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Sudarshan Guddy-
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Would you continue to live?
If you were 24 years old, no friends (just two people that you see occasionally ONLY to do drugs with), incapable of loving or being loved, learning disabilities that make education impossible, unable to find employment because you have never been able to maintain a job before and have horrible credit, no aspirations to try to better yourself, and no one you can relate to?

well first off get over your pathetic life story. stop doing stupid *** drugs. anyone could be loved. im sure you can find a job ive seen disoabled people bagging at walmart. go save yourself and start fixing your life and stop crying on yahoo answers. start trying and giving a **** about yourself

Big Bear
Nah, probably not. My dog died so I don't care too much for life anymore

ha keep on living of course i would
i'm sure you could make friends, try a little harder
do you realize that education is a man made thing **** that
credit is also a man made thing **** that too
as far as jobs find something to do, there's got to be something, you've got to be good at something
people with learning dissabilites are usually creative
become a hippie if you must
but keep living because life is a beautiful gift and all the things that man has created and has made you think that you need are not worth dying for

That's your choice. Do what YOU think is best. Sure you could die. Give up everything with no chance. Go ahead and do that. However, what I think is to NEVER give up. You have only got in started in life. If you think that's torture, your WAY wrong. There is someone out there for everyone. Even you. Keep searching for that someone and your bound to find them. Incapable of being loved and loving others. That's for you to decide and you to change. Think about that. And good luck! ;)

Guy Stuck In An Elevator

yes. I would invent my own world and have things the way i want it as long as the two people i occasionally see don't get in my way. also, i can turn to my BIBLE.

John W
Yes. Because no ultimate dead ends in life truly exist. Though those challenges may be over whelming, they are not infinite and not unconquerable.
This life is all you get, there is no magic disney world afterlife.

Brad B.
You could always join the military. Easy friends right there.

Wish I was boredDude
While I've used drugs myself and smoke pot at least once a week, I think its a possibility that the reason you feel like this is because of the drugs. At least when it comes to the "no aspirations" part. They do have that effect on some people. I don't relate to anyone, but I'm not going to off myself. I travel alone and live alone. I've gone 2 years without having a single friend or family or anything, living alone, traveling alone. Its a lonely experience but I never once thought about offing myself. Anyways, you obviously don't want to better your situation (no aspirations), so there's really nothing to say to you. You've already given up so what's the point. This earth is bigger than your town, your state, and your country. There's a whole world out there and it's not the same everywhere. I'd want to experience that before I'd ever consider killing myself. I'm incapable of loving anyone or being loved. So what, life is not about getting married and having a family to everybody. Im going to die alone, and its by choice. I cant imagine ever marrying someone, that would be weird. Im 27

Yes I would, try to look at the bright sides of everything and I am sure if you get through this, you will have a wonderful life later on! And trust me, there are many people out there that cares about you and would love to help. So good luck and cheer up :)

Absolutely! As long as U have the use of your normal body parts and can type on a computer. People in worse off conditions go on living and so can U.

Jake K
Yes, but for some reasons.

You have so many ways to go up. If mental projects are hard for you, get into some amazing outdoor careers. Maine, Vermont, and many other states offer chances to become guides, and they make a GREAT hands on work style. Credit isn't everything, you don't need loans to do what you want.

On another note, try to stay away from drugs if they're heavy. Many drugs cause depression. Just think when you feel you're at the bottom there's nowhere to go but up. Update me how you're doing with this, because I'm curious. Living is only 1% of life, the rest is gaining experience from trial and error. Don't think of death when the error comes up, learn from it and move on.

OR, the military is an amazing thing to get into. If worse comes to worse, rely on that. You can do anything you set your heart to, just remember that and you'll fly.

Yes i would!!
i would quit the drugs and get clean then get as many jobs as it took for me to find one that i could keep if you honestly believe that you cant love or be loved then forget about it its better than ending up like most people divorced 5 times with 6 kids your life is what ever you make it if you want to have a nice place to live and friends or at least people who care weather or not your still breathing OR if all you want is sit on your *** and rot thats your decision to make you dont need someone else to relate to other people have their own lives to live this one is yours
on top of all that suicide is the only thing more pathetic than living the rest of your life like a bum at least bums have a chance to impact the lives of someone else but if you kill your self not only will you go to hell but you wont even be respected by the few people you know now after all who want to know that a friend of theirs killed themself

Yes I would quit feeling sorry for myself, change the things in my life that were making me unhappy, and continue to live. My life has been far worse than that but I turned things around and made something of myself, all by myself.

yeeeah, thats whats up
yes i would stil continue to live, life is not all about a job, money, who you are perceived to be, or your credit score, life is what YOU make of it.You can turn it around just as easily as it got turned upside down, especially at such a young age, there is always a way. If all else fails id get away from everyone and go live in the woods to find myself center. Also id try rehab. You might actually be able to have fun (in other words meet some people who have had the same bad luck and that you can relate to) Lifes to short as it is:)

I use to feel the same way you do, hopeless. But time can heal almost anything my friend.

Of course I would, who wouldn't want to live even if you have no friends. I haven't got any but I still wanna live.

I know you've heard the expression, "Life is what you make it..", well it's true.
You have no friends because YOU chose not to make any.
You need to open yourself up & trust people & allow yourself to be loved.
As far as your learning disabilities go, you can't control that, but you can control how you let them affect your life.
It's your fault that you don't have the self-discipline & don't put forth the effort to maintain a job.
It's your fault that you messed your credit up..
& I'm sure that there's quite a few people that can relate to you..

Set goals to better yourself because having a life to live is better than not having a life at all.

He** yeah...

Justin B
You will be capable of loving or being loved...maybe stop seeing those two douchebags you hang around with, try not to do drugs and start over fresh.


Sur La Mer
Until I can no longer able to.

There are far more worst than you. You should be lucky!

Go travel to the 3rd world country, any country. You can see how they are surviving with hardly nothing.

You really have no clue!

Im 21 and i have one friend. Im on unemployment. I have problems being loved and loving. I had trumatizing events happen in my childhood. I dont have an education. I feel like a failure to my parents. I could go on and on. Everyone has problems. Trust me you can get through it. Its tough, lifes tough. You just cant give up on yourself.

Wow, I wouldn't be asking yahoo answers to come up with a value of a person's life. Perhaps you should seek professional counseling.

Mrs. S
Yes I would. When life is sh*t it can only get better. I personally am in a completely different place from when I was 24 (which was only 3 years ago). You are looking at the glass as half empty, change your way of looking at things and the future will seem a lot brighter. If it helps think of the children of war torn Africa that have watched their parents be murdered with machetes, they are orphans who are starving and riddled with disease, forced to become child soldiers so they can assist the same men who destroyed their families. Yet they continue to struggle for survival.

Your life doesn't really compare does it?

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