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What should I do? Please can anyone help me?
OK guys here's the deal last week I was having fear & anxiety about my health.......this was last week now.......but then I remember how'd I went to five different doctors which all confirmed me healthy so I said to myself why does my mind constantly have unwanted persistent thoughts, then I questioned my sanity!! And I felt this oncoming fear emotion sensation come through me, so I want to ask is this all nothing but anxiety???

And my second question is those thoughts of me going crazy has now evolved into irrational thoughts of me asking myself is this present reality I'm living in is nothing but a illusion? a dream per-say & I know obviously that is not true but no matter what I do I can't seem to shake these illogical thoughts, they just persist, & sometimes get a little worse,, what says you guys on this???
Additional Details
No I'm not seeing a psychiatrist

No I'm not on any anti-depressants, No drugs period

I've been unemployed for months now

I'm not that much of a social person

I hardly go anywhere

could all of this be a contributing factor towards unwanted thoughts?

Sounds like you may benefit from speaking to a counselor, if the problem persists. You don't have a problem with sanity. It just sounds like you have some factors in your life that are stressing you out, such as the lack of employment and social life, and the isolation. These things can make one anxious/depressed, and anxiety - for some reason - manifests in really weird ways sometimes (in your case, hypochondriasis). If you aren't comfortable talking to a counselor (or can't afford it, etc.), you should try to make some changes in your life....try to get a job or volunteer, make some friends, attend a social group/church/etc. Get out of your house and get some exercise, etc. These things, over time, will make a big difference.

who cares
Find someone to see. Your source of thoughts and irrational fears can not be answered here. Even if someone here was a psychiatrist. By nature a lot of individuals that have troubles like your experiencing are very, very intelligent and psychiatrists need the face time with the patient to establish what is taking place.

Personn :)
i have the same thing i hioe everything get better

The only thing i can tell you that doesn't require you to see a shrink is to get out. You say your not social and you don't have a job. What happened is your not involved with other people so in a way your conscience is your only friend. Your not insane and I'm not sure you even need a doctor. All you need to do is get out. Go out with friends. Make some friends. You have to do something besides staying at home and things can only get better my friend.

You are having anxiety attacks and some depression issues. I have had this problem for over a year and until you get some medication to bring these thoughts and the anxiety under control, your problems will not go away but get worse. I hyperventilated in my doctor's office due to the problems and anxiety my work was causing so he took me off work. I have been out of work for over a year due to the stress of my present employer but, due the medication, it isn't as bad as it could be. Get medical help as soon as you can so you can start seeing things in a more rational light. Then you can work on making things better with the help of the meds. Once you've done that, you can ease yourself off of them due to the improved conditions you helped create while on them. Good luck!!!


First of all, don't worry! Secondly, you need to stop this now and fight these irrational thoughts before they manifest any further. I had all of what you said above. I am quite a hypacondriac. I fell into unemployment and sat indoors all day over thinking EVERYTHING. Eventually i became convinced i was sick or something was wrong with me. Every doctor said i was fine. Eventually it turned out i had anxiety and depression. I didn't realise this until i was forced to go to a therapist and its the best thing i've ever done. I told her about always feeling sick, and having strong surreal feelings that i was in some kind of bubble looking out at the world in a very detatched mannor and nothing seemed real anymore. One of the best things that happened was she wasn't shocked or surprised and actually told me how common these feelings are when we let anxiety and depression get the better of us. I immediately felt less isolated - so i hope you do too on hearing this. I really thought i was at a point were no one could help my brain function normally again and i was terrified at the idea of loosing sanity. But - it was all over thinking! My therapist was great at teaching me how to think positively, keeping my mind busy on productive things and following little excercises to keep my mind focused. She recommended an amazing book also - it's call 'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway'. I'd never heard of it before, but since then, i've actually met loads of people who also read it as part of their therapy. I highly recommend this to you, its great for regaining the proper positive mental attitude we need to maintain healthy living. One more thing - don't forget a little walk outside can actually do a world of difference, as does making your self be more social. You need to distract yourself from following a path of negative thinking. Please don't be afraid to look up a therapist or counsellor. Their job is to make you feel welcome, secure and mind-healthy. Take care!

