctor as should all questions concerning the human body... before you try it on yourself...

First let me put my feet down... when I say Pot is a criminal offense in North America... and throughout most of the Planet of this copyright... so you don't need pot for anything really... sorry

Anyways... that's entrapment

If you do find yourself outside of the law on this subject my answer would come from Cannibal Hospital... not everybody does it but some people do... and for some reason the law still considers it a form of all things Cannibalism... I'm thinking of the movie Soylent Green here and I hope you are at least old enough to see that ...if not then let me simplify .... if your Doctor still says there is nothing wrong with you and you can try my answer on yourself than have you considered overwork...

Just because you got sauce for the goose doesn't mean you are having goose.

Have you considered my other answers about getting a goal?

You sound like me when I'm stressed out. I drug myself to sleep with pain killers. I prefer ibuprofen. Don't over do it though. Only take it on the nights that you know you should be getting sleep. Do plenty of exercise, that helps so much plus it makes you calm down and feel good about yourself. Do a few stretches before bedtime.
About overthinking stuff, that's something I don't think you can do much about. I have a couple of friends who are like that, who just overanalyze anything. No matter what they do it's still there. However, you can use that to your advantage. Those friends of mine who do overanalyze people and situations seem to be exceptional with finding solutions, reading people, and even predicting outcomes of situations. Just keep a mental check about how realistic your thoughts are.

Be careful with whatever you choose to experiment with. Good luck.

Go to the doctors.

I wouldn't risk it.
I'm not against pot in any way & I do know people with mental health related issues like epilepsy & depression that have seen improvements after smoking/ingesting pot but it has also been known to have detrimental effects on those with underlying mental health problems or traits too so it's probably not worth the risk.

I'd be a bit careful of prescription drugs too for the same reason, there's probably diet & lifestyle changes that may help before you consider medication but sadly I'm not very knowledgeable on the matter so I can't be of much help.

Dr. Arun Kumar Suri
Drugs do not solve your problem. Learn to meditate.Your anxiety will come down.

Steve J
April you have to have a very calm mind for pot.... it does calm people down and is very fun. But ive seen people lose their mind from paranoia when they get high. Not for you is my guess. If you want to take a drug take adivan. You will be so chill from it.

um..probably not. It would probably just make it worse. You should probably see a doctor.

Pot not only will make you worse but might create an addiction too, since you seem to be so weak and not able to control and analyse yourself calmly.

1. This could be influence of people that surround you, so make sure you chose your entourage carefully
2. I worry a lot too, during the day, as this provides me with the answers, but at night I sleep like a baby
3. Have lots of physical activities during the day, so you will be tired of night
4. Also this is not good as in time, this kind of behaviorism can be passed onto your future partner and children, making it extremely annoying for their 'environment' and hard to live with.

U R Sofa King
I never like to recommend drugs. Try a brisk walk, jogging, or riding your bike.

Raymond Ricky
um, pot can make paranoid people go insane. I'd see a doctor instead ;)

It helped me sleep, relax, forget pain, and feel less anxious.
but it made me real paranoid.

Don't forget it's illegal and you could get in trouble. but if you dont get caught i say give it a try. (:

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