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Hot Coco Puff
Will the stigma attached to mental health ever boil down to being as common and as unfeared as...?
the common cold or the ful virus? Or will those who suffer by no fault of their own continue to suffer in silence for fear of backlash due to their condition?
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Colleen, bless your heart! That's a wonderful answer! You're a smart cookie!

i doubt it

the stigma of being a murderer will never go, and there'll always be people who fear others with certain mental health problems which make them behave oddly

bottle babe
i hope so. 90 % of all NHS treatment is for mental issues.

Rita Mae C
The stigma will never go away. No one wants to be crazy, out of control, manic, demented, or out of balance it that way. As bad as it is, the flu is a holiday compared to mental illness.

There is a stigma to mental health , and it is sad for those suffering from any form of it . I think it's the unknown that scares people , they don't know how to handle an individuals situation . If someone has a family member or friend who suffers with a mental health problem , bring it out in the open and discuss it and if possible explain how that person is effected by it . There are so many forms of mental problems ,
and for the most nothing to be afraid of . So get with the programme and give those who Suffer a break ! , and a little friendship wouldn't hurt either !!!!!!!!!! .

Sam W
Only if scientists discover what causes it, although there are so many problems and such professional ignorance that it seems unlikely.

Hayley R
Mental health will never be fully understood when you consider the fact that theres over 200 different types. There will always be medication and ect and therapist thrown at the problem but nobody is really intrested in the long term effects. So i think the label will always carry the sufferer around even if future jobs etc>

Sarah J
i personally think the majority of mental issues could be resolved if the medical profession ever put more money into understanding allergies, the effects of E numbers and hormone problems.

100 years ago depression barely existed

I have seen some positve changes in my lifetime. For instance, if you say you have depression, most people don't even blink an eye. They're familiar with the term and probably know someone who has it.

Recently on tv, I saw a commercial about bipolar. I reckon bipolar will soon become as mainstream as depression.

So, my answer is, yes it will eventually be accepted without a stigma, but it'll take time.

i hope it does some day as i never mention my condtions that i suffer from outside my house except on here where i can be honest and truthful without any comeback on myself.

Call with any problem, Anytime:
Girls and Boys Town National Hotline
Phone: 1-800-448-3000
Email: [email protected]
They have the trained professionals
to help you with this, and its, just a
call away. <}:-})

I sure hope so..mainly because I think it's a driving force that prevents many people from seeking help, when they otherwise would. We still have a long way to go. Great question though:)

I hope it eventually be thought of like cancer or something similar in which other
people show compassion at the suffering of folks with these illnesses.

I've worked in healthcare for a while now and slowly but surely people (family and friends) are not necessarily shunning the sufferers but becoming more educated about the disease and know how to deal w/ it better in turn a lot of them are passing the info around which helps combat the stigma.

I guess most people deep down think that mental illnesses CAN be faked so those people cant be trusted, but w/ new advances in therapies, drugs and in research it shows that these illnesses are real and are as destructive to somebody's life as cancer or alzheimer's.

I think it will, in time, as we learn more about the brain and how it works. All in all the brain, our emotions, our feelings are still the least explainable functions of the human body. Since we, everyday people, don't understand the way it works when its working fine - we're even more confused when its not working -- confusion = distrust = stigma.

I think as research continues and information becomes more mainstream, people will understand more and the stigma will ease.

In the meantime, all we can do is remind ourselves and anyone who will listen that those who do suffer from mental health issues are no less worthy of our time, attention, love, and understanding.

The stigma is already decreased in comparison to before, but in order to let people be more aware, we've got to educate people through media, school, home, internet, books etc. the cold or flu can easily be fixed but mental illness is something much harder to deal with , and it's usually long term. It's something that take lot's patience to deal with and understand. And some people just don't care to put that effort in and rather complain and blame the ill person.

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