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confused on atypical and major depression as well as medication?
I'm disgnoised with major depression but starting to believe it could be aytpical because there is times when I get happy, almost like a high and then when it's over and I'm alone, I slip back into this sort of numbing stage, where I don't care about anything and just feel to sleep all day.
I also have social anxeity from rejection and upsetting events during my adolscence
I'm on lexapro but desperatly want to come off, it does nothing for me it feels like. Aswell I want to try Wellbutrin because of the energy it gives you and the weight neutral part of it.
I don't know, I'm very confused, tis question is kind of blurry and not as straight-forward as I wanted it to be but if someone could have some suggestions or what they think...

Mike W
I've also had atypical subtype of MDD. Hypersomnia is what causes you to sleep alot. Now many doctors consider the high to be Bipolar but it's not always that way. Many doctors seem to be uninformed when it comes to atypical depression. Wellbutrin SR is a good choice. I've done very well with Paxil and Cymbalta also. Good luck!

Have you ever researched bipolar disorder? It COULD be that with the major mood swings like that. I was on anti depressants for a long time..I took Zoloft which REALLY helped with anxiety AND depression but I stopped taking it b/c I was almost too happy all the time no matter what.

Mildred S
just ask your doctor if you can change. ask about the wellbutrin.

I assume you are seeing a psychiatrist since you are taking medication. Have you discussed these symptoms with him/her? "Atypical Depression" is one form of Major Depression. It is actually more common than what I'll call "typical" depression. The main differences between the two types are that (i) people with atypical depression tend to get more depressed at night while people with "typical" depression are generally more depressed in the morning; (ii) people with "atypical" depression sleep too much, while people with "typical" depression aren't able to sleep enough and (iii) "atypical" depression is characterized by overeating while the reverse if true for "typical depression."
Diagnosing psychiatric disorders is an art. While it sounds like your depression is atypical since you tend to sleep all day; the fact that you sometimes get happy, almost "high", suggests you might have a form of bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with atypical major depression 20 years ago. This year they changed it to bipolar II. Apparently, this is a common misdiagnosis and a large pecentage of people who are initially diagnosed with unipolar Major depression end up having their diagnoses changed to some form of bipolar disorder. On average, it takes 10 years to get correctly diagnosed. (The only reason I know all this is that when they changed my diagnosis I didn't believe it and did a lot of research - now I agree I have Bipolar II.) I think you should discuss your symptoms in detail with your psychiatrist, especially the part about feeling "high." If you do have some form of Bipolar Disorder, a mood stabilizer may be useful. One reason for the large margin of misdiagnosis is that if someone is almost always depressed and then they feel really happy for a few days, they generally don't mention it to their doctors because they simply think the depression has temporarily lifted While mania is farily easy to recognize, hypomania (the less severe form of mania that people with Bipolar II experience) is not always easy to detect. Good Luck!

Be completely honest with your doctor. Tell him about your cycles. You may possibly be bipolar...and it's not the end of the world. As long as you take your medicine it is possible that people in general would never know you have a problem. I know because I am bipolar and I am a Nazi when it comes to taking my medicine.

Good Luck!

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