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♣ Polly ♣
What will happen if someone takes 5 packets of Tylenol (Paracetamol) at once?
Each packet contains between 16 and 32 500mg tablets.

Thank you.


Alex V
they will probably vommit its so much itll just make them throw up instead of killing themselves but if they dont throw up itll kill them

Billy Joe Bob
Go see a doctor.

They will feel like I do at the moment.


why would you WANT to do that

&& кαтнєяιηє ! ιℓуѕƒm <3
A LOT of dizziness && chance of dying .

Taking more than your are supposed to is very dangerous as it can cause liver damage, even if you do not feel sick afterward.

has someone done this? If so - hospital, NOW.

Why do you want to know this?

You just aren't supposed to, it's dangerous for your body.

many owls
itll eventually kill the liver,other pain medications attack the kidneys.
what will happen if you dont take them? a head ache? sore muscles?
thatll pass,itll happen again,and pass.
in the long run its easier to not take so many bandades,cause when you really need it?
probably cant take them.
its a modern problem.

you will overdose

which means:
liver damage
risk of death

AKA bad

but with that many pills...
you will, without a doubt, die a slow and unpleasant death

That someone will die. That's a lot of medication, and that someone should not even be considering taking that much medication. Stick to the 2-tablet recommended dose.

You can get yourself toxicated and then they will have to take you to the hospital and get your stomach pumped.

you would most likely die because it would most likely shout down your organs! plz dont try it!

Hi xx
someone taking 5 packs of tylenol is most probably going to severely damage his kidneys. Check paracetamol side-effects.

truthfully, you'll just puke it up. your stomach cant handle that and would reject it. thats why you need anti-vomitting meds too.

at first i was gonna say 5 tylenol isnt a big deal, but then i figured out how many are in a packet... said person needs to get immediate help.

your liver and stomach will not be able to handle. 5 packages will probably kill you.

Your liver shuts down and you die, in a particularly painful manner.

george p
I would suggest the person seek medical attention, including psychological care.

You'll freak, end up at the hospital getting your stomach pumped.

People will say it is a cry for help, act awkward around you, speak in hushed tones around you, avoid you. Cus they have their own problems, and don't want to be the one to "set you off".

You'll feel lonlier and more frustrated than before.

Taking more than recommended can cause liver damage later down the road.

They would die a very very painful death. People who commit suicide with Tylenol often didn't know that it's an extremely painful way to die...and it's not that quick.

Chuck Norris
DOn't do it! YOu can damage your liver permanently ... a

Insert Original Nickname Here™
That'll be the last headache they ever have.

This amount of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) can cause a person's liver to fail. Please view the web links I added to the source window.

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