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Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
If all these people in my life are going to supposedly care or be hurt by my death, then why are these people not caring about my life? I have let everyone see the signs, I have told my wife and family that I am thinking about doing it. And yet not a single person has talked to me about it or offered up some other solution. I know I need help, and I have tried to get it. But all I have got is the run around at the mental health clinic. I need to fill out this paper and then wait so I can fill out a bunch more and wait longer. No one has talked to me or tried to help. So death is looking like a pretty good option right now. I just need a way to do it with out causing myself extreme pain. Any one that can help?

agnes r
if you really feel this way go to emergency dept of your local hospital and tell them they may admit you and i am Truly sorry you feel this way i had a friend who felt this way but she carried through with her threat and it was her children who found her they were traumatised by this and are still in counselling but that aside you must get some help for you please please get some help good luck

They don't talk to you because they don't realise the intensity of your feelings,people do not understand your thoughts of suicide and I think then that they tend to dismiss it.
You have to put these people aside and think how you can make things better for yourself and then maybe explain to others when they are in this position.
Keep seeking help,I know it is long winded,but push,shout and even scream if you have to until you think you are getting the right treatment and/or medication.

Live like you were diein.
I CARE and YOUR FAMILY CARES! if you do that! It's not right! Why do you want to leave your BEAUTIFUL wife and family???? Why GIVE UP LIFE? It's the most magical thing in the world! You were given life for a purpose and you need to stay here on earth to find what it is! And not to mention how your family will feel! Someone in my family commited suicide and my aunt was a BIG MESS. Everyone in my family was a big mess because someone we LOVED decided to kill themselves and leave beautiful children and grandchildren and family behind. Seriously you need to live your life as best you can! Everyone goes through tuff times. some people make it and some don't. I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT AND SO DOES YOUR FAMILY. And if you believe in god go to chruch and ask for him to help you and if you truly accept him into your life then he will save you. Please do not kill yourself. I would never want to see your family sad and angry. do you?

14 years old

talk to the samaritans about it, i emailed them and spoke to them and it helped :)

when did you start feeling so sad?...i think you should reconsider the thought on suicide....american needs all the educated people right now, no one should bail...there are so many dummies in the office ,all america has is us..like you and me, well others too... trust me, two heads are better than one


I don't know you but i do know what it's like to be suicidal and I myself attempted it earlier this year.

Ignore the people who say nasty things on here, it won't get you anywhere and I hate when people do it. Just because your talking about it doesn't mean your not serious or that your not in a lot of emotional pain. I do think though the fact your talking about it means that your not 100% sure that doing it is the right thing and that deep down perhaps your wanting other opinions on the subject to either validate your own feelings or change them..thats understandable, it's a natural reaction to your feelings in my opinion.

I am really sorry that you have tried so hard to get help and don't feel you have got anywhere. getting help for mental health can be a huge battle but you have to keep fighting. Keep going back to your gp and explaining the situation and keep telling your family. I think to be honest what you need to do is go to A&E and explain how you are feeling and ask to be admitted to hospital for observation.Give people a full chance to help you. at the end of the day the option of suicide will still be there but at least you will have given help a shot.

There are no painless easy ways to suicide, even if it didn't hurt physically it will mentally. Its not easy to take the step, just as its not easy to live with the mental pain....give it another fight...its worth the shot hey?

best of luck

if i help u suicide then i get the jail sentence so thats why i care

firstly plz tell me y the hell do u want 2 commit suicide?!
plz dont waste ure life over something..ure so lucky 2 have 1 soo dont waste it
i should no my cousin died 2 months ago from lukeimia only 6 years old...he hardly got 2 live his life but took full advantage of it from such a young age. yr wife myt not b taking u seriously coz sommiting suicide is a big thing
jus 2 tell i may b only 16 n crap @ giving advice but plz dont kill yourself tell me whats wrong ill try and help (if i can) n listen =]

Hi kezzi,

I myself have attempted suicide and found it very hard for my family to handle it. Most of the time family's are in denial. As hard and weird as that is to hear it is the truth.

Please if you can't handle this go to the nearest hospital, or call 911 if your from the states, if not please call your local emergency number. I promise they will take you serious. Going to a clinic does take much paper work and that's not what you need right now. Any hospital ER will help you as soon as you say I have thoughts of killing myself.

Please feel free to email me anytime.

Take care and please don't give up!


Wait if you have a wife how can you be 16?

how ****** off would you be if you tried to commit suicide and it went wrong and u were like just paralysed 4 tha rest of your life or in a wheelchair

music is the best therapy

Who doesnt care??
not all perceptions are true.

nice guy is me
You are totally wrapped up in yourself, pal. Even in the talk of death by suicide you want an easy way out without pain! Try thinking of others, even just for tonight, ie your wife or the family you mention. You may realize you have a lot more than some. Good luck

I'm not going to tell you to do it, but damn, if your that miserable & think no cares, then do it or call 911.

It's interesting to me that this EXACT same question was asked by someone else, using the same wording, about 15 minutes ago.


