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 I'm feeling suicidal?
It feels like the end of the world at the moment. I am mainly hurting over a girl. But so many other things too. I just can' handle it. I am seeing a psychiatrist too and nothing is taking the ...

 I am so depressed...?
My husband just left for a year to go to iraq and I cant get pregnant. We have been trying since last november. I am 29 years old and all my friends around us are either pregant with their first ...

 Is this a normal emotion?
Well i'm depressed right now cause a few people wrote really rude comments to my question when yea i know it wasn't really a question, and now i'm emotionally upset since i'm ...

 I'm thinking of killing myself. What should I do?

 What are good reasons not to commit suicide?

 I forgot my question. I was going to ask a very profound question. Why do I forget my questions?

 how much does it annoy you when you get told to cheer up?
This Is More Annoying When The Person Telling You To Cheer Up Knows Your Severly Depressed. It's Bad Enough When It Comes From A Stranger
Additional Details
It Is Patronising And B...

 seriously, i can't do it anymore...?
i feel like sh**. all the time. im 16 and really depressed, i guess you could say. today i passed out in school, not fun. and im always tired, im constantly falling asleep in class. i cut my wrists ...

 I wish I could just sleep my life away?
I hate my life. The only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping because I'm not in reality. I'm depressed all the time, I also doing something wrong, and I want to kill myself at ...

 do u see a cup half empty or half full?

 I don't want to sleep because I keep having bad dreams and they scare me. What should I do?

 I KNOW I'm depressed... and I KNOW I need meds. How do I go about getting them? What type of doctor do i go2
It's been too long... I don't have a "primary care" doctor... and I don't think I need one to get some meds to make me feel better. I need to know how to go about getting ...

every time i some1 makes me mad i rip somthing 2 peices ...

 people don't realize how close i am ?

Im so close to taking my life right now. why wont people listen to me and help/...

 Does death scare you?
...I swear to.... My cat, if I get any religious answers, I will beat you upside the head with a baseball bat....

 what's wrong with me?
in fifteen.
- sometimes im really happy/excited... sometimes im really sad/unhappy
- i pick my skin, so i have.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_picking [i often bleed becase of it]

 Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
I can't manage to sleep for more that about 3 - 4 hours at the moment, no matter what time I go to bed. Falling asleep isn't the problem - it's staying asleep. I tend to wake up in the ...

 I want to die - i'm so miserable.?
I took an overdose a couple of times now and i'm still here but i don't want to - i left a not here saying it was for the best and the latest attempt didn't work - i took 9 ...

 anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
what is this like and what did you do about it?...

 i am gonna kill myself...?
in exactly 3 weeks time. ok? goodbye!
Additional Details
im being serious though. i want to die. i felt this way for a very long time. suffered from depression for years. im doing it in 3...

Why Do People Pick On People Who Are Different?
Why are people getting Picked on for being different to others?? That is something that does my head in and i also get bullied for it!

Kay R
Because it is easy to forget your own insecurities when you're able to point out the flaws in others.

whatever is different about you, just don't treat it like a weakness, treat it like a strength, and no one will be able to pick on you for it.

Ben S
well there are 2 cliche answers: people are afraid of those who are different, or its easy to find things to mock that is different from themselves. but hey it could also be that people like to laugh and if one person making fun of another means that its okay to laugh... then there is another reason... people are petty, and its a way for them to cover up their own problems. hang in there, and remember nothing in life worth having comes easy

brain child of boredom
it is wrong, the chance for the youth to change the world is now, yet instead we turn against each other, i cant stand it, i was bullied from second to fifth grade, just because i was short and shy!! we must change, or we will destroy ourselves

they just want to act really big in front of their friends but everybody's got somethink to be bullied for

Blair M.
because some people think its fun(which i think is just wrong), it gives them something to talk about and it makes them feel better because they may think they are weird.

Many people are so insecurr with themsleves that htey have nothign better todo them attemp to make themselves feel better by degrading someone else

I think it's because they're cowards. they hang out with the bad groups for protection, and they feel safe there, so if they are mean to anyone in that main group of people who are all the same, they will get beaten up, but if they pick on the minority of different people, there will be less people to pick on them back, and more to support them

Mz Bright Eyez
Some people just like to feel superior to others, while putting others down they feel much better about themselves... totally stupid.

Darin C
Because it is harder to face the faults and shortcomings within themselves.

