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Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
Well lets say I'm not a very happy person. I write as some people say disturbing poems but it just tells how I feel about my life and everything around it.
Additional Details
I'm 17 and not a little girl.

do you like the band disturbed..........but to your question as long as you dont act depressed and only right poems i dont thing theirs anything wrong

I'm the same way, no one understands my disturbing poems either. I don't try to make them distubing but it comes out that way. I think you might be dark and twisty inside like me. I don't think you need any help, you seem fine to me.

krazy kat
keep writing that is a wonderful outlet who knows maybe you were meant to be a writer good luck

You are in need of extreme happiness. Take a few minutes to read this teen advice, then click on Rx for happiness.


Wrath Warbone
Most experts say writing down your feelings is very healthy, no matter what they are. You might add writing letters to people you know about what you want to say to them, but don't show them the letters. They are just for you. Read up on the subject of Journaling. You'll learn more about why your writing is healthy and how you can make it more so.

If you are serious about writing as a calling in life you can read some biographies of the best writers. Many are shown to be neurotic if not verging on psychotic. The mind is very mysteriously made. Some people with mild depression are capable of doing great creative pieces of art but under relaxed conditions with no depression they accomplish little. They rather rely on pleasure to satisfy their brains. Some of course are highly motivated by pleasure but seldom seek to do creative works. They are excited all day with games people play doing what is just for feelings. None the less in movies they are making money because we all enjoy dreams of pleasure and not of art. Good luck in your challenging life. Share with an outsider who will be a better friend to you. You know you can reach many of the right people in this section.

Tiana A
nothin is wrong wit u that is just how u express urself if thats how u do it and they dont like it they dont understand u. Everyone has dif ways they express themselfs like diaries u just do it in poems

WELL, nothing wromg with that. MAKE peace with G0d and be happy.

yeah... you need help. Try a counselor or somthing
good luck

WE ALL NEED HELP-welcome to the club

Michael M
I think it is good to write your feelings down if it be in poems or short stories. If you feel like they are disturbing why don't you talk to a counselor or somebody you can trust. Maybe you trying to same something with your writings and you need to talk to somebody. It can't hurt to talk to a counselor or psychologist but it can hurt if you keep your feelings inside or if you don't understand them. Please go and talk to someone! Take care of yourself!

vicki f
not at all

Terry S
You may need some help and there is nothing wrong with that. Talk to your doctor he/she may be able to help or point you in the right direction.

And Honey, 17 is still a little girl, but I know what you mean. It's a matter of where you are in life. Be proud that your young and enjoy life while you are young.

E-mail: [email protected]

Visit "Our Bipolar World" my personal website at:

Old Hippy
If you think you need help sweetie, you probably do. Talk to someone at school maybe.

same girl/new name :)
I think every1 kinda goes through that stage in their life. Where life just sux! Just as long as you don't feel suicidal or like hurting urself. If you do,talk to some1 you can trust and get some mental help. No shame in knowing u need help. The shame is NOT admitting u need help. Mayb u need to see a doc about some antidepressant meds? Good Luck Honey!

don't worry your just a disturbed little girl, so am I

You should speak to a therapist. 17 is a difficult age and a lot of people have doubts about adulthood and thier identity at this time in thier life. Talking to someone may not only give you a healthy way to vent, but he or she may be able to help you work through some things in your life that might be causing you to feel crappy.

I think that it is a good way to express yourself, people can be very judgmental. Keep writing, everyone has odd, wierd and disturbing thought, the only difference between you and them is that your putting yours in writing. Do what you like?

Lauren N
It's a stage everyone goes through;
They feel often depressed, angry, sad, about to committ suicide.
Trust me, I went through it.
I got through it, and even though I still get depressed sometimes, it's okay, because it's normal.
Just the normal teenaged life.
It'll pass by, eventually.
Poems are a good way to express yourself, too. It's healthy.

what is your emotional support? do you speak to family, friends openly about what you feel? or do you not really feel like talking to people about these things? what im getting at is that we all need someone that we can trust and be able to talk to. i recommend seeing a counselor, or a therapist. you dont necessarily need to see a psychiatrist. but talking to someone may help you feel better. you will feel better knowing that you can talk to someone that will not judge you. i know they can be expensive, (i dont know how old you are), so maybe theres a guidance counselor in school.

alot of people dont even realize this, but your chemical makeup can have an effect on your mood. if you have a chemical imbalance, ie. low levels of seratonin in your brain, this can make a person have a low mood and never really feel happy. this can even eventually lead to more serious things like depression.

do you tend to sleep alot and/or have poor eating habits? do you rather spend time alone than with other people?
these can be a signs of depression.
you should also have a healthy diet and exercise. exercise is supposed to release endorphins, which may increase your mood.

i definitely suggest talking to a professional. a low dosage of an anxiety/depression medication can work wonders. it may even help you can feel more positive and have a happier outlook on life.

you're ok, writing disturbing poems is not an indication that you need help... the cutting is more of a problem... keep writing what you feel and let it out

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