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Nicholas H
Why am I having so many nightmares?
It's not just one or two dreams, it's every time I close my eyes. I lay awake for hours because every time I come close to slipping into the unconscious world a terrible something or someone is stopping me. Sometimes I realize I'm in a nightmare, but things like children drowning is not something I can ignore whether it's real or not. Other times I'm getting hurt in my sub conscience land, and finding those same places in reality are painful but without marks - like phantom pain. There are evil monsters, regular robbers, creepers, natural disasters, abandonment, etc; Every time I close my eyes I'm attempting to run, help, scream, or fight. In some dreams I know the people and in others I don't, The only constant here seems to be that the dream is "bad". It's been going on for a week, and I've even tried sleeping at different times and such.

Suggestions? PLEASE LET ME KNOW.


Lavender V
Do you watch scary movies or read scary books and such? Next time you have a nightmares try talking. It may sound silly, but enjoy your time while your in there. Make the best of it. Laughing helps. ^__________^

It could be closely connected to the temperature of the environment you are sleeping in

I will say check your health status like your cholesterol, etc. (watch what you are eating) but if you are find I will say then pray or read something peaceful before going to sleep. Also, music might work. Do not think about any problem or anything that might get you nervous. Stay positive, have faith that it will go away very soon. Staying positive does work. From the bottom of my heart I wish you to have good dreams starting tonight ;)

Nightmares are bad dreams.

They can make you feel extremely scared and frightened. But fear not….these dreams are not real and are usually quite normal.

Characterized by vivid imagery and extreme feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness or guilt they are powerful enough to wake you up.

Children experience frightening dreams more often than adults, especially between the ages of 3-4 and 7-8, as this is when they are dealing with separation anxiety.
Bad dreams at this age show a normal struggle to cope with fears and issues and they usually involve being chased by wild animals. This is a normal stage of development for children and should be viewed as such.

In adults, about 50% report experiencing nightmares occasionally and of these, they occur more often in women than men.

There are certain factors that contribute to frightening dreams occurring in adults:

1. Certain Medications and illnesses, especially fever, can cause bad dreams.

2. Stress and anxiety in adults is the main reason that causes bad dreams. If there are some stressful events or huge changes in your life this can definitely lead to frightening dreams.

3. Traumatic events such as deaths, serious injuries or being attacked can bring on a severe form called Post Traumatic Nightmares and these are more severe than regular bad dreams and are usually recurring dreams. Treatment can be sought for these forms of dreams as they are usually more disturbing and persistent in nature.

I like nightmares so I try having them. Ways I've found that I have more is eat a big meal before sleeping, sleep with the door unlocked, drink lots of caffeine during the day (It doesn't keep me up, just makes me dream more). Nicotine makes me dream more, cold medicine and I also have a prescription to chantix which really makes me have lots of nightmares. So I'd try avoiding all of these things if you are trying not to have them.

Maybe you're letting this fear take over your life? And you're too worried about all these things happening in real life, so you're having nightmares?...

I don't know why you're having such bad dreams unless something traumatizing happened to you. If you want to get rid of them you can go to your doctor. My ex was in a bombing and had nightmares all the time and the doctor gave him some kind of medicine that just made him stop having dreams or not be able to remember them. Hope this helps some.

do you have issues going on in your life right now? That may cause nightmares. Or, do you watch violent movies, read violent books, or play violent video games? I find when I do a lot of one thing or focus a lot on something, I end up dreaming about it in one form or another. You should watch what you expose your mind to, because that definitely affects what you dream about. If none of this applies to you, you should talk to a shrink and get some help.

Josh F
well the best way i can describe this constant nightmares is somethinng evil is happening. No seroiusly i would go to my local pastor and talk it over with them. all dreams have meanings even the happy ones this sounds very wrong so contact someone in a clergical postion.

Wuppsta =D
Hi! please don't take things too hard in the daytime, try to relax and think of what you did really well in the morning and yeah! Nightmares are caused by stress, pressure and memory pressure. The easiest way is to relax, think of good and positive things and be yourself!

good luck!

Maybe because you are waching so many scary movies. Wait a second!! Have you ever seen a little kid drown?? If so thats probably the reason why.

p.s Do not let those thougts get to you, its just an illusion to entertain you as your sleeping[ SIRIUOSLY, DONT LET THOSE THOUGTS GET INSIDE HEAD].

Ryan B
Consult your doctor.

Sounds like you might have some major anxiety and it is playing out in your dreams. Try to deal with whatever issues are going on in your life instead of "running".

If things dont start getting better, consider seeing your doctor about a referral to a therapist - I think you have some things going on you may not even be aware of, at worst maybe even the early stages of a mental illness. Dreams are usually trying to tell you something.

You may have a sleeping problem. But it could just be in your head. Expecting it may play a huge role in the fact that you always have bad dreams. Watch Sponge Bob a half hour before bed, play with a pet, etc. Anything to get happiness on your mind. If it continues, you should probably see your doctor.

