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crack cocaine adiction, rehab, relapse, now using pain medicines?
Hello, My husband's sister was in rehab for crack cocaine aprox 3 years ago. She was clean for a while, abused pain meds for a time, then went back to crack.This was before I married her brother. She is 50 years old. She asked if she could move in if she left her still crack adicted husband. I feel sure she has not used crack since moving in-aprox 5 mos ago. I do not know much about addiction, what is OK & what is not. My problem? Due to an auto accident 30 yrs ago my husband must use strong prescribed pain med. His Sis started asking for & taking his pain meds,1 or 2 every couple of days. When I found out, I said I didn't think this was OK, she said "at least I am not using crack" While my husband agrees with me he is swayed by her implied threat that if he does not "share" she may go back to crack. Also he feels that she is an adult & must make her own decisions. I think he wrong to provide her with pain meds.
Am I wrong, Is using pain meds OK if it keeps her off crack?

Annie M
Tough situation. You and your husband should try going to Alanon to get some information and support in dealing with this woman. Family and friends have a tough job dealing with addicts and its very easy to fall into dangerous habits with them. One thing I would suggest is telling her "No using of any kind in the house PERIOD" You want to use find another place to live.

Danielle G
take it from someone who has been in trouble with the law for prescription drug abuse, you and your husband need to stop providing her with meds that arent prescribed to her. If she decides to overdose and the law finds the med in her system, you and your husband could be held liable. Find a strong sturdy safe and put his meds in there, because I know she will start trying to steal them when you cut her off. If she dosnt like it, then she can leave. I know thats easier said then done, but you need to look after the interests of you and your husband. Addicts will do ANYTHING to get their next fix! What is your husband going to do if she steals all of his meds? He is the one that is pain, not her and it would be really unfair if he had to go without relief just because she felt the need to get high!

Sloan R

You're not wrong. It's not OK for him to let her take his pain meds. She's basically using emotional blackmail on him. It's NOT recovery when someone trades one substance for another. Is she participating in follow-up treatment such as counseling, support groups or psychotherapy? If not she really needs to because it doesn't sound like she's successfully dealing with her substance abuse issues. Don't let her con you and your hubby. Someone with substance dependence needs to stay clean of ALL potentially addictive substances be it alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, sedatives or painkillers.

No person, regardless of their drug history, should abuse pain meds because they are addictive. Many people go to rehab because of their pill addictions.

You might consider going to an an Al-Anon meeting. It's an organization for the family and friends of alcoholics/addicts. You can find more information at http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/... or by calling 1-888-4AL-ANON.

Your sister-in-law's "at least it's not crack" attitude is the same attitude that will tell her it's okay to drink excessively, smoke pot, or smoke crack on special occasions. You can't make her want to be sober, but you can work on your ability to deal with her addiction.

sweetness #1
SHE is using "emotional blackmail" on you both......so she can manipulate her way into using your husband's pain meds.
This is wrong. Kick her to the curb now before she alienates the 2 of you. If you want to save your marriage........tell her she must find her own place before it is too late. Ohhhh honey, I know what I am talking about......been there done that but I wish I had someone to give me good advice at the time.
THE KEY WORD IS MANIPULATE.......be very careful. and by the way, you are entirely right and he is wrong.

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