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Why do people say self-harm is bad?
Ok, so, I hear all the time, don't cut yourself because it's bad...blah, blah, blah. But I don't see why it's all that bad. I do it, for one, for a number of different reasons, which I won't get into. And if I don't, that's where the problem is. I don't function well at all. I feel worse and worse. People say you should find a better way of dealing with emotional pain, but what is wrong with cutting? Most people don't like to feel pain. But sometimes I need to feel pain. People may find that odd, but physical pain is NOTHING compared to emotional. Therefore, cutting works. I cut to be able to survive, and while most people can't understand that, it works for me. The one good argument I have heard was that you can seriously hurt yourself e.g. die. But, personally, I don't cut the bottom of my wrists near the veins.

So, I'm not trying to say straight out cutting is good. I'm not condoning it. The bad part is, I think it's addicting. I do want to hear people's thoughts, though. All I keep hearing is it bad. So, I'm asking to hear why, why id it bad to cut yourself. Thanks.

its not bad
i like to cut words into my skin

gal seriously you need to see a doc...reall someone can kill him/hersellf by cutting him/herself and you say that there's nothing wrong with it???

Aiden J
I've done it. You've done it. Alot of people have done it.

The way i see it..... If thats what you want to do you might aswell do it. I plan to die the minute my life starts being painful and hard no matter what age that is.

So if it helps you. Then just do it. If you are like me no one can stop you.

lorena L
If cutting yourself make you feel better, Just do it.. But be careful, you after could realize that you were a silly girl...

Hey, you are right... Physical pain is NOTHING compared to emotional pain...

Pink Panther
You say that you're addicted to cutting. The funny thing about addicts is that they will go to great lengths to either deny their problem or explain that their addiction isn't all that harmful. That's why they are addicts. They aren't thinking reasonably. Neither are you.

I getcha. I have a friend who used to cut herself simply because she wanted to- it was pleasant and she liked the look of scars. Now, if you cut to solve problems, that's where it gets murky. When I used to cut- I did so for something similar to solving problems, and it was a bad bad cycle of bad bad times. So, if that's not how it is for you- I mean if you don't have really rough times and use cutting to solve it- and you're very safe about it, I honestly don't see the problem. It's your body and you can do what you want to it.

But, if you're using cutting as a way to solve problems or a form of escapism, well that's no good. I wouldn't suggest a therapist or professional help, but that's only because of my personal experience with therapy. What I did was made a major change in my life- got out of the bad bad cycle of bad bad times. But, yeah, I don't want to rant. If the case is you're cutting because of problems, it needs to be solved- feel free to email me, because I can say a lot more on the subject if need be. [email protected]

It's not objectively good. But I understand what you're saying. One site I found said that the alternative to self-harm, for most people, isn't acting "normal," it's not being able to cope. It's better in general to avoid self-harm. But it can be a way to cope. It's better if you can work with a counselor on this, but I understand not wanting to (I have friends who don't because the counselor would have to tell their parents, and their parents would make things worse). The other concern I'd mention is scarring - scars don't always fade and you can be left with them years later.

Steve M
You've raised a serious question in a lot of people's minds.

Only you can really answer your own question. Not the question in the title but the question you are asking yourself.

Cutting isn't bad. It's not something everyone does do or should do. However, for some it the only coping mechanism they (you) may have. There are other coping mechanisms which work. And, for the majority,these are the coping mechanisms that people adopt. Everyone needs a source of release and for you it's cutting.

You're not mad or mentally ill as some answers indicate. You merely lack a more appropriate coping mechanism.

You're not suicidal because you clearly recognise and chose where to cut not to endanger yourself. If cutting is your release then only you can decide if it's bad for you or good for you!!!!! It's a complete irrelevance if it's good for anyone else which is why it's a complete irrelevance what anyone else thinks.

Only you can decide if it really is bad. The fact that you raise the question suggests that you are open to other coping strategies and maybe want to adopt an alternative to self-harming.

I hope you do. Nobody deserves the kind of sh*t that leads to what you've had to go through.

I want to start out by saying that I am also a cutter so I know how you feel. But I do believe it is bad to do it. As you mentioned, cutting is addicting. That means that the longer you do it, the harder it is to control. Even if you think you are in control, the fact is you probably aren't. I know that has happened to me. I have stopped being able to tell how deep I am cutting until after the fact and I can see what i have done. And even if you don't cut near the bottom of your wrists you could still kill yourself or hurt yourself very badly, beyond repair. Also, because it is addicting, you will have to start doing it more and more which means that you probably will start getting more risky as time goes on. I am speaking from my own experience here and from the stories I have heard from other people, people tend to start getting more and more careless with it as time goes on, going deeper, cutting closer to the veins, cutting more, not being as careful with tools, etc. it is extremely hard to keep control over this thing for very long.
Those are just some of the ways that cutting is bad for yourself, but it also hurts the people around you whether you realize it or not. You might not believe that anybody cares enough about you to care about what you are doing to your body, but the fact is that someone does. If no one else, God loves you and it hurts Him to see you hurting yourself like that. I know that I didn't realize how much my own cutting was hurting the people around me who loved me. I didn't realize it until they got up in my face about it and forced me to face what I was doing. Everytime I hurt myself it hurt them too. It hurt them a lot.
That's why cutting is bad. What I would suggest you do is first find someone you trust and develop a good support system and then find something you can use to replace the cutting. No one should expect you to give it up just like that. I know how much it is a safety blanket and a comfort to have it there. Either way be safe.

