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*music scene queen*
do i need help to stop cutting?
my friends are mad at me because i cutt myself. i want to get help butt i dont want to get sent away, or tell my mom.ive tried to tell my sister but she takes it out of porportion. if i tell my mom shell freak!!! everybodys been asking me about the cutts on my arm and its hard to think up a lie right off the spot. im only 11 and i cant think of any other way to solve my depression and anger. some times ive thought bout cuttin my wrists but i cant im not ready to die. i need help so send in everything u think of. and if u know of a good rehab tell me.

Matt P
talk to ur teacher or nurse or guidance counselor they wont freak out

and they will help alot

i have this exact same problem .
and i dont know what to do .


yo mama
wow your emo... but i use to cut my self for fun. (this helped me) the way to get not to cut your self is do what you like, do a stuff you like. example hanging out with friends, sports and ect. i know that i sound corny, but this helps. i do not cut my self becuse i found what i like that is a lifting wights. this is very fun to me. you should find what you like think is very fun. i hope this helps

hell yes! cutting is not an acceptable response to depression/anger. listen to music, watch a movie, eat, or anything but thats f'ed up. you should probably tell your mom, she wont send you away. She might try to get you a psychiatrist but thats hella normal, id say 90% of people i know go to one.

Maxie D
Talk to your Mom. This isn't worth it. I promise you. Get help. She'll freak, but it's worth it in the end. I'm not kidding. Suicide's never the answer. I tried to kill myself once. As I got closer and closer I regretted it more. I would've frozen myself to death if my brother hadn't intervened. It was the worst experience of my life.

Self-mutilation is your response with not coping with hurt and anger as you should. It is unhealthy and you definitly need help right away. You may be 11 but you know that you are angry and depressed so you know that what you are doing is not the appropriate way of coping. You are going through hormonal changes and mood swings and you are not handeling it well. Go to your parents NOW. So what if they freak out you are seeking attention anyway. You know what you have to do.

Dirty Sanches
maybe join like a gym, or boxing, take your anger out on other kids by beating the crap outta them

Yes, as painful as it is, you need help. The most important thing to remember is to not be ashamed; everyone around does and will want to help you.

Best of luck, and I very much hope you get better. Remember, you have all the power in the world to treat your body well.

Please STOP ! You need to get some help very quickly ! What you are doing is NOT a good thing. You are very important and should NOT be hurting yourself. You should tell your mom and she WILL find help because she loves you. You will feel so much better when you do find someone to talk to who will understand.

well you want to stop, and thats a really good sign, and the first step to recovery.

talk to a teacher, or friend's mom..whomever you trust. there are so many adults who would be more than happy to help you get better.

do a yahoo search about cutting, about getting better. i guarantee you will find others with similar stories such as yourself, and even people similar to your age who can help you get through it.

good luck and i hope you feel better soon <3 :D

you need to talk to your mom,
whether you want to or not.
It's not good for you
you could possibly die if you go over board
you need to talk it out
and your friends aren't true friends if they are mad at you
they should be helping you.
some of my friends cut themselves and i worry for them
they may not want my help but i dont care about that
anyway you really need to see a counselor or something
pray and talk it out
i hope all ends well!

Yeah you need help. I used to cut myself. I tried suicide before not very fun. The only good thing I got out of it is that I am not afraid to die anymore. Seriously get help I thought my parents would flip sh*t but they didn't.

if i were you i would talk to ur gidance councler, ur dad, or any other adult who will listen. you need help and its better you get it now then wait.

Yes, you need help! Talk to your parents now! If you don't think you can talk to them, then go to an adult you trust like a teacher, school counselor, or preacher.

[email protected]
yes you do need to stop cutting (i'm a ex cutter) i'm only 15 and well your not goin to rehab or any of that stuff. thats for people that are suicidal or have lost it. and since you obviously know your problem and don't want to die i don't think you belong to a rehab. if you go to a rehab it will mess you up. i could bet 1 million bucks on that. you need to understand why you cut yourself. why you need to stop. and the answer to when is now. trust me it just gets you a bad reputation if you do and don't feel bad about yourself cause thats the main reason people cut. accept yourself and live a full healthy life.

talk to someone you trust :), and hang around with them more :)

ash! :)
i know why your mom would freak. i think your friends should try to help you by supporting you. i know you dont want to tell your mom but you should. she would get mad but she would also be your best support. she could find the top notch rehab center. i agree with the not cutting wrists thing. you dont need to throw your life away by killing yourself. you should talk to your mom or friends about all the things that make you mad and depressed and see if you can resolve some of it. i hope you stop and feel better.

