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Eva Selena
Why can't I just snap out of it?
I am very sensitive and get depressed easily. I feel empty as I lost my boyfriend and my job. I just want to snap out of it and start better care of myself. I just know don't know how. My doc is on vacation until next month. I feel like I can't wait that long.
Additional Details
I read 29 answers and I want to say thank you for all trying to cheer me up. I felt some relief that some people seems to care enough to answer and offer advice. I know some have suggested that I see another dr but the fact is, is that I am scared to see another dr and it's taken a while for me to get use to the one I was currently seeing. Maybe it's social anxiety. I also have a fear of calling those hotlines. I keep dreaming they will track me and lock me up in a mental institution.
I try to get up and shower and it's hard. Sometimes, I don't want to wake up at all and do nothing and I can barely eat a thing because nothing tastes good anymore.
Thanks so much again for the lovely, kind responses. It brings tears to my eyes that I am not just freak and only one who suffers like this.

i might be only 11 but i know what i do just go have fun for a few days go on vacation do what you want to do if that dosent work do counciling and trust me the last thing you want to do is cry trust me thats what i did when i had some friend isuues and it worked good luck need anything else e mail me at [email protected]

Answer Fairy
I can't tell you what to do... but I can tell you what I do and maybe you'll give it a try.

I grab a trashy romance novel (because they are easy to read and don't take a lot of brain power) and walk 2 miles to the park. On the way, I pick up an iced coffee drink. At the park, I drink my iced coffee, read my trashy book and relax on the grass. By the time I walk back home I feel better.

It's better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. I feel more prepared to face what I need to do to get my life back on track after I have been out for a walk and relaxed for a bit.

Hey! You can and you will. I took anti depressents for a while and believe me they truely are no fun.... they are not cure all for depression. I just kept telling myself that if I kept feeling/talking in anegative way I would never get out of my spiral. Do it for yourself and your future! Take control. Its almost like you need to talk yourself out of the funk. By mo means am I telling you not to go to the Dr. and maybe get the drugs but dont jump and think there is an easy way out. Make a change... a good change! Wake up each morning force yourself to shower... force yourself to take a walk or drive anything that can get you outside and moving. Seritonins (sorry about the spelling) I am pretty sare are your bodys natural anti depressent. Eat right... eat enough do it because it will all be okay in the end. I am sorry about the losses in your life but work it out do the best you can and dont expect it to happen overnight. If you need help call a hotline. They are there to talk.... about anything anytime.... you can find them in the phone book and they are anonomos chat about your day anything that makes you feel good.... try a councelor. You can talk to someone at a church ... I am not religious but when you need help .... you need help right? Tell a friend ask them to just listen... I hope you feel better soon... dont be weak!

You may need an anti-depressant. You cant just "snap out" of depression. Go to another doc. If you are not comfortable with that, hang in there til yours gets back. I am taking Celexa and it seems to be working pretty well.

My friends has chronic depression and we were discussing it in class ( just me her and some friends) and she was telling us that depression is not some thing that you can stop or start. When there is a chemical imbalance in your brain it can sometimes cause depression. She has serious depression.. anti-depressants might work. If i were you i would go out for a night on the town with some friends and just meet some nice people .. that always makes me a lot happier.

i hope i helped! :)

Your doc left someone on call... call them....

Hi I wish that it was as simple as just snap out of it as its something I would have loved to do all these years but it just doesn't not work like that. You should speak with a doctor even if its not yours and if things start to get worse to the point where you just can't hang on any longer get your self to the hospital don't worry they have seen this kind of thing. take care good luck

It takes time and effort. No doctor can make you feel better, or good about yourself. That all has to come from you. Your doctor can give you meds to repress your feelings, but that's really not going to help you in the long run, sweetie. You need to do some reading, start realizing who you are and what you expect in this life...and then never settle for less. Because you are worth everything you expect in this life!