Ummm....the term "harm" give you a clue? My sister was cutting, and it scared the hell out of everyone and created rifts in our family. We figured out it was because she was hiding from bad memories and fighting depression so she is working with diff. ways to deal wit the pain.

First off.. if your cutting yourself you need to see a doctor. Think about all the scares your leaving on your body...How are you going to explain that to your kids (when you have them). I just dont think its a logical way of dealing with pain. Please see a dr. If you can get the right help you wont feel the need to do it.

Cutting is wrong because you shouldn't want to inflict pain on yourself to get relief. It means you have a mental problem that should be addressed. Plus, what if you hurt yourself beyond repair? Go see a doctor so they can help you get relief in a way that is healthy.

I think that as someone who used to cut themselves too, I have a unique perspective.

You cut because you feel like the only way to numb the pain on the inside is to create some on the outside, right? That was my reason for cutting. But there's something that you need to realize. Yeah, you can keep cutting, I mean it works, right? But that's running away from what's making you cut to begin with. You need to take a look deep inside and see what the problem is. Unless you can fix it, then you're just going to keep cutting.

Think of it this way, yeah, the temporary pain helps a little bit, but you're going to have permanent scars, and what's going to happen once cutting doesn't work anymore? Most people I knew started doing drugs once cutting didn't work anymore.

You're a on a slippery slope. I know this because what you wrote described just how I felt a few years ago. But for your own sake, please try and find what's making you cut to begin with. Believe me, people care a lot about you, and just want to make sure that you're ok. If a complete stranger on some answer forum (me) cares, imagine the people who are closest to you.

In short, cutting is bad because it's avoiding the problem. Find out what the problem is and try your best to fix it. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. I never went to a shrink or anything like that, but just by sitting down one day and writing down what bothered me or got me down, I was able to find a way to deal with my problems and finally stopped cutting.

I still have the scars, and I won't cover them up with a tattoo or anything. It reminds me of how strong I am to be able to overcome my problems. I hope you can too.

Probrably regrets!!! i think people say its bad because (hopefully), no one stays is a troubled time forever and so, when they feel better about the situation they're in they wouldn't want to have the scars left on their body (they already will have the scars in their head forever)!!

Because it implies deeper mental issues.

In my opinion - im not psychologist or anything, but a have been a serious self harmer in the past and only stopped when I realised my little sister was starting too and I couldn't risk being the reason for this - selfharm is not a problem, it's a symptom. Therefore, go to a doctor.

Unless of course you are the average teenager with issues. In which case if you have time to cut you have too much free time. Find something you love - take up a sport, learn an instrument, start to draw, whatever. I rarely have free time, and this not only stops me cutting, it dulls the emotional pain (btw i agree phsical pain never is worse than mental) and puts life into perspective.

People say it is bad because harming yourself is bad. And if you say it is addiciting, you need to keep in mind that most addicting habits require more and more to maintain the high. So, if cutting is addicting, and you do it more and more to maintain that "high" or release, eventually you will probably end up killing yourself. You need to find other ways to make yourself feel like you are in control of yourself and your life.

Ezekial 33:11
Well, first of all you are doing physical harm to your body and you can get some pretty ugly scars. Sometimes you can physically harm yourself when joining sports. There are many ways to hurt yourself and not be told that its bad.

From a purely medical standpoint, cutting is bad as you open yourself up to infection. I'm not talking about the redness and pain around the cut sites, I'm talking about possible staphlococcus arueus infections. This bacteria can be found normally on people's skin and if they get into your blood (like when you cut yourself) they will travel to the heart valves and start destroying them.

So in short, cutting yourself could be damaging your heart.

Brandon O
you can't say self-harm without HARM. it's right there in black and white. it can cause infections, and leave bad scarring. perhaps you should seek counseling or therapy? there's obviously something bothering you, and it may help to talk to a professional about it.

when i first read the top part of your question, i was like "of course self-harm is bad! how could anyone think otherwise??" but when i read the rest of your question i really understood while people cut in a way i never had before. i used to not understand how physical pain is helpful at all.

i actually had to really think for a reason after reading your opinion. i think it is because it can trap you in an emotional pit. although cutting can relieve you emotionally, i think that that is only temporary. you'll always have the scars to remind you of that emotional pain. for a better answer go to this website:
it is called to write love on her arms. it is a GREAT website.

and thanks for sharing your views. you really helped me to understand cutting. i hope that website can help IF you want help.

(also hope your emotional life becomes easier to deal with!!)

Self-harm is physically bad, but it lets you relieve your emotional burden.

The thing is there are many other ways to feel better without self harm. Hard exercise is just as painful as cutting but it's actually good for you both physically and emotionally.

Watching a good film, taking long walks, meditating, shopping, going out with friends, these can all help as well as self-harm.

I'm not condemning self-harm, it's an emotional release and it keeps harmers from going crazy, but I believe their are other ways out that can help them.

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