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Will someone please help me..?
I saw my boyfriend try to kill himself yesterday. I wanted to end the relationship because he hurts me, mostly emotional, but sometimes it resorts to pushing and grabbing. He drank about 3/4 of a 1/2 gallon bottle of vodka (which he has NEVER done before) and cut his wrists while he was in the tub (which he has also NEVER done before). I had to call the police because I thought he would actually die. But then when they got to my house, he wouldn't come out of the bathroom and they kicked the door down and then had to tase him because he was "resisting".

He was taken to a psychiatric hospital. And now I can't even talk to him.

The police told me I should put a PFA on him, and I did, but I didn’t want to. But I often bow to the pressures that be. I don't know how to be strong.

I still have feelings for him and I do actually love him. He says he did it because he didn’t want to lose me, and if he had to, he didn’t want to live anymore. I am so hurt, sad, and confused right now and I have no idea what I should do. Will someone please help me?

Please don't hurt me more with any rude answers. I don't think I can take it. Thank you.

rachael soluri
this is not your fault. try talking to your parents about it.

You say you had already made the decision to end it. I would stand by that and cut off contact.
He is just manipulating you to try to get you to feel sorry for him so you won't leave. And it is working.
This is a big Red Flag to get out Now.

To be honest... I think you should leave him.
Since you love him, I think you should try and help him, take him to a therapist, perhaps?

Rae, please always always remember that this is HIS issue, not yours. You can not protect him from himself. Please find the strength within yourself to let him go. This is emotional blackmail at its very worst.

I don't know how much you can honestly do. You can wait and hope that whatever is going on with in his brain can be healed. If you really do love him, you should do everything you can for him.

Hugo G
Take him to the emergency room or a psychiatrist as soon as possible

i think you should tell him what hes doing to you through a letter so he cant get angry or anything. you shouldnt hang around with this sorts of people. and maybe you should listen to the police./

i was in a similar dilema.
what i did, was just act distant,
and he began to develope the idea that he wasn't making me happy,
and he asked if i wanted to break up with him,
and i said' i think i should'.
since it's a touchy situation,
i'm sher the hospital with help emotionally stabalize him,
and just work slowly since you don't want to hurt him.
but your going to have to leave.
if he hurts you, you shouldnt be with him.
it's unhealthy.
theres someone out there who will make you happier.

aw I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. you did the right thing. You pretty much saved his life. Why won't the hospital let you talk to him? talk to someone a friend a parent. someone, it might help you feel better.

zay and iona
if yu really luv him then yu should help him talk to his mom and dad ...yawl need to sit down with him and ask him why do u want to kill your self.......

Honey, just calm down. The best thing to do it wait. Call some friends to help support you, and maybe even your family. You need people that love you to be all around you, whether it is be for comfort or just to get your mind off the bad. Maybe you should visit him at the hospital, if that's possible, and assure him that you love him and will never leave him alone. Tell him that everything is going to be alright and that you'll always be there for him. Hopefully he'll snap out of it. It is quite obvious that you are a very important person in his life, so the worst thing to do is avoid contact with him while his in this state as we know what he is capable of. And it's bad for yourself as you love him as well. I understand that he can be abusive but, for now, put that aside until he gets better. Right now, you just want to focus on the fact that his sanity is threatened, but be careful, because as I said, you know what he is capable of. You don't want to be hurt be him again, but this time, physically. I really hope I could help and I hope that everything gets better for you, but if it doesn't, please get out of that relationship.

I think u should wait till he cleans up if I where u I would keep a distance to be safe. If he dosent change u should probtly do what's best 4 u and since I don't know u, u should do what's best and don't talk If u do breaks up.

He is responsible for his own actions and reactions. He is manipulating you and threatening to kill himself if he can't have you is abuse.

I know it will be hard but you need to break it off with him. The relationship sounds very unhealthy. Abusers only get worse, never better. If he does kill himself it is NOT your fault....you are not responsible for him.

Please be safe and take care of yourself.

I was in a relationship like that for almost two years. He never did anything to that extreme, but he did hit me a few times, among other things. The best thing to do is to break up with him. You can still talk to him and be there for him. It will be really hard to do, but you will thank yourself in the end.

I know how it feels to be in a situation like that, but you have to remember to stay positive, and that things will get better and work out.

When I look back on my relationship I realize that now I am a much stronger and independent person because of the relationship, as well as the break up. Good luck in this situation, and I hope that whatever choice you make improves you life and helps you.

Jersey Boy
Believe it or not you were strong yesterday and saved your boyfriend from going through with a very selfish act. Following through with the police took strength as they gave you good advice.