Sometimes "snapping out of it" isn't possible. Call your doctor's office and see if anyone is taking over his appointments, or look up in your phone book for a councilor/mental health professional. You need help, and should get it.

i too have gone through what you are. i lost my husband to another woman. i was depressed, couldnt sleep or eat. i lost 30 pounds. i couldnt concentrate on anything but him and why. fortunately i did not lose my job, i guess that was the only thing that kept me going although i did have to go on medical leave for depression. i didnt take care of myself and i drank alot which made it all that much worse! see your doctor when you can, seek counseling and pray like you never have before! prayer saved me! i recommend reading "the purpose driven life" believe me it will help. you will not "snap out of it"
it will be gradual and it will be hard but it will come. take it day by day. find something or someone else to focus on. help someone and the rewards will be great. you can do it! i did.
god be with you.

jose & kiki c
I believe things happen for a reason. Look on the brighter side and think of the worse things that could of happend in the long run. You'll be ok Eventually, take care of yourself I believe in you

Harihara S
Events creates ripples in our mind. These ripples create impressions. Impressions stay long in memory and can be psychotic. Impressions forms a habitual indulgence if allowed to exists in the surface of the conscious mind frequently.

That is what you are doing. You need create a new habit or culture to overcome this situation. Start involving in other activities quickly, engage your time in reading, and interacting with others. Those other events in life will take your time of the day and you finally have to involve yourself with your previous thought forces less and less.

Hope you are intelligent enough to change your routine activities to remember the newer impressions and retain them for long to forget these older ones.

I think the 1st answer was right. Find something you like to do, such as dancing, and do it until you feel better, or just can't anymore. You have to pick yourself up, and sometimes the best way to do that is to forget everything and everyone Forget all the parts of life that suxs (ex BF and ex jobs), and find the good in the world again. Your good. Just go make yourself have fun. Whether it's a night with friends, coffee, exercise, a good book, or whatever you like. Indulge yourself. You deserve it. Besides, you have nothing to give to anyone else until you replenish yourself. Nothing pours from an empty cup.

fishin for answer
sometimes people cant"just snap out of it". it may take a lil help .is there another doctor you can see while yours is away? are you currently taking meds for depression? if so,continue them until you can see someone. if you arent, then you can try to maybe go out to lunch with a friend or someone. try to keep buisy doing things to help from becoming depressed. try visiting family or friends. anything you do to help keep buisy is good. i dont know what its like to lose both a job and a boyfriend at the same time,but either one alone is enough to cause anyone to feel like you do. the good thing is that both can be replaced with time! cheer up and think positive! set a goal for yourself ! i believe that thinking positive is very important in helping you get through this. dont sit around and wait for the doc to return,you may fall into depression if you havent already or go into deeper depression if you are already depressed. niether one is good ,so pick your head up! cheer up.........everything will turn out ok in the end. i wish you lots of luck.i hope i was of help.

snapping out of a deoression or of your emotions isn't really possible. you can;t just throw them away. you can repress them, but that is bad for you and will make things worse in the near future. i just suggest you talk to someone about loosing your job and your boyfriend. It will help a lot. good luck.

Jenni P
you probably would benefit from counseling so you have an outlet for all your feelings. You seem to be in a real depression (as in not just feeling bad right now) because feeling at a loss on even what step to take next is one of the signs of true depression.
Call your Dr. office and try and see another Dr in the same group since yours is out. And you can try churches and looking in the phone book for other types of couseling.

Until then <big hug>!

hang out with your friends and do things

you aright girl cause i get depressed too,often and i just rely on what my heart tells me. You have a love greater then other cause your the type that hold on forever. your brave and God will forfill that viod with something greater. Strenghth in love girl strength in love.

It sounds to me that you had some big things happen. I can't imagine just "snapping out of it". I think I would be crying and grieving my losses here. I also think this is normal. Why not recognize that it is a lousy time for you and if you can't wait for your doctor to come back, is there a back up person to see?

You need to take some time for yourself, and get a grip on your OWN reality.

Your job and boyfriend are replacable, most things in life are.... You need to focus on other things, yes money is the only way to get around and live these days, so maybe start with looking for a good job, something you will enjoy.. Keep yourself busy with that.....

As far as your BF, i am sorry about that, but obviously he was not the one for you, you can remember the happy times, and move on with your life.....

I wouldnt go searching for anything accept a job for now.. Something will come your way....

Remember doctors are still practicing, ALL doctors are.... You know your body MORE than they do....

Listen to your mind, and dont do anything crazy, There are ups and downs in life, and right now you are down, but think of when you were not.... Life can be good sometimes, we all have to go through it...

Think about yourself, and dont let yourself get to down, YOU and only YOU can help yourself get out of this way you are feeling..

The person who suggested dancing may have been being facetious, but it really is a good suggestion. Physical activity like dancing or running releases endorphins, which will make you feel better for a while. You can also pray (if you have a faith you subscribe to), talk to folks you trust, go volunteer somewhere, begin an active job search....do something that gets you OUT of the house and into some sunshine and fresh air.