"No I'm not seeing a psychiatrist"

PITY !!!

You have too much time on your hands. Get out and make some friends. Go to the library, it's free. Volunteer to do work at your local hospital, nursing home, soup kitchen, whatever. Help your older neighbors mow their lawn. Connect to people, you will feel better, and who knows, you may soon find a job.

christina c
to answer the bottom question first under additional details. whatever is going on with you is causing the you to ask the bottom is causing the bottom problems in your life. not the other way around around. none of them are causing the unwanted thoughts. now to the top of your question and problem. you need to seek professional help in the form of a psychiatrist for help with possible mental illness. you don't state your age but my guess is that you are some where in your in your teens or even possibly in your early 20's. you are at the beginning of some possible mental illness(es) that need to be diagnosed an treated before they get even more out of hand and difficult to treat. right now you are able to recognize that they are not real but if left untreated you will soon not be able to tel the difference. i know i have the problems myself. some days i can tell myself that what i see or hear are not real but others i honestly cannot tell if what i am living is in the real world or if i am living in the non real world. even with all the meds i take. if diagnosed and treated early enough you should never reach that point in your life. so please seek diagnosis and treatment

I've got this problem too but not too such a degree as you. I have more of an obsession with the expansive universe and how I will never live to know what exists on the outside of the entire universe... Essentially does nothingness actually exist somewhere. This throws me into week-long depression phases where I can do nothing but question what reality truly is... I don't have any answers and will never find any, but that won't stop me for some reason. I keep reading and reading and reading. I lose weight and don't eat. It is an obsessive disorder, undiagnosed and untreated. I eventually accept that it is irrational to spend weeks of my life just not living for anything other than an answer that I'll never find and I get better for a few weeks.

Your unwanted thoughts do seem like an anxiety. I know that concerns for my health have driven me to germophobia at times, I fall asleep thinking that the headache I have will turn into and aneurism... creepy things, falling asleep thinking you won't wake up doesn't make for a very restful sleeping period.

Life isn't a dream, but you will not think eventually. You will lose congnitive skill and brain function, you will decay into the earth. you will become part of it. Your energy will be spread into the ground, but we will not exist as we perceive living as humans.

You can worry all you want, but there is no reason to worry, if you die young, would you rather die happy? I understand that these things are barely ever under control, but sometimes you just need a trigger to snap you out of your funk...

Good Luck.

I sometimes feel the same way. It mostly comes on when I am alone or not getting enough sleep. It is normal for us all to question our mortality. It seems like it piles up when we are left alone with our thoughts though. Try getting outside and getting some exercise or call an old friend just to say hi. People want to be happy inside, but when we are alone sometimes it is hard to make sense of those thoughts. The only thing I can relate it to is like when they say that someone got lost in the woods and just gave up because they went crazy with their thoughts. Get out and get some fresh air. You'll be surprised.

Nathan H
You just posting this question alone is showing that you are taking this way to far. You are letting your mind wander to far. When I ever get like that I just go outside or talk to some people IN PERSON (no, not online or on the phone!). Find something to do, anything, a sport or a hobbie or just go see a movie with one of your friends may help. Being anti-social is going to help the problem. The best thing about this is that you dont need meds or a doctor because sometimes those can just make you feel like there is something wrong with you when there really is nothing at all.

