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do adults/parents think teens being depressed is just puberty?
i took online depression quizzes
and i got pretty bad scores
i want to tell my parents
but i dont think they'll believe it because i act silly and stuff at home
i feel like theyll just think its puberty and hormones and take it lightly
and wont take me to the doctor or give me medication

Abstract Parade
A lot of the time, yes. Some parents can be so condescending that they blame a child's depression primarily on hormones because they are too lazy or naive about it to think twice.

However, if you're mature about it, you may get a different response. Try telling your parents that you are serious about the depression and it's really degrading your life lately. If they keep telling you it's a phase or puberty, tell them that you'll prove them wrong if they take you to therapy. Provide evidence with friends, weight, or poor test grades and do not let them hear the end of it until they change their train of thought. If they care about you, they won't take it lightly. Give it time and don't get discouraged.

Best wishes.

look. i'm floatin in the same boat. i act really silly and stuff in front of people but once i'm alone i let all my sadness seep out. it's no big deal. depression is an EMOTION. would you want to fix happiness? no. just let any sadness come out when you need to but if you be the weakling, go for the drugs. srry if you think i'm being harsh but srsly wth is up with ppl these days? i'm only 14 and i realize that ppl now have a drug for just about everything...

Lunar Moon
you need to ask yourself do you need medication or to see a docter?

Anna M
Don't start the conversation off by showing them an online quiz score. Just talk to them in general about how you feel. If you feel bad or sad lately, let them know. Don't make them think that you only know you're depressed because you found out online. According to my online scores, I'm on drugs. Just let them know that things aren't going well.
You should most likely start exercising (if you're not already), because exercises lifts your mood. Talking to friends, getting into hobbies, things like that. Medication is not the first resort. Antidepressants can actually worsen the depression symptoms such as by increasing thoughts of suicide (not saying you have them, but if you do medication could make it worse). Side effects should always be thought of before jumping into medication.
Furthermore, if you are truly depressed, or just mildly depressed, you're parents will understand. Sometimes it is just part of the hormones, sometimes it's worse. But they will understand. They care about you and will listen.

Just Me
No, you should tell them. Don't try to be light and humrous about it, tell them as seriously as possible. Tell them how you've been lately, if you've been sad more than usual, not hungry, too hungry, cry for no reason, symptoms you've had and explain that you think it may be some form of depression and you'd like a second opinion from a professional.

Ally H
Depression can very much be related to your teen years and hormonal fluctuations. But depression is depression, whether you are a teenager or not. Some teenagers outgrow the depression (I know I did... it took a good 4 years, but I eventually did), but others do not.

If you are that concerned then speak with your parents. They, I can almost 100% guarantee you, worry about you constantly and will most likely take any concerns you have seriously. But also note that depression quizzes do NOT necessarily mean that you are depressed and that you need medication. There are so many factors and aspects of depression that those quizzes are more like "guidelines" than an actual test to see whether you are depressed or not. It is extremely unfortunate, but a lot of medically related material on the web is far more likely to scare the general population than to be of any real use or help.

But as I said, if you are that concerned then speak with a parent, one that you feel closest to. If he/she brushes it off as being nothing then perhaps you should consider that your concerns ARE nothing. Then again, you could also always insist on seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist for a consultation to discuss your concerns as well.

