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 Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I don't know what to do anymore.

I have told my GP and Key worker how I am feeling. My psychiatrist says theres nothing else can be done. I have rang the samaritans and the crisis ...

 I'm afraid to sleep alone? 16 years old!?
Okay..im a 16 y/o girl
my room door is always open, and my parents room are on the other side of the house and their door is always open too..
when im alone at night, and every ones asleep,...

 How can I learn to take critisism better?
When someone critisizes (I'm not sure if that's spelled right) I take it personally. I don't ever show I do, I won't get angry or anything, but after someone says something I try ...

 Am I way too afraid of death?
I mean, I know its going to happen but just the thought of it brings me to tears. My mother or father can't mention the subject with me at all anymore.
I think about it a lot.... mainly ...

 was it a suicide attempt?
my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed ...

 How can I stop feeling bad about being shy, soft-spoken and sensitive?
I'm always hesitant to open up to others. I have very few close friends even tho I'm an incredibly compassionate person and try to reach out in my own quiet way. Starting to feel as if I ...

 Is my friend a psychopath? What should I do?
I have a friend who apparently likes this girl he's working with. He's looked up her number in the Staff manual, and has all the days he's working with her marked on his calender. He ...

 I feel upset like 99% of the day!?
IDK what's wrong with me! I can't seem to be happy about anything anymore. I've had thoughts about suicide in the past but recently they are getting more out of control. I can't ...

 Last week was the worst of my life-I'm so down I can't see any way back?
I really feel like ending it all..
Additional Details
i asked out a female colleague who had made it clear that she was interested in me too and basically she made a complete fool of me ...

 Hey will someone talk to me, I'm feeling kinda suicidal and really alone...?
I just feel so miserable and I'm just waiting for two hours to go by so I can go to school and get it over with
I'm not interested in calling some stupid hot-line
I just want ...

 If you could only keep one of the five senses, which would it be and why?

Additional Details
I couldn't be happy without my site. I have a good ear for sound and music so I could remember sounds well. as for touch, taste and smell those seem to be ...

 Why is it that I get so depressed when I see my mom?
I mean I am fine when I am at home all day with my dad. My dad really isnt there though if you know what I mean. He usually has dosed off. I am fine when I am alone, and I can be in the best of ...

 Is it possible to be a well-adjusted, kind and loving adult even when you had a shitty childhood?
Like many people I'm sure, I had a pretty terrible childhood. I spent next to no time with my parents, who were always busy and working or doing other things. It was incredibly lonely. My father ...

 Would spending time in a mental home ruin your life?
What I mean is would it affect you getting a job or making friends if everyone knew? eg wouldn't it make perfect gossip for people to spread round and add things to?

Reason I'm ...

 Mom's computer addiction?
My mom is 53 years old and has a major computer addiction. She sits on the computer all day, and doesnt get up unless she is going somewhere or going outside to smoke. She plays spades online the ...

 is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
well 31 years old alone dying (hiv) and so angry about it didnt tell anyone and lost my job from the anger dont you think sucude is the way to go or dye a long painful ...

 How do I tell my mom that I am depressed?
I mean I don't know how to tell her I can't take it no more. I am hurting my family and everyone around me because of this thing. And I don't want to end up killing myself. This has ...

 Why do people say self-harm is bad?
Ok, so, I hear all the time, don't cut yourself because it's bad...blah, blah, blah. But I don't see why it's all that bad. I do it, for one, for a number of different reasons, ...

 Is schizophrenia related to ghosts at all?
Do you think that schizophrenia has anything to do with ghosts? Like do people who have it see ghosts?...

 I'm depressed?
Help? Kind Words?...

Why am I listening to classical music?
I like it, but for about the past two weeks, I've had a particular spike in interest. I don't know what it is, am I depressed?? I have been listening to Air on G, Requiem-Mozart, Clair de Lune, Heroique Polanise op.53-Chopin, a tad bit of Strauss, and Holst as well. I don't know what spiked my interest, but it's kind of strange to out of nowhere just start listening to it all of a sudden all the time.
Additional Details
ahh Shostakovich lol, i just listened to his Concerto for Cello E-Flat major op.107

oh no ... haha :))

soothing feeling?!


Paul A
It's good music - and pleasant to the ears :-)

Try the Brahm's Symphonies, and some Wagner - the Overture to Tannhauser is excellent!

John A
I am that way as well. I will be unable to do without a certain form of entertainment or learning and then, seemingly out of the blue, I cannot bear to be around that which, only moments ago, was as strong an interest as I could remember. I am also a person who tends towards depression.

You are fine. I did the same thing LOL ! ! ! Check out Sarah Brightman's Eden.She sings the theme song to the Titanic in Italian.AWESOME ! ! !

probably just got interested for some reason

Don't go any where near Mozart!! It's addicting!! Music doth soothe the savage breast. Just sit back and be happy you've discovered it.

Hey...it's good music...Just enjoy what you want and keep trying new things

Beethovan's Ninth for example

Zeek M
listen to the sound track to the movie Brave Heart some good stuff

Maybe your just discovering you have another interest in a completely different type of music. Maybe you think it's strange, because you don't/didn't expect you would like it. Don't fight it. If you like it, listen to it. :-)

I believe that classical music promotes an emotional response. I use to say, that I can't understand what "they" are saying. But when I started experiencing the emotion in the music, I was struck, and love classical music as well as Opera.
Turn it up and enjoy! Music is a universal language regardless of beginning or ending...

Maybe you want to be relaxed or you're brain wants to be more smarter!

yu could be particularily interesated in the different motifs and ideas displayed in the pieces which can have a very strong effect on people. But beethovens moonlight sonata in c sharp minor 3rd movement is awesome

Kathryn R
I dont' think it's strange at all almost all of the music on my Ipod is classical. It helps to relax you, it stimulates your brain to understand complex concepts. Which is why children who learn classical music do well in subjects like math. Maybe your brain knew that you needed to listen to it right now especially if you;'re facing a lot of test or some difficult subject at school.

Luiz E

Hope u like it.... :P

you must of had a realy life changing experience

i don't know what your problem with it is i love all music

lindsαy loserfαicee
Probably just zoned out.
That's the kinda stuff I do when im in the zone.

I found myself listening to hip hop one day on someone's myspace and I really usualyl listen to stuff like techno or death metal.
I was like "Whattt? o.O" when I realized.

maybe you like these musics. try baroque

The Chosen One
It's just a change in interests, nothing wrong with that.

No reasons. I go through music phases. That's probably what you're going through.

Classical music is amazing. Nothing to be weird-ed out by!

OMG! Halo Pwns?
FFS! There's nothign wrong with Classical Music. Most epic music movies use are used by classical instruments. Get used to listening to it, no music is bad except for Christian Rock. Haha.

The Perfect Drug
Probably because it's awesome :D

Check out some Bernstein and Shostakovich. Been listening to a lot of them myself lately.

Here's Candide Overture by Bernstein. I am in love with this.

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