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Will this sadness ever go away?
I have become extremely depressed, and before you say, I have already made an appointment to see my doctor. I just wanted to know if any one out there is also going through this illness. I feel ashamed because I have no reason to feel depressed and yet it does not go away. I try to stay happy but it creeps up on me again. What help will the doctor give me?

honestley i dont think it ever goes away totally but over time you learn to cope better you have your good days and then the bad ones

willy wom bat
yes there are millions out there belive me. i for one as suffered with depression. dont be afraid your doctor will soon sort you out.good luck.

You should try medisonfor it. in the meantime go to a Phsycitrist
or see a funny show, or go to a website full of jokes

I understand where your coming from, I dated a woman that was dealing with the same thing. we met online she was in england and the longer we talked the worst it got. When i moved there to be with her it was hard dealing with it but i show her a lot of love when she started to get depressed and as time went on it showed less and less. It never went away completely but it wasn't there as much. Love will heal all thangs and if you will open up and talk about it and not be ashame of it that will be your start to beating your depression.
Good Luck

yes i do, i can feel for you, i have a wonderful and loving husband, a beautiful home, financially we are starting to do great , i have a perfect life but you know what i cant think of one thing to smile about. there is so much crap all around us its hard to be happy when everyone and everything around you is so miserble. my dr all he wants to do is change this med or increase this one and i know its not going to work but i keep my mouth shut cause i just go in to see him and get the heck out of there. so now i am back to journaling and reading more books so i dont have to think about things and the problems that surround us. good luck to you

Dolly Blue
usually there is a deep seated reason for depression. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist after the doctor. At the time I felt my life was very good ,no money worries, a lovely home, good job, what had I to worry about. After talking to the psychiatrist a couple of times I heard myself saying that no one needed me any more. The children had grown up, living their own lives, I had nothing to aim for. That sounds silly now because felt really ill. I got better quite quickly when I realised why I was feeling so bad. I made myself new interests and new goals. I am not saying it is the same for you . There is such a thing as clinical depression, that needs medication , but you are rational and that is not usual in clinical depression. I hope you feel better soon, see if you can think what is going on at the moment that is changing your life in a way you do not want.

ask your doctor to put you in touch with a counsellor,talking to someone about it may help.

Cute But Evil
I have been suffering from depression since childhood. I have tried therapy and antidepression drugs. I am like a poster child for depression. I have been on so many medications I lost count. I have given up because the medications didn't work and gave me alot of side effects I couldn't tolerate.

However that isn't to say you can't benefit from an antidepressant or a GOOD therapist...don't get your medications from a general practitioner though. You want a psychiatrist who will closely monitor your dosages and your progress. I think everyone is different. Some people get better and others don't...Fortunately, the pharmaceutical companies have come out with alot of new medications for depression that are supposed to have fewer side effects....

I have accepted the fact that I have to live with my depression for the duration of my lifetime...it's reality for me....Good luck....

i have been there. it started 3 years ago but i had a trigger incident. i went to my doctor but he wouldn't give me anti-depressants - he insisted i saw a shrink first. & you know what it worked for me.

talking to someone that didn't know me personally about everything helped me a lot. i didnt feel like he was judging me whereas if i talked to a friend i'd feel they weren't listening or taking me seriously.

im still seeing him once every 6 weeks now but only for an hour & its just to check on how im doing really. i don't know if this helps but be careful if you get given anti-depressents as they can become addictive which makes things worse

Yes I get depressed a lot lately.It started when I got a fractured vertebrae last year and have had and still have a lot of pain but even on good days I can feel really down.I put it down to the strong painkillers as I feel I have nothing to be down about especially when I look at all the suffering around us,but yes it has got a lot better so there is hope for you.I hope this helps you because I know how rotten it makes you feel.Things like these questions and answers help me so I hope it does for you.

i feel the same and i am going though the same thing maybe we could chat
contact me x

im a mummy 2
Do you know one of the worst things about depression is thinking that you will never be rid of it!! i will tell you now you will!!
Go to the Dr's and get some treatment, it takes time but realise it's an illness!! You will get through this! Have you got a close friend or relative you can talk to, it may help!

yes someday it will

Like so many other folks have said in response to your question, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. One in ten people suffer depression at some point in their lives, so its nothing to be ashmamed of - hang on in there.

i had the same thing. i was always unhappy for no reason and things just seemed dull to me for a long long long long looong time. i even got a puppy and i was only happy/ excited for 3 days... worred, i then asked to go see a psychiotrist and she put me on effexor xr. im taking a very small dose daily and its made me happier. i nor my psy. dont intend on me taking it for long, just long enough to make me feel happier again. you also may just need a change of scenery, redecorate your room with bright colors.