First off, online tests are ****. Unless it's from a credible source, than it shouldn't be taken seriously.
A lot of times it is just hormones. As a teen, it's hard to distinguish when it's hormones and when it's actual depression. If you've gotten progressively worse over time, then you might want to tell somebody. If you've got suicidal thoughts, then we've got a real problem. Tell somebody if you've got bad thoughts. If you talk to a professional about this problem, you might not want to say you ARE going to kill yourself. If you say you ARE going to off yourself, they are required by law to send you to the nearest crisis center, and trust me, there is nothing worse than being sent to hell.
If you feel it is necessary you could think about meds. ANti depressants deal with two chemicals in the brain: Dopamine, and. Serotonin (Spelled wrong). I'm on a plethora of meds to keep me stable, but everybody has their own combo. Talk to your physician about meds first then he/she may suggest seeing a psychiatrist. You will sit there for 15 minutes describing your symptoms until he decides which is your best fit. Sometimes the hormones will **** up the meds but then you are on the wrong meds.
Find something constructive to do so your mind is occupied. I, for example, watch and review movies (http://reviewsbyryanz.blogspot.com). Maybe writing, reading, or exercise. Exercise is especially good because it releases adrenaline, which acts as dopamine, or something like that.
Hope I helped! If you're down, email me at [email protected]

First off, you need to evaluate yourself. Do YOU feel like you are depressed or sad an inordinate amount of time? Whatever conclusion you come to, definitely talk to your parents and tell them you are concerned. Explain why. Ask them what you can do to feel better. Secondly, please, please, don't jump right into taking pills! Alot of times, simply increasing the amount of physical activity you do and talking to someone can help. And no, parents don't necessarily think that it's just puberty. As a parent, I would most definitly take it seriously if my kids came to me and said that they thought they might be depressed! Some of it probably is puberty, but whatever the cause is, your parents need to know and WANT to know how you feel. They love you!

I told my parents. They blamed it on exactly that. But I've been "normal" before. And I know what depression feels like. You'll know the difference. The worst thing you can do is be in denial.

Please - as a parent with three, soon to be four teens, I would rather my child told me anything if something was bothering them. I myself have had bouts of depression throughout my life and know what its like to have low self-esteem and so on. And I was always happy and goofy and still am. We were teens once too - try them - they won't bite and it might actually help. But not knowing your parents, the second choice might be another adult close to you, like an aunt or uncle or grandparent, or a school counselor or minister. And as far as medication goes - I have never heard anything good come from putting a child on any medication that "fights depression" - the body is still developing and the results are all over the board. Even adults have to watch what they might be prescribed. Good luck - I wish you well and hope you find a resolve to your concerns.

of course. those are really vulneruble years

shiloh,brie .
ah. i hate that.

we need to open the eyes of parents !!

Mommy Honey
I sure don't. Make your parents listen to you. And if they won't take you seriously speak with a school counselor or go to the health dept. I'm proud of you that you came here to talk about it. No ones going to just give you a pill to make you better. They'll want you to think about things and get counseling too. God bless.

yes they do, but if your Truly serious and are suicidal or miserable then you should tell them and definitely get help.

Even if they do take it lightly it is always best to talk things out. Maybe they can at least offer advice.

Okay, typically parents think "oh they hit puberty, get ready for angst"
but tend to ignore the fact that teenagers are people too.
So depending on who they are, they might brush it off, but if you are sincerely worried then i doubt they will ignore your pleas.
Also, depression quizzes online are incredibly inaccurate.
I would advise talking to your schools councilor/psych before jumping to conclusions.

no it's not anyone can get depressed. i'm 16 and when i'm depressed i usually don't show it because i laugh a lot all the time. your not the only one. i hate it.

Ryann W
I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14, and it hasn't gone away in the last 9 years. Your hormones are changing and it may just be your hormones, but it doesn't change the fact that you are depressed now. You may be like me, don't want to bring everyone else down so you act like nothing is wrong.
If your parents don't do anything, or you decide not to talk to your parents, try B12 supplements first. My depression and ADD is cured with B12. It's just a simple vitamin anyone can get at any drug store.

your answers in the question,

explain to them what you just explained to us.


You never know until you try. If you tell them, whats the worst that can happen?

Al Scusi
I guess so.

You see most of us were ourselves. We got through it. So will you.

Most likely you don't need medication, in fact much of it just makes you worse when you try to come off it.

But talk to your parents and see your Doctor, but start a diary before you do. See if things are worse around the time of your period. If they are not then at least you can prove it isn't that.

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