What does this have to do with mental health?

jell w
im not sure, i was told because it makes them feel better about their flaws, calling you ugly doesnt make them any prettier, calling you fat doesnt make them any skinnier, etc... I was always told as a younger child you arent better than anyone else and you dont need to act as though you are, hope i helped.

vaughn favrua
i read one of your questions the other day and i used t ocut and stopped. people said i ws emo or whatever the hell its called but i did it for guil tand pain. so what ever anyon says i say f--kem!! i still where sleavles shirts and if people ask me what are all the marks on my arm i tell them so they can a sence of the things i went through. you sound like a good person and just continue to be you and rememmber that your happienss is the most important thing. not others opinions

People pick on others because of differences for many reasons. One, jealousy. Two, incapability to understand. Three, they're self conscious. Those are just a few. people are mean by nature. Just be strong and down show them that they get to you. They will stop eventually if there is no reaction. hope this helps

because other people are morons. They are stupid enough to make fun of someone for no specific reason. or because they look or act different. Just stand up for your self and tell them to step off or ELSE! ahaha. Tell them youll put a hex on them! ahaha. Im just kidding. If you need and more help let me know!

Excess Baggage-A
simply cos they can't pick on someone they are intimidated by. so the go for the weaker and who is more socially accepted (by groups) to pick on!
low self esteem. i believe it is called (sheep walk )or something. makes them belong to a cooler group? so next time they intimadate yo say: Maaaaa

it is cuz the people just want to let people know that their "normal" so they pick on the disabled/ or different kids so they fell better

becuaeseit is fear of being different
they like complete order in their hegemony but have some who is different upsets that balance and causes them to have to think in terms of that they are not the center of the universe.

People usually pick on other people because they themselves are insecure and that is how they know how to work on it. Also many people do it because they are scared. Besides who care what other people think. Love yourself and enjoy your life and you will be happy.

because people feel threatened by something they don't understand. And a lot of people try to cover that up with being mean.

well, i suppose this is the cliche answer--but because people are afraid of what's different--or frankly, they think that the other person is an idiot for being the way they are. i would have to say guilty as charged---never will i discriminate against a person--meaning--bully them--make fun to there face, or physically hurt them in any way, or even try to change them. that's their perogative--to be the way they want, even if I myself think it's silly. this is coming from a tattooed, lip peirced person, and frankly, i know that people think my tattoos are stupid, and my lip ring is retarded, but really, i don't care. if you think about it--i got those tattoos, and that lip ring, knowing it was different from the norm, and that's what i like about it--and being different from the norm, i also accept the fact that people might think i'm an idiot--but i'm not going to take it to heart. why should i? why should anyone? it just comes w/ the territory of being different--and if different was accepted, it really wouldn't be different anymore, or that satisfying for that matter. so also, just come to realize that EVERYONE has something that they don't accept--because it's different. i'm sure you've made fun of someone, for something? right? if not, you're a saint, and you can't expect everyone else to be :)--don't get me wrong, i'm not saying people picking on people is in any way right, but if you decide to wear your pants down around your knees, you have to expect someone to pull them down around your ankles--this is figurative of coarse--i'm assuming you don't wear your pants around your ankles. anyway, i hope this helped :)

AhhhSashaaa :)
I know what you mean.the name calling.the food throwing.the pushing around.Down to the teachers themselves.Who make fun of us just as much as the students.a reason i dread school so much.You shouldnt pay any attention to those people.They are all inconsiderate, ignorant, immature, mindless maggots.

i'll tell you why people bully, there big headed, think-there-all-it-and-a-bag-of-chips, immature, horrible, think there better than everyone else, cruel, like to see people upset and there b******s! dont lsten to them, they'll get there karma my mam always say that when your older you meet the bullys again and there usually in a rubbish job while your doing good in life.

They don't understand why "different" people act in a way that is not exactly like themselves, they get defensive and insecure about the way that THEY are and so they express this insecurity in bullying others...don't worry hun you'll get through it though, kids -me included- who get bullied/are hated end up stronger in the end and it makes them a better person.

just hang it there...but in the mean time, i would surround myself with people who like you the way you are

because their jealous they cant be as hyper creative and smart as me!!!! :D haha lol

im different and a wierdo ppl dont like it but i just try and look past it, but then luckily i dont get bullied for it.

most cases is, they are immature and ignorant or they are jealous. but it doesnt get them anywhere in life so they should just quit!

ppl are used to the stereotype groups in which they belong. The groups that they dont belong to are seen as all the same. And one person tends to belive that their group is superior to the rest.... But Crap Aside, hang on things will get better and just be you

because people feel the need to be better then others and belittling people that are different are an easy way to make yourself feel "better"

Mike Honcho
because they're insecure and have aproblem with someone being strong enough to be themselves and not follow along like sheep

phat girl
cuz people are just simply jealous that we can be ourselves around other people and just be us!and people hate that cuz tehy have a so called reputation!but w.e. dont let all that stupid **** got o ur head!!=)

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