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anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
what is this like and what did you do about it?

what I did was had a breakdown. I came home from work, called and told them I would not be back. Was unable to tell them "why". Just I couldn't come back. I layed in bed for days getting up only to go to the bathroom and make myself take a daily bath. The shower head was in my field of vision but everything around it would disappear. Then I'd go to bed again. I thought as long as I got up and bathed I was not totally gone. I felt I was hanging by a thread.This went on for days with only my husband and no other family members living here. He didn't take me to the doctor and I was unanble to even think of such. All I could do was stay in bed and sleep. I urge you to go to the doctor for help before it gets worse. Start out at your family doctor to advise you on what to do. I finally went to the doctor after a few weeks when I go a little better. Go to the doctor please.

My son suffered from stress like this, he was unable to take any drugs doctor could prescribe because they caused drowsiness I got him some Bachs Rescue Remedy from local supermarket and after a few days it was amazing the difference in him. Its also good for any stressful situations i.e. exams driving test even helps at times of bereavement

yeah iv been like that for ages now. get the odd nigt when u can sleep without all the constant worries but soon ur back to not sleeping properly again grr. try a herbal remedy to help u sleep

It's a very common feeling. If this problem takes your function away see your psychiatrist, if not you can talk to good freinds, think about the situation and write what bothers you, exercise, take a vacation, meditate, and .... but DO NOT touch alcohol and any kind of drug( even sleeping pills

Yes,..and prayer was the only thing that got me through it...that, and I hate to admit it...a .50 xanax, to sleep...but the Lord saw me through..

I have it is awful trying desperately to get asleep but not being able to clear ur mind enough to get to sleep in the end i went to the doctors and he put me on tablet that help me calm down and fall asleep it really helped, i have now come off of the tablets and i am able to get to sleep naturally.

yes. It was hell. Next day I loaded up my ipod with a lot of really relaxing tunes, had a large whisky in bed while I tried to read a boring novel until my eyes were drooping. Then switched off the light and put on the headphones. Got two hours sleep eventually. Did this for a week. It got better slowly. The other alternative is to seek professional help, but they will probably give you drugs. This treats the symptoms not the problem. But does help some people.

I've been working midnight shift for so long i can't remember actually sleeping a full 7-8 hours. I'm currently off work for medical reasons and still can't sleep right. i can only suggest a hot bath and warm milk or an over the counter sleep aid. but be careful not to take them for long. it's best to see your doctor if it persist for more than a week. my doc's still working on me. but i do try the bath and warm milk occasionally. it can get you down quickly so try talking it out with a friend or family member. i find these things to be the best help. Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi try taking aswagana you can get it from a herbal store by you, if not try passiflora. Or you could always go see a doctor.

Yes. It's horrible.It happened me when my father was dying and I was being intimidated and threatened by a family member, verging on stalking. I went to the doctor, and was referred to a counsellor. To be honest it didn't help, because there was nothing practical that could be done about either problem. I couldn't stop my father dying obviously and I had no proof of the other matter as the person was too smart. The situation resolved itself after my father's death which to some extent was a relief and when the person slipped up and I sent them a solicitor's letter. My point is - the best answer is always a practical one.
Whatever is causing you to become this stressed out has to be resolved in some way. If it's a relationship or a job , maybe you need to examine whether you ought to be in it and how to detach from it in some way either physically or mentally. Good Luck!

yes you need to see Dr i know you really don't want to but promise but it does help

Did everything I could to get some sleep - the less you sleep, the more wound-up you become, and the more wound-up you become, the harder it is to sleep. Try some natural sleep remedies like warm milk, total darkness, very quiet music, relaxation tapes, a good shag before bed, anything that relaxes you really. Only if that doesn't work should you try tablets, and only then for short period of time. Once you've got your sleep sorted, whatever stress you have will be easier to deal with once you get to sleep on it.

Just keep thinking positively.Any problem can be solved with conciousness.Buddha said every thing will "start, stay and gone"
I recommend meditation which is not so hard to try.Watch your breath in and out, say 'in' when breath in,'out' when breat out. Then you will fall to sleep.