Probably send you to see a phycologist and take a few anti-depressant pills.It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Sounds like you have clinical depression, so good on you for going to see the doctor. Many uneducated people (like that idiot Tom Cruise) don't understand that some people do their best to "get over it" or "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and just can't. Happened to me after my first wife was killed in a car accident. I was on antidepressants for about a year and they helped. Can't tell you how many days I had where I didn't feel like getting out of bed (and didn't on some of those days) and taking the meds made it possible for me to function like a normal human being. OK, semi-normal... ;-)

You should be proud of yourself. You toOK the first step in getting help. Depression is real. It can happen to ANYONE. It`s ok to admit that you need help. It may only take a few months before your doing better. It can get pretty rough out there. Things will get better.

Yes honey it will...I've been in the same exact place where you are now. I went to the Dr and I got put on anti-depressants..I wasn't too happy about it, but I feel so much better. I am myself again..I felt almost guilty for feeling depressed because I didn't feel like I had a valid reason to even feel that way...you WILL get better...

Your Dr will probably put you on a mild antidepressant. At first I used Paxil, but it made me gain a good bit of weight, we recently changed to Wellbutrin which seems to be working pretty well..

Good luck & no matter what you do...do NOT feel ashamed. I applaud you for going to the dr and wanting to beat this thing.

Gentle hugs, Marilyn

Well, 16% of the population experiences clinical depression at some point in their life. You are certainly not alone.

Your doctor may prescribe you an anti-depressant, which helps balance chemicals in your brain that may contribute to your mood. He or she may also refer you for counseling.

Hang in there.

I've been there before. I started seeing a therapist, and found that there WAS stuff going on, that would depress most people, so don't be ashamed of it. Once I worked through what was going on, I felt much better. And you eventually will too. YOu're doctor will probably give you Anti-Depressants, and he might suggest seeing a psychologist. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon!

you will get through this, rather like travelling through a dark tunnel, you may not know how long the tunnel is but there is light at the end of it.
The doctor will ask you lots of questions and depending on the severity of the depression may prescribe drugs. These may well take up to three weeks to become fully effective and the dose increased if needed.
depression is not the opposite of sadness, you cannot shake it off. But you can get through it with help and counselling. Counselling will be helpful in teaching you what may set off a depressed period and what warning signs you have. And of course how to deal with things quickly.
If at any time you feel life is not worth living, or you want to hurt yourself contact a doctor immediately.
I will keep you in my prayers

it comes and goes and comes and goes. i feel ya on the no reason, that i have trouble with too. i wouldn't take his meds if i were you but that's me and i'm not you

Before you start with the meds, try a regular exercise program they release endorphins (runners high) also be aware of the fuel you put in your body, is it all processed and sugar? A can of coke has one third of its volume in sugar and your body has to process all that leaving less nutrients for your body to use to its advantage.

Don't be ashamed. Depression is a chemical imbalance that you can control with medication.

he may put you on anti-depressants or may refere you to see a shrink. that may help you to sort out what is going on in your head. are you under any stress that may be causing you to feel under the weather?

peter b
You can get counselling (talking therapy) which works, and medication, which works too.
The most important thing is that you had the guts to go to the doctor, and to talk about how you feel on here.
Keep it up, you've already shown you are tough, and you will feel better.
Respect to you!

Depends. If there is no situational reason for your depression, and the depression is interfering with your life...a doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist, he may run hormone level tests, he may send you to a therapist, or he may prescribe antidepressant medications.
Personally, I'd ask for a referral to a psychiatrist, they are trained to know which drugs might work best for given symptoms. And I would also see a counsellor in conjunction with taking an antidepressant because depression causes cyclical thought patterns and a counsellor can help you to get past these patterns.

You will be "happy" again:). I went through a bad depression earlier this year, and by talking, and taking the right med, I actually look forward to things and make plans:)

You may get anti-depressants and they take about 3 weeks to get to therapeutic levels. Then the world starts to look different.
It's not your fault. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain.
All the best.

As your depression does not seem to be caused by anything in particular then there is a very good chance of it going away or you learning to live with it.

I have suffered from a minor form of depression for years and it is now as much part of me as the colour of my eyes. It forms my opinions of things and I would rather have it there than to take a 'magic' pill and for it to go away. I am not, however, a depressing person to be around and I think that is the difference between whinging and moaning, and finding it genuinely difficult to cope with certain situations.

The doctor will probable offer counselling but there is usually a long waiting list on the NHS for this as depression is one of the most prevalent illness around. Alternatively you might want to talk with someone from the Samaritans - they have a confidential help line and are there for things when it gets tough - you don't have to be suicidal to give them a call. If drugs are offered (this is not usually the case straight away) make sure you are told all about them; such as any side affects that might occur etc.

If there are particular triggers then formulate coping strategies. These can be a simple walk to clear your head, or find something that makes you smile. It doesn't have to be anything big or dramatic. It is the small things that will help the best so talk to a good friend and tell them what you feel like.

Hope that some of this helps but remember that you are a strong person and will manage.

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