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Why do some people kill others before comitting suicide?
like well it's really sad if they wanna kill themselves, not saying that they should but even if they decide to commit suicide they should just suicide themselves, not kill others, especially their family and loved ones, that's really sad and it's not fair that they want to kill others too but hey they have depression or something... why do they kill others before killing themselves?

If only they think logically like you do they won't have contemplated suicide.

I think alot of times they go into a rage, then realize what they did and want to die themselves. Plus, you know someone who would do that is out of their mind anyway.

no one
easing their way to death with the blood of others. it would probably get them pumped to do it and they'd have more practise. Maybe they didn't want to be alone - an eternity to spend with your loved ones too bad they would probably not be thankful for their deaths. Or when you have taken revenge on all of these people you have to kill yourself before you can think of others cuz chances are you're not going to get another chance

depends ... some to escape punishment after killing, some just wan ppl to die with them. its kinda of stoopid. but well they just have mental problem. if they don like the person and they kill the person then commit suicide, after death still have to face the person they hate rite. some cases are like parents killing their child before commiting suicide, that are just crazy acts! maybe they think that life in hell is tax free and without GST, bills etc. hahas

man as you think
the shame and guilt has built up in the deformed thought process of the individual, that these are the peaple he feels shame and guilt for /about , and by killing them he is savering them from the pain . hes saveing them the pain of going through this world with out him, or that they could not survive with-out him....

They are selfish.

not 30 yet
Depending on the situation, the person committing suicide may be doing so BECAUSE he/she has killed someone and doesn't want to go to jail. He/she may kill his/her children if he/she thinks that his/her children will suffer after he/she commits suicide. He/she may kill someone because that individual may have been the cause of all the pain. He/she may kill someone because he/she want to cause pain to someone else (e.g. mother of the child) for giving him/her pain. Most likely people kill others before committing suicide because--THEY HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS AND NEED HELP.

My guess is that they want thier loved ones to feel what they feel. SAD but that is the only thing i can think of.

fine touch of class
Well ... becuase psychologically our first loved ones are ourselves. So, if someone decides to kill himself, then no one else is more valuable or worth living. I think that's why they do.

ER Doctor
Cause there idiots and cant handle the pressure of life and there a waste of society.

Lorna G
In my opinion, I think it is because they do not want kids/family members.. and when they kill them they cannot deal with the guilt and kill themselves.. and also cause their sick.. I could never even think about killing a young child!

They do it because they think killing their "source of problems" will end all their "suffering" but when they realize that they just killed a loved one of friend, the shock of it drives them over the edge and they just kill them selves. Some of the time they do it the same way they killed their loved one/friend without even thinking about it, the guilt makes them crazy.

chris-teaa :]
maybe so the others dont have to suffer for his/her loss.

i don't know its way beyond my understanding

I believe the answer is found in the converse of your question - meaning, why do people commit suicide after they murder?

Many murder-suicides are based on rage, or fueled by emotions such as jealousy, anger, greed, etc., and while some of the murder-suicides are premeditated, others are merely reactive. Therefore after the murder(s) has/have been committed, the perpetrator now must deal with the consequences of their actions. Many times they realize that there will be a very stiff penalty for their actions - a penalty they are not willing to endure, and so they take the easy way out by killing themselves to bypass all the suffering and hardship or the death penalty, if so enforced.

However, having said all this, no one really can say what is in the mind of someone who wishes to do harm to someone else. Much of it is revenge, to get even, but it is not always the case, and since the person is dead, we cannot ask them their motives, so all we are left with is speculation.

I can think of two reasons....

The reason someone commit suicide is because of their family. They end the life of someone who gave you so much grief, and to escape the responsibility, end his/her own.

In someones mind, if he/she ends his/her own life, then the remaining family member will suffer. So, to remove them from further suffering, he/she kills all.

Consider yourself lucky for not being able to think of why someone might do something like this. Suicidal person is in a state of mind where he/she thinks there are no other choice. Don't be so quick to judge... for one, they are (in many cases) mentally ill/unstable, and people have problems you have no idea they even exist.

Dolar Tha Scholar
I think they commit suicide because don't wanna spend the rest of their life in a prison.simple

Cali girl 76408237
Those kind of people generally have a very negative view on life and believe that death is a better option. They might also fear the real world. In case of killing the loved ones, it's probably to spare them the pain of dealing with a loss. When they kill people they're not close to and then themselves, it's probably bc they hate those people. So one reason they kill others is to spare them the misery bc they love them and the other reason is bc they hate somebody. Then they kill themselves bc they don't want to deal with the consequences and bc they just want to quit life.

self hatred

Amanda S
Generally its caused by a mental disorder. Sometimes there are problems within the family for some unknown reason they feel the need to kill the family members first.

Suicide is very mysterious in that, there are so many unanswered questions afterwards. Just like your question, we dont know why because the killer also killed himself!

My brother committed suicide three years ago. We had absolutely no warning signs or anything. It came as a complete shock. He'd gone through a wife leaving him, and taking the kids out of state when he wasnt home. For him, apparently it was more than he could handle.

We just dont know with suicide whats going on in their minds. I can only imagine the intense pain and confusion they must be feeling to see that as an option. :-(

They obviously are mentally distressed, whether they have chemical imbalance, are clinically depressed, sociopathic, or whatever... they aren't thinking clearly and thus can't make rational or moral decisions. It really all boils down to selfishness... they are so consumed with themselves that they can't see (or don't care) how their actions affect others.

nobody wants to be alone

♥ [email protected]$H!0N ♥
ur probably talking about benoits case.
he took steroids which destroyed his brain.

Brutally Honest
The most typical reason is because the person(s) they are killing are the reason they're so desperately unhappy in the first place.

For example, a man may kill his wife and then himself because she was either demanding a divorce or he found out she was cheating on him. So in essence, it's a punishment of sorts.

Mothers will often kill their children before themselves because they are so completely despondent that they cannot see that the child would be better off with the other parent or another family member; sometimes too, they're desperately depressed because the child(ren) have put such a strain on the parent that they don't understand anything else.

You're right...it is sad, but this is why mental illness is so misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and so completely feared.

there is a correlation to narcissism in some situations like this. The person can't stand the idea that the family can live without them. Or they think of no one but themselves. And they believe that the family wouldn't survive without them. It's sad. And very scary.

It's a control issue, plain and simple.

because they dont wanna waste it

To escape justice.

you have it backwards - they commit suicide BECAUSE they killed someone, and can't live with the guilt

Steve C
I think when you kill your whole family, there isn't much you can do but kill yourself.

These people who look down upon life are generally mistreated or have had some sort of demeaning actions done to them such as teasing or verbal abuse, maybe even physical abuse, they let harsh feelings boil up inside them for a long period of time until they cant take it anymore, they take drastic action and decide to take revenge on those hurting them, a common thought is to kill them. At the point of which they actually do take their revenge they realize what a mistake it is and they either cant bear the thought of having done the killing or they dont want to deal with the consequences so they kill themselves too.... its a very sad thing

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