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Babe in Uniform
What to do if you are feeling suicidal? Seriously?
I'm depressed

just take a deep breath, and think about what's making you feel this way. try to think about the good things that have happened because of it, or the good things that you can do because of it.
then maybe you should eat some chocolate and talk to friends. it always helped me.

Shane Burke
Find a friend and make sure they watch you the night.

call the emergency services as it is too late for you to see a doctor, the emergency service will assess you and put you on medication.

go to the Doctor get help FAST
also more the 50% of people that was suicidal regret what they did after they have done it.
many people have not dyed from it now have bran problem's.
so just don't do itt..

i really wish if i can talk More with you but any way you have to know that life have ups and down so we also get through the same thing kill your self and that will take you where nothing do that and you will reach no where but you have to know also that you only taste the sweet taste of happiness because you were sad one day or depressed you have to be strong and let go get positive make some changes in your life you will never know what is going to happen in the future to come

get help ASAP

Cali guy 818
First tell your parents!!!!!! Depression is very serious!

You might have to see a psychologist and he or she might recommend you to take anti-depressants.

I know it's complicated and a drag, but it's the right thing to do!

I really hope you feel better. I know it's a terrible feeling inside, but you will feel happier with time.

Tanya S
talk to ppl, listen to upbeat music and try to dance around, work out, think of how my family would feel if I were dead, think of the people in the world who have it worse than me, make a list of things in my life I'm grateful for (its easy to forget how much you have when you are depressed)
if you do all those and still feel bad, well, trust me you wont

take yourself to the hospital immediately.and be honest with them i hope you are still around for many more years to come. life sometimes seems terrible but no matter what it is it has been handled by someone else i am sure you are not the first or the last . god loves you and you will find out that sooner or later you will be saying this was worth waiting around for.

Emily A

Go to a hospital emergency room.

Tell an adult!

Hopefully anyone who states that they are feeling suicidal is automatically taken very seriously.

I recommend giving 1-800-273-TALK a call.

They're the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and they have additional information here:


You are not alone, and there are people who can help you through this time.

Get help. It's the best thing you can do. It doesn't have to be a psychiatrist....but perhaps a friend that will listen....Just know that if you do take your life, imagine what pain you will cause the ones you love, the ones that cared for you.

Depression....how to fix it?Find an outlet, smile once in a while....laugh, don't look at things so grimly...go outside....have fun...
Talking also helps....
Suicide is not the right path to take.

no problem
well you have got a lot of good answers,i have been depressed for a long time and have thought a lot about how life would be better if i was gone,but how miserable all your friends would be,so i try to keep myself really busy and if i can't find any thing to do, then i will just go shopping (well window shopping ,poor here)or just hang out With some one even a stranger if no one else,you might even make some new friends that way.

Q.T.Ď€ Reuben
If the thoughts are extremely compelling you should go to your nearest hospital emergency room.
If they just come and go having a friend pr relative near you till you can see a doctor might be all you need.
Mine started out as wanting to die and escalated to touching my shotgun in the closet to assure myself that it was ready for me. That scared me into getting help.

Try to talk to someone or if you are spiritual you can read the Bible or talk to your religious leader.

I recommend this website called LetsReflect.com

It changed my life….here’s my profile.

The trick is staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive people. You are capable of great things! I believe in you. Best of luck.

Call the Suicide Hotline.

Tell your parents or a friend.

Check yourself into the hospital.

Go for a walk.

Especially tonight with it being the New Year, be with friends. You don't need to be alone. Make your New Year's resolution to get professional help. I've been down this road myself. Also, surround yourself with upbeat, positive people. Try not think about the things that make you feel depressed and get out and enjoy life. Life is worth living!

Hopefully Helpful
If you are feeling unsafe right now, please go to the ER immediately.
If you are having thoughts about suicide but are not planning to act on these thoughts, make an appointment with a psychiatrist/therapist.
You can feel better. The intensity of these thoughts will not always be so high. Please reach out and talk to someone. I hope your depression will become more manageable. Best Wishes and stay safe.

Try to plan out an awesome vacation just for you to relax and lay back. Or go see a pysciatrice...

Nurse Amanda
You need to go to the ER immediatly and get help, when you are depressed there are ways they can help you deal with it, medication and therapy.

Frank T
call someone
write to someone
seek out a GOOD friend
or parent
or doctor
but just don't do it
your so much more important than that..really you are...
believe me I know.....the feelings you are having
don't do it..please

good luck


Call a hotline. 1-800-SUICIDE is a national hotline number. Think about the consequences of what if? Think about how selfish it would be for you to harm yourself and how the people who love and care about you would feel. Talk to God.

Get professional help.

You absolutely must pick up that phone and call a crisis hotline! There is no charge, you may remain anonymous, and most importantly, these people are trained to help you. Although people who respond to you on "Answers" care, we are not trained to help you. You already know that you need professional help, so we are not telling you anything you don't know yourself. The 1st step is to WANT help with your depression and suicidal state of mind. The 2nd step is to take a deep breath, say to yourself "here goes," and pick up that phone. Don't delay, because you will only continue to feel worse.

Whatever is wrong can be fixed - nothing is worth taking your life over! You are looking for a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You must conjure up every ounce of strength you have and take that 1st step towards a happier life.

Please take this seriously, and may God bless you, and point you in the right direction.

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