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 I'm just plain depressed and i dont know who i am anymore. i really need some advice! please anything.?
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Why does depression hurt SO MUCH?


because they is no cure

so you hurry to get rid of it

Because you're telling yourself it does.

Depression isn't a disease, CANCER is a disease, depression is just a mental issue you have to overcome.

โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€ โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€ โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€
Because you let it. You focus on the negative. Nothing will change till you do.

because it just does.
smile :)

I don't know, but if your saying your depressed, you wouldn't be writing that if you did.

Jesikah Riley
beacause oyu begin to think whats th e poin of likfe then oyu start beliving there sint one you lead your self to it best way just hink of all the happy times

getting it going
it does not hurt it eats so go see a doc

It hurts because there probably is a weak foundation somewhere. Everyone gets depressed, but if you have a faith in something, it usually can help to buffer other aspects. Not always I realize, but it helps. Don't always rely on self-help books, rely on one true source of truth, not the worlds every changing concept of truth and what is right and wrong.

Good luck to you.

its a deseas... it has to.

If you are talking about physical pain then it is because it is a part of the disease process for depression. Depression at this level is an imbalance of the hormones in your system and affects not only your thinking by your physicality as well.

If you are talking about mental or emotional pain this is because your thinking process recognizes that it is out of whack and this causes emotional dissonance which can be painful because it is not in line with your normal thought process.

Either way it is a disorder or disease depending on the severity. Anything past two weeks or so is a disorder. Anything past a month or so is a disease. You will need to seek medical advice is you are not willing or able to do the mental self cleaning necessary to disperse the thought process or the chemical imbalance.

To do the mental self cleaning can take several different routes. Some people embrace their religion and take heart and soul into their beliefs and implore the powers that they believe in to relieve them of the burden.

Another option is to find healing through spiritual writings. People that I have found helpful include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and Louise Hayes. Reading their books or listenting to their cd's can be very helpful in finding the way to improved mental health. Because our mental health is tied to our spiritual strength and if our spirit is buried under the yammering nonsense that has been spoon fed to us all our lives then it makes it really hard to be healthy.

Another way to reduce depression is to get lots of fresh air and sunshine. Eat nutritious meals, get lots of good sleep. Avoid trash on the TV and internet and look for the beauty in anything you see. Nature never gets depressed and we can take a clue from it. If you have people in your life that are a constant source of stress consider removing them from your life for a while or forever...which ever works best for you. Declutter your life any way you need to whether it be with too many of the wrong people, too much of material things in your life, a messy house whatever might be a source that can overwhelm and lead to depression.

Depression is a messy thing in life and it hurts.

Go sleep my dear. And it just hurts. Anyway if your depressed coz ur angry with someone or don't forgive someone, forgive him coz if you won't you will be depressed and depressed and .... depressed. FOREVER. Just like my friend who burns paper out of depression. Do you want to be like her? DO YOU?

depression hurts, because chemically, it affects the way your brain processes and perceives things physically, and mentally, resulting in just all around pain

its an actual medical condition. if u mean physically why odes it hurt, it bcuz of all the tension in ur body.

i know it hurts so much, i dun have depression but my bf does and god u dun know how much it hurts me. just being worried for him all the time. i know ur the one thats bearing with them pain everyday but im sure the ppl around u are in a lotta pain too.
my bf takes pills. it doesnt come often now. so he feels better.

murder me softly
idk but i wish it didnt becuz i have it and i hate it

dont be so depressed i useto be that way i would randomly be depressed for no reason but i found that taking fish oil pill form will decrease that feeling.... although i know it might silly at first it works.... i hope u feel better.. cheer up ur alive and have so many things that people dont have. : )

I don't know, it's pretty unbearable though. I recently went onto multiple medications and they are helping me quite a bit. Trazodone and Paxil. They calm me down and don't let those thoughts come in and tear my head open. Talk to your doctor about it.

In what way does it hurt you? if its mentally of coarse it hurts, i know what its like too be depressed too:( i haft too take anti depressants and all this other ****, but maybe you should consult someone about this such as a therapist, they can help you out allot and make you feel better about yourself over time! so try too keep your chin high and proud, and don't mind what others think, if you have a problem with people that you think they don't like you,or there staring at you or if they hate you and all that, if you think about it, its their problem you don't, as long as YOU know your a good person everything will be okay. and depression isn't a disease its just a mental illness and it can be cured, it depends on how old you are, if your a teen then its best too get this taken care of right away before things get way out of hand, if your not, its still good too talk too someone about anything that's bothering you, i hope we can chat someone, if you have msn add me at
[email protected]
or you can emial me at
[email protected] or [email protected]yahoo.com
I hope if you do decide too chat, that i can help you with what ever is bothering you. so i hope i helped. and the answer too your question is- Depression hurts, but its better to seek help then just let it eat your heart away

Miss Honesty
sadness is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong. its natural. however, sometimes our hormone levels get out of whack and we dont learn to cope with the situations at hand. in essense, our sadness turns into an uncontrollable sadness that turns into depression. its unhealthy...and begins to affect everything including both your brain and your body. if you are suffering from depression..please seek therapy. it can change your life for the better. good luck :-)

Doug L
you mind controls your body. Depression can affect you physically. the key is to learn to control your own mind. find something to look forward to.

I hate everything
Same reason that a pike sticking in your lungs hurts. It hurts you to the core.

Are you able to seek help with your doctor? Please get some help before your depression goes to deep.

I'm sorry you are hurting so much.

Hopefully Helpful
It hurts so much because we are so in touch with our pain.
The good news is that we can feel better. Therapy and medication can help lessen the intensity of our depression.
Please don't suffer alone. Reach out for help so you can begin to feel better. Please stay safe.

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