Tom E
I suffered from anxiety disorder for years. You are not crazy. It could be genetic or a chemical imbalance. I think it is genetic. I suffered from panic attacks for years and kept it to myself until I was finally diagnosed and treated with medication. Subsequently, I found out my grandmother had them, although back then nothing was known about that particular disorder and she was labeled a hypochondriac. My aunt cousin had them also. My son started having them last July. This is real in your mind and until you are convinced there is nothing wrong with you it will be a merry go round. I suggest you get off that ride. I always thought it would go away by itself and it totally disrupted my life until I started medication. There is plenty of help out there, but your doctors should know that this is probably the culprit and its no fun or fair to have to live in that frame of mind. Lucinda Basset has a web site that helps with anxiety disorders. They are a little pricey and you can find them om ebay a lot cheaper. They are being sold by people who were helped by the cd's and no longer need them. In the mean time, tell your doctor that you think you may need a little help with some medication to help you get through this. Nothing heavy just something light. I urge you to go back to your doctor and let him know that this is adversely affecting your life style. It did mine. I stopped many of the things I use to love doing such as fishing or golf etc. I would even avoid functions such as weddings, family get togethers because I was afraid I would have a panic attack. I made up all kinds of excuses much to my chagrin. I cannot tell you how much medication helped me. I am back to "normal" and wish I had put myself in this doctors care many years ago. All that worrying was for nothing by the way. Nothing ever happened and it never will. You need to get away from those anxious feelings and start living your life again. If you need more help you are welcome to contact me through Y/A Good Luck.

Everything you mentioned sounds as if you indeed had anxiety issues (I have the same, actually). As you may know on your own, the thing about these intrusive thoughts is that they always come and go on their own. The more you try to fight them down, the stronger and more malicious they become. I know it's hard but each time they come, you should try to relax and drag your thoughts towards something else. The most important thing you need to know, is that due to the fact of you worrying about having these thoughts, there is no possible way that you are really, let's say, losing your mind. It is always said that only people who aren't concerned of their thoughts or who aren't aware that their behavior being odd when compared to behaviors of others, are having some certain psychological problems.

I'm not sure if you have it similarly, but in my case, the thoughts that I have, come into my mind more when I'm tired or when I have to do something that I feel anxiety about (handle out during a day at the university, for instance)

Besides, such intrusive thought my be stronger during dusk, when it's just dark (darkness affect most of the people negatively but the majority of them, when not suffering from anxiety, don't feel all of this so much).

As to the feelings of everything around you being an illusion. Such sense are often experienced by people being affected by derealization (frequently linked to OCD). Derealization is often a temporary feeling (my last even up to several hours), but then it fades away.

Anxiety and OCD (Obsessive-Compusive Disorder) are often related to each other. My piece of advice for you would be to visit not maybe a psychiatrist at start but a psychologist, who could help you to determine what you are exactly suffering from

First, it sounds like you could have acute to severe depression. You say you aren't a social person, but how could you be if you never go anywhere? I don't think medicine is always the answer, so here's some suggestions: I think you should get out of your usual habitat (I'm guess your home). Humans are naturally social creatures and part of our overall healthy includes other human interaction. Are there ANY hobbies or passions that you have? Anything at all. There are so many niche groups out there these days, I am sure you could find some people with similar interests as you. Or just get out, for yourself. Don't even worry about people at the moment. Just get out, do something that you enjoy, and soon enough you will find other people to share that with. It seems like your anxiety is a manifestation of a primary source of depression. If you are unemployed and just sitting around the house all day, of course you are going to sit there and dwell on negative things.

Positive: You obviously have your health. FIVE doctors told you that. Most people are not so lucky. So get out there and exercise. It's a proven study that exercise greatly stimulates your overall mood. Make a goal for yourself and accomplish it. Have something that will take up your time if you are not going to get a job, or until you find another job. You have to keep yourself busy! Otherwise, all that down time will keep you down, and make your mind go to all those unwanted thoughts.
You may very well have anxiety, depression, hypochondria or even acute OCD disorder, but I don't think you should jump to those conclusions first. I think there are some obvious things you should try changing about your life first and if you still have these thoughts, then you should go talk to a therapist. Try to get a recommendation for a therapist that does not automatically prescribe people, and, if they decide that in fact you do need some medication, you should add that to all the other changes that I hope you make in your life.

I wrote a LOT, and I'm sorry for that, but hopefully it helped at all, and hopefully I didn't stray from your question.

it sounds like you are depressed
and your mind is trying to find something wrong with your body or your brain to explain this.
i would be feeling the same if i was unemployed nad was not very social.

You are definately insane.

The unwanted thoughts you are experiencing sound like symptoms of anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder.
If you do have it you should be seen by a psychiatrist and psychologist. It can be debilitating. Good luck.