Lucius V
Hello, I cut myself once when I went through a terrible moment of my life. I didn´t want to kill myself, but I used the physical pain to distract me from the emotional pain that I was going through at the time.
You are very young, what I suggest is that you speak to a school counselor, or someone you trust. Cutting yourself is a cry for help, please get some help

I would definitely get help. You need to tell yourmom, and if you must you must go away. Anything to help you, if thiscontinues itisn't good. All of my friends who have cut say they are relieved they have stopped.
Instead of cutting to deal with stress and things, try getting into a sport! My friend does ice skating and it helps

confused chic
tell ur mom. this is too serious and u shouldnt hide it from ur mom. she will be mad and scared for u and maybe cry. just tell her and she will help u to stop

Please stop!

i luvs u, please stop,

wishing u the best

Yes, you need help. You need to surround yourself with as much support as possible, including your parents. If your mom gets mad at you, tell her you've been having a really tough time and you need her help right now. There are many therapists and licensed professionals that can help you to cope with your depression/cutting.

Another great place to go to for support is twloha.com. TWLOHA, or To Write Love On Her Arms, is a website created about the story of a girl who cut herself all the time and how she stopped.

Do things you enjoy as well. If you sit around the house all day long moping and sulking, you'll become even more depressed.

You can call the Boys Town National Hotline... It is helpful to people who feel depressed or suicidal. Also, if you have a school conselor, they would be a great peson to take to!

Kyle H
Screaming into a pillow is a more healthy method to get rid of anger. You should seriously tell your mom, she shouldn't freak because she's your mom and she will always love you.

I think it's disgusting that all these people are telling you to "just stop", "find a hobby", etc. If the millions of self injurers (just in the US) could "just stop", don't you think they would??

A common misconception is that cutting is a suicide attempt. Usually, this is quite the opposite. Cutting is a coping mechanism, to feel alive.

A *GREAT* program for self injury is S.A.F.E. (self abuse finally ends). This program is offered in hospitals throughout the country. Here is the website for more information:


Good luck in your recovery, honey!

Bronco Fan 4 Life
You NEED to tell you parents about this, and get help.

Give Live Love
Do you want scars that you'll have for the rest of your life that will make you feel like you do right now?

Do you want to make a mistake one night and kill yourself?

Do you want to have more arguments with friends and family over this?

Talk to a psychiatrist, quick!

& good luck. I know people with less sense than you that quit, so you can do it!

I have a circle on my head.
Just tell your mom. She will REALLY FREAK out but she'll take you to a hospital or therapist and get you some help/medicine and you'll feel a lot better.

I'm not sure if this question is a joke or not.

I am 21, and was in this same exact predicament at age 13, 14. My mom took me to a counselor, who made me see a psychiatrist, who put me on meds. I hated them all so much at the time for this, but after they adjusted my meds to fit my body chemistry(which did take a few months) I started feeling better.

I was diagnosed with teen-onset bipolar disorder. It's genetic. I will most likely be on meds the rest of my life, as I have tried several times to go off them only to have a total relapse.

One thing I noticed, is that each year got better, and better. You haven't even reached high school yet...so you know that you have a few obstacles ahead of you! Please go get help. Why don't you want to tell your mother? Regardless, find someone to confide in. Can you go to a your school counselor, or a counseling service in your home area? What about a pastor, or a best friends parent?

You should not be ashamed!! This is not something you can get through by yourself. It is hard to keep yourself positive, especially in times like these. Good luck girl, you'll be just fine!

you need to stop cutting yourself...why don't do try writing about your troubles instead, like in a journal or diary

This is a really good website for some one your age.

Please talk to your mom. I know it's really hard and she won't understand. But you have to be open with her.

I'm sorry you have so much pain at such a young age. Please believe me...I promise. Life gets SO much easier once you make it through high school.


Good Luck and God Bless!!

EDIT: Hey there sweetie. I've been thinking about you all night. If you do need some one to talk to you, please feel free to connect to me through YA and we can chat on e-mail. I'm not a crazy person. I'm a 31 year old female in KS. I have a psych degree. From ages 15- 25 I would cut (not consistently) and even today, I still want to, but I don't. I went to counseling much too late in life. I might be able to help or just be a sounding board. It breaks my heart that you have so much pain so young. Take care, little one!

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