This boyfriend is mentally disturbed and a control freak. He couldn't keep control over you so he tried to kill himself to get control back. Where do you go from here? Your boyfriend is in the hands of professionals, you need to get away from his abuse and don't leave a forwarding address. It is up to him whether to live or die, not you. If you stay he will continue to abuse you to the point next time it may be a murder / suicide.

Good luck and get therapy.

Just make a deal with him about how he was hurting you. Say if he stops hurting you, then you might still go out with him.

I hope you feel better soon. (:

Good Luck!

awww i'm really sorry. it sounds like he has some issues. you should get him help fast. i wouldn't stay with him though. i hope things work out for you.

kevin n
even though you love him now, doesnt mean there isnt someone else out there for you. someone that wont hurt you emotionally or physically, and someone that emotionally unstable isnt worth being with in my opinion. i would let him go but im just going off a few paragraphs know what i mean?

Rae, I am so sorry that you had to to go through that. It frightens me that he would try to kill himself. Another thing that worries me, however, is the "mostly" emotional part. I know you don't want him to kill himself, but if he's hitting you, you can't stay in that relationship. I'm hoping when he gets out of the psychiatric hospital, he will be better, and calmer. If he did hit you, when he gets out, you have to calmly talk to him, and tell him that he can't keep hurting you, emotionally and physically. If the cause of his abuse has to do with alcohol, then you have to try to help him with that too.

If things get worse, he's going to have to be sent back to the psychiatric hospital again, and you can't stay with him.

I wish for the best. I'll pray for you, and your boyfriend.

Laya Gurl
First of all you need to relax take yourself to a spa or take a hot bath when your done sit in a comfy spot and think about everything step by step. You can write it all down too if you want to. When youre done write a letter to him about how you feel basically all youre emotional stuff. Dont give it to him personally put it on his pillow or somewhere he can see it. When he comes back he can read it be sure not to be near him when he does. When its over talk to him, let yourself cry. It will be okay. You can do this. People love you. It wont be that bad.

I hope i helped

I think you shoudl forget about huim,, no man is worth all that stress, he needs to focus on himself now and if you really love him, you'll leave his life so he won't stop rtying to kill himself for you nymore.

Forget about him and get on with your life!!

You said it yourself, you're weak. This is a fact you've accepted and if you hope to get through this without being killed in a suicide pact then I suggest you cowboy up and begin getting some strength.

Otherwise, you're just going to keep getting pressured by one person or another...Unless you just like that sort of thing.

I'm not being rude, I'm just observing what you said. You already know the answer but you're looking for encouragement. The issue here is that you don't need encouragement, you need to take action and make a decision for yourself instead of relying on others, let alone strangers, to make those tough decisions for you.

If you want to be abused, stay. If you want to die, take him back. If you want to take a risk and leave, then leave. It's a simple, and daunting, as that.

Nurse Beth
This has already gone too far. Cut your losses. He's never going to be what you need, and he is very dangerous. What if he cuts you instead of himself next time? It's not your fault, it's his. Seriously, you're going to get hurt if you try to contact him again, and you may hurt him if he's trying to heal in the hospital.

You need to get out of the relationship. It doesn't sound very healthy. Whatever he does after you leave will not be your fault. It sounds like he has some problems that he will be able to get help with now.

I dont think that you should be in a relationship like that. I cant believe he would do something like that AROUND you. You should not stay with this guy hes problem causing you so much emotional pain and its really going to keep affecting you.

Things wont get better if you stay together. You may love him but from this moment on your always going to be scared for him and watch your every move just trying to prevent a situation like this again.

Its in your best to leave him now and break free from this. I would have to say that right now is probably the best time also because he's going to be on suicide watch for a little while. By the time he's finally able to think about you leaving him he may have solved other problems he's dealing with and it wont hurt him as much.

Be kind to him though and don't put the blame of your break up on him. Just for his strength let him think your leaving him for his own good.

Good Luck.

honestly u need to stay away from him, if hes willing to do that to himself whos to say he wont do it to you? Hes obviously got problems way bigger than you and he needs to figure them out but u need to get away before he hurts you next

OMG! I advise you to leave the house today and get out. If he can harm himself chances are he will harm you too. Safe ytourself first, then get him some help.

I'm so sorry. It sounds like you've had a really tough relationship. First of all, you absolutely did the right thing. If you still love him, you should stay with him and support him through this. He obviously has some mental issues that need sorting out, but all you can do is have faith in him that he will get better.

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