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what's up
Why am I becoming MORE MISERABLE as i get older?
i rarely ever smile or laugh anymore and when i do, it's sounds like i'm being sarcastic

gies r icky

me too! i am 46 and i used to be very jovial . but now i am not anymore and can't be bothered , must be old age

if you are a woman it's because of hormonal change,if you're a man it could be you don't feel you have accomplished enough at this stage in your life.just a guess....

Russ D
I would say that is true of most people myself included. I would say you should get out more and maybe go to comedy club. laughter truly is the best medicine for crabiness.

when you get old you can become like this but smile a day and laugh it will make you feel better

i was getting a bit that way myself,
but this past week i went with a wonderful woman
to a beautiful spot on the coast of maine, we were like two
kids playing in the sandbox--must keep some spark of
romance or fun alive

You get what you give.Are you smiling at others?There is always a reason to laugh or smile.You have to change your atttude to others.It is the mental age that matters.If you feel mentally old soon your body also become aged.Keep mentally young.Mix with both younger and equal aged.See the world the way others see and move withtimes.You can be ageless and youth foreever.You find out the reasons why you can not laugh.Write it down may be family problem,earnings,difference with relatives/office.Try to identify and correct yourself.A new life is waiting for you ,take the first step,be happy and confident.

Maybe you're depressed. Or maybe just one of life's worriers. Does it bother you? If it does, now's the time to change.

Knowledge breeds depression. The more you know the more crap you have to be upset about. Ever notice that simple people are always happy.

Dont know,,, only you know that one,,, lighten up a bit....

Must admit though,, gettin a bit like that myself at 46....

impending death..sorry or you depressed take some happy pills

paul m
you aren't alone i am becoming a cynical git as i get older.

You must be one of those miserable old buggers

I'll tell you why, Its the youth of today!!!
Who do they think they are?!! little whippersnappers, making too much noise with their 'music'! i tell you what, in my day.......
Oohhhhhh dear......

Check out Erikson's stages of psychosocial development. I remembered this from Human Development class.

Your thinking about it more often... seriously... Dont linger on it!!

It depends on what life has thrown your way. Just remember this is not a dress rehearsel.

It could possibly relate to a decrease in your serotonin levels, which naturally occurs as we age. Check out the info listed below and don't forget to check with your doctor before making any changes. Good luck!

i think you answerd your own question lol.

don't sweat be really REALLY grumpy for a whole day and express you misery and then after that try a comdey club like someone said. Or you cud be tired and need a break, take a trip for a fortnight to a carribean island or something, wherever floats your boat.

You are probably too intelligent and the people that you hang around with don't stimulate you anymore. Get some new friends?

Yes, me too unfortunately, but try thinking of your glass being half-full, rather than half-empty. As Monty Python put's it, 'Always look on the bright side of life'.

ye me too, i find no one can make me laugh anymore???


Maybe you are stuck in a rut and your life has become too routine. Do something like terrify the hell out of yourself with a sky dive.


You are getting more miserable as you get older because you're starting to realise that your parents were right. Being an adult really isn't all that great. When you're a kid, everything is still new and you're discovering things all the time. You get kicks out of stuff that just becomes a part of every day once you're older. You'd have tried so hard not to let your Mum know you had a drink when you were 14, now it doesn't matter at all. She wouldn't mind at all if you had one now. You're finally starting to realise that all the great stuff you heard and thought being an adult was all about when you were growing up was just hype, and being an adult is really just work bills and peptic ulcers.

Johnny Brigz
you're not.. the world is just getting more sh*tty.. least that's my excuse.. hold on i got to go chase some kids off my garden with a stick and then shout at the neighbours cat

You've probably just realised that the best part of your life is being wasted on mere survival inthe sure and certain knowledge that you are being taxed into the grave:)
You're not alone - I rarely smile these days.
I think once you've settled into a groove you tend to shut down and reject new experiences for the safety of whatever it is you've become comfortable with. The trouble is, you're not prepared to risk your (now) very precious time and resouces on anything that you may not like...
Hate to say this, but you've got to get out there and try something new, something that challenges you, have a mid-life crisis anything, anything but sink further down in your armchair and think that there's nothing out there worth bothering about.
Once you get past a certain age, nobody minds you making a pratt of yourself - so what have you got to lose?

You seriously need a change in your lifestyle before you become serious depressed. Go out more, even for a walk, but most of all enjoy life.

Sounds like you're tired out...and maybe disillusioned with your career/job or the lack thereof. Cultivate a new interest in life and make sure you're in good health--get a checkup. Being ill can make a misery out of anyone.

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