Another thing you can do that's good for you is stop thinking you need to "snap" out of feeling bad. You have the right to feel bad when bad things happen. You are taking good steps to not be overwhelmed by it though. Keep your head up, dear!

In God We Trust
God is first and then there is YOU. I have been depressed, yes, severely depressed. I lost my husband when he was only 36 years old. He had congestive heart failure. The rest of his siblings APPEAR to be healthy to this day. They don't appreciate God's blessings. I don't associate with them. THERE IS A ROUGH TIME THAT ALL OF US MUST GO THROUGH. Being depressed is not something that a person can just snap out of. I lost everything at one time and had 33 cents left to my use. Truly, this is a fact. I refuse to let ANYTHING make me feel badly. I am too wonderful and so are YOU. Contact the American Medical Association at 1 - (800) 621-8335 and get several references as to whom can offer you appropriate help. Seriously remember this, What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. BEFORE you enter a home or any building, quietly say "Peace Be To This House." - Luke 10:5. The people within those premises will not know why they are so about peace. On a daily basis, read Psalm 35 (Plead My Cause) - It is a long-winded and very POWERFUL psalm that will cover that which is unknown and that which is known. The Lord will not let you deal with anything that you can not handle. Peace, Love and God Bless.

Call with any problem, Anytime:
Girls and Boys Town National Hotline
Phone: 1-800-448-3000
Email: [email protected]
They have the trained professionals
to help you with this. <}:-})

sam m
Is humanity ready to hear the truth ?
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Prof. Dave
Your doctor should have someone who is on call for them or that is taking their patents while he/she is out on vacation. I would call your doctors office and see who that person is and schedule an appointment to see them. If you get depressed easy and stay that way a lot they can try you on some Lexapro or cymbalta and see if it helps you. It may take about a month for you to really see and feel the full effects of the drug but it will start showing in about 2 weeks. I take an anti-depressant and it has helped me a lot. Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon. Oh yeah and try to stay away from alcohol, it will make you feel more depressed. Not just while you are drinking but the effects can last for a few days. Exercise has shown to help people who feel depressed as well. It increases some of the chemicals in your system that make you feel better and less depressed, so try doing some walking or jogging and see if that helps you some. Best of luck :)

i think the first step is to look on the bright side and try to want what you already have

mmm m
Listen to some upbeat music. Jazz or Trance music always works for me.

Cee T
Try reading Psalms in the Bible.

Icy Gazpacho
It's helpful reading all the answers and I particularly am interested in what Bella has said. It shows that many people have or do suffer from depression and that there are things that you can actually do about it to improve your emotional situation. You can gain some solace from that immediately.. and indeed I suggest some exercise followed by a warm bath with some nice smelling bath salts!

If you think you need to speak with a doctor, don't be afraid to call another doctor at the same office- your doctor will not be angry at all. Try and treat yourself- get your nails or hair done so you feel good about yourself. Breaking up is extremely hard so make sure you treat yourself to something nice to cheer you up.

Broken Bella ©
Find another Dr.

Helping Yourself
Depressive disorders make you feel exhausted, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. Such negative thoughts and feelings make some people feel like giving up. You should realize that these negative views are part of depression, and typically do not accurately reflect your life situation. Negative thinking fades as treatment begins to take effect. Psychotherapy, especially cognitive psychotherapy, is specifically designed to change the negative thinking associated with depression.

In the meantime:

Do not set difficult goals for yourself, or take on additional responsibility.
Break large tasks into small ones, set some priorities, and do what you can as you can.
Do not expect too much from yourself too soon, as this will only increase your feelings of failure.
Try to be with other people; it is usually better than being alone.
Force yourself to participate in activities that may make you feel better.
Try engaging in mild exercise, going to a movie, a ball-game, or participating in religious or social activities.
Don't overdo it or get upset if your mood is not greatly improved right away. Feeling better takes time.
Do not make major life decisions, such as changing jobs, getting married or divorced, without consulting others who know you well and who have a more objective view of your situation. In any case, it is advisable to postpone important decisions until your depression has lifted.
Do not expect to snap out of your depression. People rarely do. Help yourself as much as you can, and do not blame yourself for not being up to par.
Remember, do not accept your negative thinking. It is part of the depression and will disappear as your depression responds to treatment.
Get help from a professional. No matter how much you want to beat it yourself, a psychologist can help you recover faster.

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