Try changing you eating habits, lowering caffeine intake, no eating fried or heavy foods before sleeping. If not the eating, try to have a clear mind before sleeping.
Whatever you do, try not to watch or listen to any news programs, watch violent/action filled movies, or even read fantasy filled books for awhile to clear your mind. Your brain is being overloaded by so much, and it is seeping into your subconscious.

Joe K
I also suffer from bazaar nightmares, I try not to snack before bed,
it so makes it worse... and try to think possotive thoughts and, if you pray it also helps me, when I wake up from my fighting dreams.

Why do people have nightmares? Reasons vary. There's no single cause of nightmares and hence no single way of stopping them. Sometimes physical factors can be involved, such as illness and/or medication. Sometimes a nightmare reflects some unusual stress or trauma in the waking world. Sometimes it is just a result of small, niggling worries that have been ignored for too long.

Nightmares rarely cause any direct physical harm beyond interrupted sleep. However they can still have an indirect impact. Even if you put the nightmare aside as "just a bad dream", you can find yourself going through the next day feeling unusually irritable, moody or depressed. An unresolved nightmare can lead to a bad day.

One suggestion is to try to "neutralise" the nightmare before going back to sleep. Lie back and visualise a positive, peaceful and happy alternative to the nightmare. If you were being chased, perhaps you turn and face the pursuer, only to discover it's a cuddly teddy bear just having fun. If you were falling, perhaps you float gently down onto a thick feather mattress covered with silk sheets. Even if you can't think of a specific alternative to the dream, be sure to conjure up pleasant scenes and emotions.

Check out the link below...

Hmm i think you should try talking to a professional. If you are having a lot of stress and take things very emotionally during the day it is possible that that's the reason for them. If so try to be calmer and not to take things too emotionally or too personally. Anyway dreams are really hard to figure out since they are a web of a web and only a real professional who you have been going to therapy to for a long time could analyze the nightmares.

Now, I do not read dreams by no means but long ago if i remember correctly some dream subjects mean totally different things. Like you struggling and hurting might mean that you have a choice to make in your daily life that requires you to look deep inside. OK Sounds werid yet? LOL Seeing places in your dreams that you were emotionally hurt in and actually gettn physically hurt might mean that you have settled with that pain in your life. You might need to move on and focus on the hurts to heal...KWIM?
Dreams with scary things it it monsters, creepers, natural bad things normally mean I think, fear of choices you have to make, Not wanting to make them or not wanting to even think about them out of fear of change. OK All this sounds werid i know. I might not even be remembering it all right, see I have had the same EXACT dream for over 25 years now and looked for answers myself.

what was the last thing?, and when how long ago, that u saw, or read or hear, that could have impress you, so fair, that u sub-conscious can't stop reminding u about, that things like that can happen in real life, not to u, but to someone, near u, perhaps? u age its also important in this facts, also a fertile imagination, remember u may also be putting your own self to the text?, which its natural, the best thing its to spiritually become a bit more connected to your own spiritual entity, so he can too, help in your quest, try to define and resist there is nothing to be scare off, and if u awake, try to remember the dream, be part of it, it will be an experience, read good books, especially some that can talk religiously about spirituality, something from Tibet, there are few good writers which are Monk's, "Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, was one of then, The book name is "The Third Eye" there is your starting point. good luck.

Are you taking any medication at the moment? That can sometimes have a major affect, especially anti-depressants. My advice is talk to your doctor.

[email protected]
it might be that your watching t.v right before bed. I suggest reading a book before bed!

well ummm..... maybe you could just have a positive attitude and not watch and movies or tv that is making you make in the dreams maybe that will help or go to therapy or a councilor i have no clue

Im sorry! I had night-mare problems too!
The best thing to do, is to not see a screen at least an hour before bed. Dont drink or eat anything sugary. Do this for about a month, and the nightmares will be gone.

Kevin M
its probably brought on by a delayed reaction to some sort of traumatic event that you experienced to witnessed in your life. sometimes it takes a while for the memories to have an affect on your brain and mess with it. there is really no way to get away from it except to just let it pass. i suppose you could go into therapy for it but that would be lengthy and costly. its up to you.

Tzeitel K
Try using a dream catcher. Otherwise watch tv until you fall asleep not on purpose. Or try to read something really happy before sleeping.

It's probably a sign that you are not properly settling down for bed. Dont think about things while your trying to fall asleep, just count back from 723, and think about nothing but counting backwards. If you feel your focus shift, then you need to restart at 723. This is how I overcame my problem with nightmares, and I even went to see a specialist

KATIE [anti - jonas & cyrus]
noooooooobodly can tell you for sure
but it has to do with what you are feeling emotionally and what you are going through right now. you may not think its anything, but something is going on with you mentally right now that you might be unaware of

just me
I take Zoloft and it gives me very bad nightmares.

chocolate before bed gives me nightmares.

Mark K
you must be stressed out about something

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