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Jenny B
am i emo ???? please help me !!?
i carve names n pictures into my hand with a blade not near my wrists though...i always feel depressed...i have dreams about death...i daydream about me being dead....im only 14
Additional Details
i only carve stuff when im bored and if i dont do that i have 2 dig a wall or sumtin !! i dont know why im always feeling down ... n im not luking 4 attention i only wanted ur opinion caz my friends says i am an emo bu i dont tink i am ............

yes you are most probably emo and depressed try talking to a counciler and geting some anti-depresant tablets. that will probably help.

[email protected]
Umm sounds to me like you want attention but if that really isn't the reason then yes and maybe you should go see a psychiatrist

me 2 but its worse because ive been depressed for 6 months and am thinking about suicide

Id say you are emo.
And to all those people calling you a freak,
they just dont understand.
Im emo too, tyvm.
Its something you cant really help.
Its just a way of getting through the pain.


Jack M
closer to gothic

can you help my m8 out

Roxas G
Yea girly you are. But do you cut yourself just to do it. Or because it makes you feel calmer, safer, important, special, ect. Because it just might be a period that your going through. Don't worry though it's not the least normal thing. Today at least 8 times I thought about killing myself. I'm not emo but... Yea. My friend was emo for awhile. She said it was the worst mistake of her life and that she will be scared for life. I believe that being emo is sorta like a disease. Some people can't help doing it and some people just do it to do it. Does you parent/guardian know about it? And if you don't wanna be the way you are I request to go to a shrink. I'll check in later if you post more.

Emo's a subgenre of hardcore punk, not a mental condition.

What you have is depression and an addiction to self mutilation.

And no, you are not emo. If you have to ask, you are not.

Danette Peppers
I don't believe in labels or stereo types. But I would say that you sound depressed and should try talking to a school counselor about how life is going for you and stop that whole carving things on your hand, thats just not good for you body.

hope this helps


Renn M
I would consider that emo. I know this probably sounds annoying but try to think of brighter things instead and keep a rubber band on your wrist and snap it whenever you think of something involving death. It might help a little.

All New TRUTHâ„¢
You're not an emo, just a fidget.

I think you should talk to your parents about this.

that is depression
but why do you carve pictures/words on your arms? depression?


No, you're a pathetic little attention seeker though.

Questions like this should be deleted as soon as they are posted.
Stop encouraging people like you.

Let me just start off by saying I hate the label "EMO". Emo has gone from music to people who cut themselves and wear black all the time. I would say to get help, Im pretty sure your doctor or councellor would NEVER say "Im very sorry.. but I think you are emo". It distresses me that you think that much about death. WHY?? Im 13 and I have just gotten out of hospital because I tried to commit suicide 6 times in 4 days! Please get help, thinking about stuff like this.. especially at your age. Is NOT normal!

live laugh love(=
ughh yeaa that's pretty emo-ish

You are emo and not emo at the same time because emo's change their mind and you always feel depressed. And you dream about death which is a kind of emo thing.

yes. i would describe emo as a self-loathing person who dresses in black, cuts themselves, and hates the world

yes,get some help.

Hhahahah no sorry your a wannabe emo, init for the attention

yeah you're emo "/ listen to me though: DO NOT carve into your hand. it hurts and it doesn't solve anything!

the question is:

no, you are not emo.

I am emo too

Amber M
"emo" is a type of music. such as alternative. "my chemical romance" is one. if your talking about "scene" then yes. but i think if you truley were, "scene", you wouldn't share your personal life all over the internet.

It would help if we had a little more information. Do you hurt yourself because of how you feel? Or because of something else? Either way, you need help in overcoming this, it's dangerous for both your physical and mental health. If you're constantly feeling 'down', it's likely that you're suffering from depression, however, only a doctor can diagnose you.
Please, please tell someone. A friend, relative, teacher. Feeling this way doesn't make you strange, lots of people go through this.
And, no, it doesn't make you "emo". That's simply a label.
A lot of people are accused of being "emo" are not, but they are people who genuinely need help.

Seems to me like you have A LOT of psychological issues...you should really get some help..that is REALLY unhealthy.

yea, go talk to some1 and get help

Uhm....no your not emo.....I would think you would know weather or not YOUR emo, just because you cut yourself doesn't mean your emo, Hon, it just means your hurting.
You can e-mail me, too, if you want to talk.

You aren't emo.

You have genuine depression. You need therapy. Best of luck.

x Devil' Child.
if you don't know if your emo then your not, your a poser.
and want people to call you emo,

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