Oh, yes. You described it pretty well. Things which helped me to deal with it were:

- Lots of exercise
- Seeing a counselor (cognitive therapy worked really well for me.)
- Short term use of prescribed medication until I was over the hump
- Talking to friends and/or writing about what was eating me
- Getting out of or changing the situation which was causing the stress (Sometimes easier said than done.)

Sometimes stress is unavoidable, but it's not a state you want to stay in for a long time, particularly if you're to the point where you can't sleep and you feel like you're falling apart. Long term stress can seriously affect your health, weaken your immune system, and (some say) even kill you.

If this is the situation you're in, I strongly encourage you to go see a doctor and also come up with a concrete plan for either getting out of or handling the situation you're in. Life is too short, too precious, too sweet, to have it destroyed by stress.

it feels terrible ,like your mind is a computer unable to shut down,and you can only lie there hoping it will allow you to sleep.
6 hours later you are like a zombie ,and this goes on for days until your body eventually forces u to sleep

I had a time like that back in 1998. I just exercised a lot to release the stress and it helped. Believe me, this bad time in your life will pass. You think it won't now, but it will. Nothing lasts forever.

when you get worrying news about woman things and you have got to wait months before you get the results i have not had a good night sleep in a week i just wanna scream i just thought when it happens it happens just get on with life and wait till you get the news

Yes, I have felt like that and still do sometimes. If it's too bad to cope with alone I phone the Samaritans (I live in the UK) who have been wonderful. But to get the problems sorted longer term you need to see a good doctor. Treatments could involve medication and counselling, there are no quick fixes, but both will help. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

When you feel stressed and cannot sleep, that is one thing; when you feel like you are the verge of a breakdown...that is another thing. You must know that something or several things are troubling you and you have reached a point where you feel you cannot take it anymore. I suggest talking with friends, family or a doctor in order to bring this to a turn around point where you can accept, reconcile or take action and change the thing that is bothering you so deeply. You will be able to surpass this but I won't say it's easy. I have lived many years, and have had many sleepless nights, feeling like I was on the verge of a breakdown myself. So, please try and bring resolution to the issue and some peace to your restless mind and heart.

It's 3:30 a.m., why do you think I am sitting here at the computer? I often go days without sleep due to stress. And have come very close to a nervous breakdown. But I went to the doctor and got a mild anti-depressant and it helps a great deal most of the time. But I have never been able to sleep well at night. Sometimes I go days without any sleep, but when I finally do sleep, I am out for 18-24 hours. But the stress is gone and I feel much better. Talk to your doctor, there could be more going on than you realize. Check it out soon before you actually do have a nervous breakdown.

Some times you can't do anything about it .only time will heal
and you know it ..it feels very much painful but without actual physical pain..but it hurts like mad..you feel inpatient and empty hoping time passes like lightning..so you can get back to normal again..

this used to happen to me a lot and things got so bad i didnt sleep for 2 or3 days at a time . the thing that helped me was when you get that stressed try to think of all the good things in your life or all the things you hope to achieve this usually calmed me enough to nod off .hope this helps

absolved lemon
got intoxicated to such a regular coccurance that i barely had a glass of booze out of my hand for a year. then i faced my problems head on and fixed myself up. if your having problems you may just face them head on no pills no booze and don't be shy asking for help of someone


yes, yes, and yes!! i do tai chi. i went to public library and borrowed a couple of meditation cd's. it's help me alot and it even helps me falll asleep now. i feel stressed out everyday because of my nursing job and then come home with my daughter who's 11 acting as though she's 18 (i'm a single parent). i get so exhausted sometimes that sleep eludes me but with the help of those tai chi tapes...i'm able to cope.

I have caused 1000's of dollars worth of damage to my teeth by grinding them. Now I go through a $400 mouth guard about every 4 months or so.

They say its stress.....

I do not sleep some and many nights because of stress....especially financial sh!t.

One way to try to take care of that it to realize that you are doing your best to take care of the problem, if you truely belive that you are doing your best, then you cant do anymore as a human and you shouldnt get yourself to the point of breaking down.

Disassociate yourself from the problem and try to take a look at it like an outsider looking in.

Hope that helps.

its miserable and i just wore myself out until i couldnt not sleep.

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