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Will this effect me emotionaly??
Im in 7th grade and I ride the bus from school everyday.. but today was the worst day ever.. these 7th/8th grade guys call me bad names like (dumb ho.. a hor) and worse. I don't no what to say.. when I try to defend myself it gets worse.. Usually its not as bad as today..

Today one stuck his hand in his pants and whiped it on my face.. I almost cried because everyone laughed at me and it hurt me so bad i just sat there.. and my eyes watered.. I think How can they do this and not feel bad about it.. I feel emotions flying everywhere.. Expessaly when they say they wish i was dead. And when they threaten to throw me out the window.. I want to shoot myself to end this pain.. Im scared I will turn emo cause when this happens I cant control myself and i hit myself and think in my head "your so stupid, why where you born"

Can this effect me?
Additional Details
The worst thing I think is when they said about throwing me out the window.. they said it would be so totally fun to watch my body drag behind the bus.

Mikayla M
yes it can effect u. dont listen 2 them. seriously. guys do that 2 each other all the time. it disgusts me. they r prolly juss jealous of ur good looks or smarts or something like that. guys get jealous easy. they prolly feel threatened be u. juss ignore them it will only get worse if u fight back. and w/e u do, DO NOT show that it effects u in anyway. eventually they will get bored and stop. but if u show it effects u they will do it more often. try looking away. if it helps, tell a friend or friends. DO NOT tell anyone of authority like ur parents. they may get involved and anger the bullies. which is deff not a good thing. juss hold ur head up strong and dont let it get 2 u.
if it continues for awhile and ur tired of it, then tell the bus driver or ur principal

karate might help.

you poor thing stop riding the bus
or transfer schools
or get your parents, guidance councilor and teachers to write them up and stop their bullying.
those people make me sick to my stomach.
i used to be in a school where I was treated badly like that although not nearly what you have to go through i switched schools and now i couldn't be happier.
Talk to your parents cuz the stuff that they are doing is just plain disturbing. Find a way to get them written up anonymously or something.
God bless you and hang in there

What did you do to warrant the abuse? Are your caregivers of any help? What does the school principle do?

Got a older brother?---you need some help with these "tough guys"
Any buddies that can ride the bus with you?
What about the bus driver?
Ever think about taking self defense classes?
What do your parents say?--but yes this can get to you , it already has--tell me whats going on--you know how

rahhh <3
First, I don't believe you even needed to ask if that would affect you. It already has. Or you wouldn't mind... Second, Tell someone you trust (e.i. - guidance counselor, school nurse, school principal/vice principal). Third, just ignore them. They aren't going to throw you out the window. Fourth, if you're not comfortable with what they say, sit as close to the bus driver as possible, so (s)he will know what's going on!! Fifth, be yourself. Don't turn emo over being bullied. Being emo is a lifetime battle, and you don't want to start that. Start with a new happier life. You're young, so live whlie you can... Last, "be yourself; Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Good luck..

Talk to someone about this immediately! Do you have a trusted teacher or counselor at school? You need more advice than what someone here on Yahoo can give you.

Please, confide in someone if you can't talk to your parents.

kevin b
dont worry i think you should definatly tell somone about this perferably a teacher, parent or the bus driver. becuase these people will probiblly continue to it otherwise. your parents or teacher will help you out. you should definatly report these kids.

Rise about the hate dear. I'm sorry this is happening to you, it shouldn't have to. I think you need to talk to your parents or a guidance counselor or even the bus driver, ask for help. No one should be treated that way, ever. You do not deserve that. Stand up for yourself. Sometimes it helps to just ignore people, a lot of times they are just looking for a reaction from you, if they don't get one it becomes less interesting to them. Try to make friends with some people that ride on the bus as well, there's more strength in numbers. Those thoughts "in your head" are just thoughts you do not have to act on them, remember that. Have some faith in something, because I assure you, as life goes on, it will get better. These times will pass. Try to tune them out. If you can not tolerate it any more and are unwilling to go to your parents, the driver, or the counselor, find an alternative method of transportation, perhaps carpool.

agsf a
id find a different ride, and tell a person of authority at school about the threats and the boy putting his hand down his pants. they can get in serious trouble for that.

First thing...........calm down.

You need to talk to a teacher about this. Now I know you are thinking, "I don't want to be a snitch." But if a lot of people are doing this to you, you can't possibly fight them all off. So you need to tell a teacher right when it happens. And go from there.

At that age so many people are all talk. They do what there friends do even if they don't agree. So, you might luck out if you confront the one person that does it the next time then everyone else will know not to mess with you.

Have you talked to you parents or an older peer(like a friend or family member that is a teenager) maybe they can help.

Unfortunately you will not forget this. But what you can do to change the memory is stick up for yourself. 10 years from now you can think back, "I was so embarrassed when that guy did that. But I am so proud of myself that I got help and stood up for myself and he never did anything like that again."

First of all. If this was me I would not sit near these guys on the bus. Sit up front near the bus driver. Who cares if its not cool its your safety.

2nd, The bus drivers job is to keep everyone on the bus safe while driving to and from school

3rd, I would talk to the bus driver after you arrive at school. Tell them there is someone bothering you. Usually that gets reported to your school principal. Bullying

4th, You & your parents can complain to the bus company (head manager)

5th, nothing can be done if you do not make your move & tell someone

Star of the Future
i think u should not ride the bus LOLor talk to ur principal about this. maybe u can get a better seat. just stop and think of the friends u do have and how they care about u.

Report the one who stuck his hands down his pants and wiped it on you. That's assault sweetie! Not to mention extremely gross.
You need to talk to your guidance counselor, teachers, parents, principal. Most faculty members will take this behavior very seriously.
It's obviously already affecting you if you start hitting yourself and think that you're so stupid!
Sweetie, you're not the stupid one, they are! They're immature and nasty. And you need to make sure that they stop and don't do this to anyone else!
Can you please let us know if you did something about it?
Good luck to you! Hang in there! If you need to talk to someone please feel free to e mail me :)

i think it is already starting, talk to your parents and ask them to talk to the school administrator, and go to the school counslor

What happened today was against the law. Any time someone puts their hands on you without consent it is called assault. You should call the police and make a report. This will probably slow these problems down. You should also report it to the principle, and if the situation isn't handled, ask for the resignation of the bus driver. Going to the police will make the situation serious to the people doing this though, and it should slow it down.
As for the stupid stuff they say, stupid people say stupid things, and there isn't much you can do about that. Just remember that these are not people who are correct, so don't assume you have to listen to them.

Remember the order
POLICE, then principle, don't leave the school to handle it, go to the cops yourself.

A * T
Yeah sweety
can you please let your parents know about this?
Those boys are being abusive & really need to be taught how to act right.

Yes what the guy above said, also you should tell your teacher about the offending pupils.

Tell your parents about it as well.

Also be safe in the knowledge that the people who do those things will never have a proper life like you will, they will probably end of up in prison, or die from drugs or something.

it sounds like it already has... have you talked to your parents about this? If someone treated my daughter like that, the day would certainly end with me picking up a felony assault charge or two... or three. You don't have to take that kind of abuse.

Sweetie, you really need to talk to your parents and school officials about this. What these boys are doing to you is unacceptable and abuse. Don't blame yourself, you can't help what they do, but you can try to get someone in higher authority to punish them for their actions.

Talk to an adult that you trust in your area about this. They are abusing you and it has to stop. It will just get worse if you do nothing about it. Don't let their retarded behavior get you down! God bless you and good luck.

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