I think it is more a case of the people you love just not knowing what to say.
It would put the fear of god into me if my husband wanted to kill himself. I wouldn't know what to say, and would be worried I would say the wrong thing.
Your family are not counsellers, they just don't know how to advise you. Believe me, if you were no longer around, particularly with suicide, they would be miserable.

I appreciate that you are very low at the moment, suicide is not rational, and suicidal feelings are not either, but you need to stop and think how your family would feel if you killed yourself. They would feel this way because they love you - so you are loved.

Perhaps you are not making yourself clear at the clinic or with your family, because it was my belief that suicidal tendancies is one of the criterias for admission to mental health ward.

I know you are so low, but allow yourself to believe and be secure in the knowledge that you are loved. It would be nice if we could all be like "It's a wonderful life" and see what would happen without us, you can't unfortunately. However, my father in law died on the operating table and my husband and his mother have never, and will never get over it. Do not make your family suffer the same, I beg you.

Make an appointment with your GP, and get him to speed on your referral to the Mental Health Clinic, tell him exactly what you have told us, Mental Health is just as, if not more important as any other type of illness. You need someone to take you seriously and look after you.

I wish you all the luck in the world with getting help, but don't take your life, please.

you have been banging on about suicide for a while now. If you were going to do it, I think you just would and not keep telling people you are. You are obviously crying out for help and attention but you know suicide is not the way. You should talk to the samaritans or try your family but why would you use YA, we dont even know you. I hope you do get real help, good luck.

talk to people, simaritans or somewhere like that, Citizen advice bureau or something. dont kill yourself. i'm sure your amazing. xxx

Go to a shrink. Fill out your paper work and get help from a professional. It sounds like to me you are asking more for attention then actual help. It sounds like you threaten it but you wont actually do it. If you are actually having these thought you need professional help. I am sure you have a lot to live for. You are married so you are loved. She may be busy maybe you should make a date to where you can sit and talk to her about what it is your feeling. She probably rolls her eyes like yeah right. You need to let her know. She is there to talk to you and help you through your issues. Get professional help as well. You may be depressed, get some anti - depressants. You hav to fill out paperwork.

Death is not the answer, i know it seems like the easy way out but you and your wife deserve a chance at you being happy.

Maybe the reason why people are not talking to you about it, is that they are scared and worried that you might and do not know what to say to help you!!!

If you feel you are getting the run around call a charity such as Mind(if in the uk) and ask for some help and advice.

there is no quick fix, but i have faith you can get through it, you have a wife and a family, some people do not have that.

Your question is absolutely heartbreaking. Please don't give up - it's hard but sometimes you care more about people than they do for you. Show these people you care by not doing anything that would make you and your family suffer. There are people there to listen to you. Your local minister or priest (or whoever); (you don't need to be religious for them to listen to you); your doctor; the Samaritans; local groups (not even self help but hobbies/interests are good for talking to people; Please reach out - someone somewhere will listen.

Suicide is never the solution to problems, look at all that you would be missing out on. No matter what bad happens in life there is always a reason, even if we never as humans figure that reason out. As for everyone else, they are just being self centered. They are living their own lives and that is just what you need to do, make yourself the most important person to YOU. If you are in a situation that you don't want to be in or that is bad for you, get out of it and do what makes you happy. God Bless, and hope you find that happiness.

Death and suicide are something people are scared of, and sometimes people just don't react and pretend to ignore it. If you have kids, especially, please don't do it. Think of how much pain you will cause them as they will not understand the complex reasons for this decision AND they probably financially need you for support.

NO I'm not gonna give you tips on a less painful suicide!!!! Suicide is the whimps way outta life. Why the hell would you want to? Is your life really that tough that you have to do to make the pain go away?! I don't think so. Be a MAN and stand up to your problems and deal with them in a rational, mature way. Also, get some help. Seriously....
You know your family cares...they probably just don't believe you because it's a stupid thing to do and talk about.


It may not look like it, but they probably do care about you. If your wife dosen't then divorce her.

Nicholas A
If you are in the U.K, by law, once your G.P refers you to a mental health clinic you have to be seen in a maximum of 8 weeks, 5 preferably.

On a personal level, try http://www.help.com if you need to talk. Can always email me, I work in mental health so may be able to shed some light.

Hang in there bud

Right this minute, call 1-800-273-TALK. Right now.

If I, a total stranger, care enough to be genuinely concerned about you, then I know the people who are close to you also care; they seem to be crappy at showing it. Probably they don't want to believe you could possibly take your own life; it's too difficult for them to even imagine it.

Please call that number. You have nothing to lose. Please.

i am willing to listen

penny m
You might the one person to save the life of a family member or good friend. You might be the person to talk someone else out of suicide. You might be the one person to save MY life. Something better might await you around the corner. Do not give up on life. parts of are a big pile of crap, and other parts can be wonderful. If your symptoms are as unbearable as you say, then check yourself into a hospital and get some help that way, as an emergency.

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