People saying ocd and all kind of wierd things. Its not ocd. I have ocd. But I also have anxeity and mild depression and u described me perfect. I often feel like there is something wrong with my health. That's because and we get nervous or have feelings that are real and not something we are used to the body automatically thinks something is wrong. If you went to 5 different docs and they deemed u fine then u r. U are suffering from anxeity disorder. The social problem to is a part of it. I don't have a hard time with people but my general anxeity led to seperation anxeity. Which I'm on here keeping distracted till my mom returns. Also anxeity can spawn into depression. Well most of the time it does. Depression and make u feel apart from reality. Question your sanity. Is this a dream? I do it all the time. But rememeber if u can ask yourself am I losing my mind? Then u r not losing your mind. A counsler is the best person that can help u get thru this. Its 100 percent beatable. They have been trained to handle cases like yours and mine. Email me or message me if u need someone to talk too that understands. God Bless

Ian I
Go for a walk in the park.See the wildlife all around you and see how happy they are getting on with life.See all the kids in Africa staving,or kids being killed in Gaza on TV and realise how lucky you really are.Think positive thoughts and start to love you for what you are.In good health when others have cancer.Say I "can do" and not " I can not do".The clock of life is moving on,and you should look at a clock and see the seconds of your life passing away.Tomorrow is yesterdays history.Start thinking that everyday matters in your life,as it is your life to enjoy and experience new adventures to find and enjoy.You can do it if you want to do it by yourself.You are you.Enjoy you.

Brown Sugar
you know the old saying, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop", well sitting around doing nothing isn't going to help you at all. the first thing that you need to do is to get professional help. then you need to start looking for a job or somewhere to volunteer. stop sitting in the house and convincing yourself that you are ill. you have too much free time on your hands. if you can't find a job, go to school. do anything you can to get out of the house and start getting your head together!

It sounds like anxiety to me and the thoughts of going crazy with the irrational thoughts of reality sounds like existential anxiety, or rather an existential crisis. I had one a few years ago. Wikipedia is o.k. but further your search under existentialism and see if that fits for you. good luck

Yes, all of the above are contributors to your thinking. We are responsible for who we are. That includes our thoughts. Mostly you are mentally self absorbed with yourself. However, you don't seem to be doing anything physical to help your mental status. Physical and mental well being go hand in hand.

you got depressed.and ur mind has popped.u have bipolar disorder.go to a physicairist.or ur being haunted.or u did someting bad ur conscience is killing u

♣ CuteBitch ♣
Get away from doctors! They'll think you're crazy and they'll put you in a sanatorium, or something. A centre where people have mental problems. Just... talk to your friends. Get informed... get out. Just... please. Don't go see doctors; it's for your own good. Trust me.

I think you just need to calm yourself, I go through these a lot also and they may not be "normal" but its not uncommon. You probably do have an overload of anxiety and stress. Maybe you need to pinpoint what's causing it. You should go places and apply for jobs when you feel comfortable.

Bears Mom
I think you just need to get out and socialize more because you have been isolating yourself and allowing your thoughts to run wild. Try going out and taking your mind off your worries and you will see how quickly you start to feel better. What you are describing just sounds like a severe case of boredom which makes us all think ridiculous thoughts.

Unemployed by choice or by force? Have u tried looking for a job and have not had any luck? Yes I could see how the way you live your life, definetely contributes to negative and unwwanted thoughts. Go out, be more active and productive. The more you do the better you will feel about yourself. =) Good Luck

you are not going crazy and all you have to do is allow yourself to believe that everything is fine. You will have the "what if's" come up but you cannot live on that because the what if's are endless.when the thoughts that something is wrong with you arise you are going to have to push them off and know that you are ok.
What you are dealing with is a common problem associated with anxiety. and alot of people have the same thing that you are dealing with.And I will tell you that it is because of this that you go nowhere and are not social.Get up and get out. the more you are sitting alone the more it is going to have control over you.
do not even consider some of the answers that you may get on here ,, some people take pride in making someone feel bad.

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