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 I forgot my question. I was going to ask a very profound question. Why do I forget my questions?

 how much does it annoy you when you get told to cheer up?
This Is More Annoying When The Person Telling You To Cheer Up Knows Your Severly Depressed. It's Bad Enough When It Comes From A Stranger
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It Is Patronising And B...

 seriously, i can't do it anymore...?
i feel like sh**. all the time. im 16 and really depressed, i guess you could say. today i passed out in school, not fun. and im always tired, im constantly falling asleep in class. i cut my wrists ...

 I wish I could just sleep my life away?
I hate my life. The only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping because I'm not in reality. I'm depressed all the time, I also doing something wrong, and I want to kill myself at ...

 do u see a cup half empty or half full?

 I don't want to sleep because I keep having bad dreams and they scare me. What should I do?

 I KNOW I'm depressed... and I KNOW I need meds. How do I go about getting them? What type of doctor do i go2
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every time i some1 makes me mad i rip somthing 2 peices ...

 people don't realize how close i am ?

Im so close to taking my life right now. why wont people listen to me and help/...

 Does death scare you?
...I swear to.... My cat, if I get any religious answers, I will beat you upside the head with a baseball bat....

 what's wrong with me?
in fifteen.
- sometimes im really happy/excited... sometimes im really sad/unhappy
- i pick my skin, so i have.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_picking [i often bleed becase of it]

 Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
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 I want to die - i'm so miserable.?
I took an overdose a couple of times now and i'm still here but i don't want to - i left a not here saying it was for the best and the latest attempt didn't work - i took 9 ...

 anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
what is this like and what did you do about it?...

 i am gonna kill myself...?
in exactly 3 weeks time. ok? goodbye!
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im being serious though. i want to die. i felt this way for a very long time. suffered from depression for years. im doing it in 3...

 Do you ever wonder what's the point of going to sleep?
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 feeling depressed. physcial disorder, pic included?
i have t.a.r. sydrome, a gene disorder where i am missing my forearms. its not deadly or contagious, i just have limited reach. im 21 and have had it my entire life. but lately, its been bothering me ...

 I am planning my suicide...i need help?
I am planning my suicide right now and i can't stop thinking about it. What should i ...

 Can loneliness make you feel ill?

 Why am I becoming MORE MISERABLE as i get older?
i rarely ever smile or laugh anymore and when i do, it's sounds like i'm being ...

Slippy Sandy
Why can't we live forever?

I don't really think we would be able to handle it.

But, hey, God promises eternal life to those that believe in him.

Ceri T
because the world would over-populate
soz lol

Pretty in pink
Death is like giving us a time limit. Would we cheirsh the time we have with our loved ones if they are going to live forever anyways? Would we cherish our memories if the we are never going to die? Would we commit more crime, because a life sentences is only 60 yrs of eternity? Hmmm

ummm..........because there is a place to go after we live

Because we are destined to die. That's life... so unfair.. just stop thinking about the reality and mystery of undiscovered death.. Enjoy Life 2 d fullest bcoz anytime we can die.. If we live forever, maybe the world will die or be overcrowded and suffocated.

every thing has it's beginning and it's end and so is our life!more over what would you considerably do living the life for ever and even if you do you will be definetely bored one day

Because we are made of flesh and and we rot according to scientists when we age to an older state..

countess lucinda
I do not want to live forever.

Sdfds S
ask god

God originally created humans to live forever, but Adam and Eve (the first man and women) disobeyed God so he punished them by making it where people have to die eventually. But if you are a christian you have nothing to worry about because you will live forever in heaven if not you will be punished. If you don't believe me just wait and we will find out.

Do you love life so much?? People really need to learn how to live from you.

sexy latina209
i think Because there wouldnt be a point to living.....
to love your life !
And to realize not to take for granted what you have
And cherish what you have!!!!

What a horrible world it would be eventually if we all lived forever and continued to have kids.
What a horrible world it would be if we stopped having kids.
Either way, after a while it woudn't be worth the effort anymore.

It would get pretty boring live life one day at a time enjoy it.

ice road trucker
because we would be worn out

well you want to live forever...right..
during one's life time one will definitely marry and consequently you will become a parent of your children...there is nothing unusual in it..then they too wanted to live forever like you..if everyone think like this there will be no space for all people to live in..even now population is increasing..poverty,economical imbalance etc are by product of this problem..no space for new home..for cultivating food items..these are the reasons that we cant live forever..we have to consider our coming generation also...

Each cell is only allowed to replicate a certain number of times. The DNA in the cells have what are called "Telomeres".
The complicated definition of a Telomere :

A telomere is a region of highly repetitive DNA at the end of a linear chromosome that functions as a disposable buffer. Every time linear eukaryotic chromosomes are replicated during late S-phase the DNA polymerase complex is incapable of replicating all the way to the end of the chromosome; if it were not for telomeres, this would quickly result in the loss of useful genetic information, which is needed to sustain a cell's activities.

If you just went, "Huh?", here is what it that means to you:

Many aging-related diseases are linked to shortened telomeres. Organs deteriorate as more and more of their cells die off or enter cellular senescence.(Cellular senescence is the phenomenon where cells lose the ability to divide)

Our cells are built to stop multiplying after a significant period of development. If you could create a genetic therapy to repair the telomeres so that they are longer or so that they don't shorten at all, you might be able to life forever. Nature will find a way though... to kill you.

or see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death

The Great Gazoo
Because the body just plain wears out the same way any mechanical thing will wear out and at this point we can't replace the parts that will fail with any high rate of sucess. ie lungs, heart, brain etc

Blue Haired Old Lady
Because our bodies wear out.

Our spirit will live forever, either in Heaven or the other place.

Because we're not Highlander?

Beautiful Sunshine
Live forever and pick an age and stay there

♫ common sense ♫
yeah i wanna live forever also..trust me I wouldn't get tired of the world

Don't you mean why can't YOU live forever?

I'm gonna live forever; so far so good.

Me again!
Because the world would be OVERpopulated and we would be ridden with Illness, Disease and PAIN!

Justin H
In basic terms it's because we have genetic "switches" that make our bodies start to break down after some period of time. In theory, science may be able to flip these "switches" and enable our bodies to keep healing themselves for many more years.

because otherwise the world would be overpopulated and our bodies grow old and we'd probably be really ill or unable to keep up with new technology

Layton B
All living things must die. It's the circle of life. Make the most of it while you can!

Because our body can't withstand life for that long. Too much stress in the world. Plus, why would you want to?

We can. Just not in the same physical body.

I would like to know the same thing! I wish we could I have so much to live for and look forward to! :/

I guess we just have to make the best of it!

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